Wednesday, February 10, 2021

waste not want not Wednesday

 should be whacked out Wednesday LOL.

Late last night I got a call from my primary doctor that they still had not gotten the form from the Ortho doctor they needed to fill out to release me.... since it's been almost 3 months since they were supposed to get it (the day after I saw my primary) they would need to see me. Doc is giving up his lunch to see me on Monday the day before surgery as the only other time he had open was when Hubby was working and I am not driving myself for 180 minutes. Learned that lesson already. I called Ortho office and they thought they had but then found the form still in my file so was suppose to do it immediately. Doc's head nurse AKA his wife was going to call them if she didn't get it by 5 last night. 

I still have 21 things on my to do list that I want done by Monday. BUT I have all the food in the freezers for meals. I would to put some pie crusts (not rolled) and hamburger buns into the freezer if I get to it. I think I would like some vegetable beef chunks soup afterwards also. Maybe beef stew... IT'S FREAKING COLD HERE. Our high yesterday was lower than the low for the state capital here in Ohio. Hubby said we have been getting about 1-1 1/2 inches of snow daily with the snow showers.

On the good side of being cold  as E, his brother M and his BIL J have been clearing the pond daily to keep the snow off (snow makes the ice mushy)He thinks they will cut tomorrow. As today everyone is cutting wood for the 4 schools.Hubby made the comment they best be making sure their WIVES have cut wood before this polar vortex hits.

We had an Amish guy come borrow our generator, his Englisher that cuts the horns on his cattle couldn't get his generator to start. So Hubby lent him ours with the understanding if we lost electric he was coming after it. They brought it back last night and had the guys generator in the back of the truck. Hubby looked at it and mentioned it had 2 GFI outlets. Used his keyto push the reset button to reset them and the generator started up. Englisher was embarrassed and the Amish got a chuckle.

The electric bill was down $10 below budget but I am having to use the dryer for furniture throws and bedding (less dog hair after surgery) so it's going to go up. 

I have my mid calf dresses along with sweaters ( along with long johns and knee high socks LOL)already picked out for after surgery, wearing some of it this week to make sure they fit and I am comfortable in them. Dug into to my stock up for a pair of slippers that fit snug without socks in case Hubby leaves before I get out of bed and I have to go sockless because I am NOT stretching out my socks with the sock helper. Memo to myself I can not use either walker to dry clothes on as I have one in the bathroom for helping get off the toilet and one for me to use. SO laundry will be done mine in morning and Hubby's at night or something like that.

Today I am in the basement cleaning... that's 5 things off the to do list

Thursday I will be in the east and west lofts . It's going to be warmer (HA HA by 3 degrees) and there is low heat in those areas. That's another 4. 

That will leave the main floor to do last and any additional food prep I want to do.

M has asked I send over what I want her to bake for us ... I know a loaf of bread but I think I will also ask for cookies or a sweet of her choice .I will take that note over to her on Monday so she can think about what and when it fits for her. 

At this point I would walk out the door right now and go have surgery.