Monday, August 27, 2018

Frugal choices for this week to come

Yes to come....

We figured out we have almost 9 loads with our trailer to move us by Thursday Friday the latest. Hubby figured up  what it would cost with fuel and wear and tear on the truck. He then called and priced rental moving trucks . Enterprise (once again) was the best deal especially adding AARP and ENTERPRISE as we have a membership (have since 1998). 26 ft box truck, 400 miles free, Tuesday to Saturday was $100 LESS than what is was going to cost us for our own trailer.AND it should be only 1 trip except for dishes, glass canning jars and frozen/refrigerated food. Those I am transporting in my car.

I am hoping tomorrow or Wed to go see my Dad as he fell going to the bathroom and busted his face and glasses. The Nursing home called my brother immediately after taking care of Dad and they aren't sure if he had his slippers on his feet or was in socks because his slippers were under his wheelchair where he fell. Heart breaking to hear about and my brother did take a picture and send it to me... Brother told Dad he was sending me the picture and Dad told him I better bring him pictures of the house being done... so part of his memory is still working. Not much but some.

We decide to not try to fix meals at night. I cooked a ham in the crock pot and sliced it up and put in the frig so we can have sandwiches at night time or for breakfast. We buy our lunch at the local store that has a special lunch daily for $4.99 to $7.99. Wednesday is meatloaf and Thursday is beef and noodles. Those are big enough to split between us so it won't be as much. Today was suppose to be country fried steak and mashed potatoes for $4.99. She was sold out at 12:30 so gave us Swiss steak with mashed potatoes for the same price. Hubby bought 2 since there wasn't enough to split... AKA he was hungry as he didn't eat breakfast before leaving this morning.

Got to go pack the car and wrap up the evening.

Blessed Be