Monday, July 12, 2021

Calendars are in

 So I sat down and put in Aug and Sept. what to eat. Won't be necessarily the day it's written on but the thought it to cross off what we eat. 

Hubby asked if Daughter 4 had been up as it is definitely what she has done in the past. He did ask if we were going to start this month... I said no, we are going to east what is coming in from the gardens or what we pick up from Amish instead.
He then asked if I thought the grocery budget would go down and I brought up the eat out budget needed to go down first. 

I won't do the finance calendar until I get the paperwork from the new mortgage. Mortgage guy made sure the escrow was transferred since the farm ins is due in Sept. 

I pulled lasagna rolls from barn freezer for supper. Veggies and fruit will be what ever is ready in the gardens. 

Have a blessed day.