Tuesday, November 17, 2009

stocking up

stocking up, putting up, putting by....words that you are hearing quite often in this time.

words I grew up with.

I try to stock for the year. Yes I live with in driving distance to the store. Hubby can even stop on his way home from work if needed.

I do it for several reasons.

First, it's in my blood right along with gardening. I now live in the city, rent from a wonderful young lady who would not be happy to find me plowing her yard up. So I have already planned to do raised beds following the square foot gardening plan ( which I used in the country and would tell any one and every one to follow this plan). I always have something to process with a garden

I do home canning, dehydrating, oven slow roasting and freezing.

Second reason... I get a sense of security from seeing the food on the shelves. I won't go hungry and I could feed my grown children and their children if needed. Not for the year I try to plan for for us but I could take us all a good few months.

Third reason, if I am not in the store, I am not spending. Most of us go to the store for milk and bread and come back with a lot more items and a lot less money. When you are struggling to pay the basic necessities the groceries is where you can take the hit and still have a good meal to sit down to.

Fourth reason, my kids and grandkids love getting home made food for Christmas or any time during the year.It is a gift of myself.

enjoy your day...

until next time

Blessed be