Sunday, June 25, 2023


 This is Son2's. He has PTSD His lady bought it for him as he can't sleep in a pitch dark bedroom and blue lights bother him and he couldn't find a night light he was comfortable with since his died. She lent him hers and it worked so she bought him one. I had turned his alarm clock around several years ago(as I did my own) and then covered it with white cotton dishtowel so it wouldn't reflect on the wall so he wouldn't see the light but still have the alarm. His phone is in the kitchen at night. He is now jumping all the hoops for VA disability as he worked the burn pits for a solid year. He is not planning on quitting work but figures to get the disability dealt with now. He knows it took Pop 3 yrs. to prove and get his disability from Nam and Agent Orange.

Hubby got part of the trees planted. He will be finishing the rest this week. Told me to budget the peonies and daylilies I wanted planted. Wants the north flower garden changed out also as I have some Hosta that  need moved. He wants all the perennials planted this year because he is not sure he will be able to work the tractor next year. I pointed out that he was to be teaching me this year about handling the tractor. It's been a couple years since I've ran it and he has added more attachments I need to learn how to use. He decided to dig the holes for the trees by hand, said he needed the exercise plus the post hole digger makes the holes wider at the top than the bottom unless he goes deep then he has to refill the hole. He marked in the yard with posts for me to check to see if I thought his choices were right. Then he moved the one when he stepped off how far it was to the clothesline. He didn't think I wanted apples dropping in that area. I checked, it's good where he has it marked.

We are both starting on CO Q-10. I told Doc about his confusion over the dishwasher and he suggested to start it now since we both take statins. Start the MCT in August instead of now as Doc doesn't want to miss reactions and not know what is causing it. Definitely caught me off guard as he has been doing okay. 

I have an appt. on Wed in Dayton. Told Hubby I wanted to stop at Kroger's in Sidney on way home (we go through there anyways). He wants to stop at Menards to get a couple storage containers for the business stuff and some house receipts for stuff to improve house that Son2 will need when we die. Daddy kept his and it helped lower what Brother had to pay taxes on when the house sold.

Hubby asked if we could keep appts to one day a week... he doesn't care which day since our doctors have been taking time off during the summer and floats our standard time of appts.  I am fine with that. We will still use his white board he had for business as that's where he looks instead of the calendar hanging on the wall. I told him black marker is us (which is how it's been ) and blue marker is him only as the blue was business so it should help him keep track of things. 

We are still trying to figure a routine of meals since when he was working he didn't eat and I snacked.

Prayers for peace

Blessed be