Friday, June 2, 2023


 Wrecker company cleaned up everything, hauled trailer in and loaded equipment on their own flat bed... offered to take the equipment to the Amish gentleman since he wasn't that far from their shop for free since the tow bill was already pushing $5300. Yes... $5300. They even had parts of his fender for him. Not that it can be reused but what ever. He tossed it in the back of the truck.

He had to get a new tire and rim for the trailer, wiring harness for the connection to the trailer to the truck that runs lights and brake system. He had to by hydraulic fluid for the trailer. The wrecker guys helped him "pump" the brakes to get the fluid back to where it should be. He wants me to write a letter for him to send to owner about how great his workers are.   

He got all new tie down straps, even though the wrecker guys picked them up also. 

Amish gentleman whose equipment got tossed to the road side, said he thinks nothing is broke. He will be testing it in about a week or so. Ins is working with them, know that they are mostly in the field getting crops in and hay off so it might be longer than that. They have dealt with Amish before in the area.

Insurance agreed that Hubby could take the truck HOME for repairs and use whomever of his choice as long as they are a business. We have a repair shop 1 maybe 1 1/2 miles from us that he has used a couple times for the personal truck. Hopefully they can get him in quickly. E stopped in and let them know he would be coming for estimate as he has done some work for the owner.

E already put the word out that Hubby would not be hauling for the coming week. He need time for truck repair and insurance paper work. E also arranged for their church to go in and help ST's boys that was putting beans in. Came over and asked if I needed anything done. M had been over and asked that morning, did I need one of the kids to come over and deal with the gardens... anything I needed. 

Our home and car insurance agent CALLED the business ins to make sure things were rolling. Called Hubby to make sure he was okay and his rider was okay. Gave the business insurance co  my email as I do the paper work most the time. He has been a great agent for us. 

ST and Hubby loaded ST's equipment yesterday morning. They left at 11:30 pm and are not going through Chicago. Hubby doesn't think he can handle that stress at all.

I got 3 texts, when they left. Again when they stopped for fuel, break , check tire pressure and check straps on load, again when he finally got his truck dash GPS to load the map (pulled over and screen shot it and sent it to me). ST had been reading the paper map I had printed off until then. He thought the atlas I bought when Hubby started hauling was neat. Told Hubby he wasn't going to nap because the GPS might quit working. Hubby told him he would wake him up if it did and he could go back to being the GPS. 

I am still trying to get a majority of HIS chores done before he gets home. Will leave lawn mowing for him as he finds it relaxing. Will push that he go see his parents this weekend. 

He should be back around noon to ST's and 1 at home unless he just leaves the trailer to get later... possible at this point.

Ps.... trailer was basically scratched up from being dragged upside down. 

Truck is going in to shop. Hubby wants the frame checked as he doesn't know if the frame of truck got bent or if the truck bed just pulled away from cab. IF the frame is bent, it's the insurance decision of fix or replace truck.