Thursday, December 22, 2022

Winter nasty coming in

 Our internet and phone has already been up and down. Better it than the electric. I ran the dishwasher even not full so it's done 

We are ready if the grid goes down and for what ever the 30 below plus temps bring with 50 mph winds. Hubby thinks we have what decorations we have up can handle that wind. Otherwise they will end up at E's. 

We and E checked on both widows. They have full tanks on cars and groceries. If electric goes out in middle of night, they have our cell phone numbers. One will go to E and the other one here as neither have back up heat. The one might go stay with their granddaughter who has a generator. Said she would let us know if she did.

Hubby's parents are ready. Had their propane topped off as their generator is hooked to it and got groceries in. So set.

Stay safe

Blessed be

Prayers for peace