Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Tomorrow is a new day

 Migraines are back and I am trying to not make them worse. I hate taking the meds as they just whack out everything else. 

It's May 1st  Ohio... you can see the sleet against the barn. I know I have lost several plants that will cost plenty to replace. Just weird weather for Ohio. 

E came over to get Hubby to take him and a couple of the boys to go get some motors that finally came in. Way to rainy, sleety, windy (gusts up to 40 mph with temp at 35 to help Hubby fix downspout on barn or unload wood from wagon.

I called the one place we had several people tell us that was good to go to for figuring out Medicare etc. They asked a few questions and came back we really didn't need them as I had 98% already figured out. Not only that but they specified they didn't provide all plans as they limit to the ones they SELL.  She did check about the prescription coverage thinking we should flip to Walgreens (40 minutes away from us 1 way) but came back with NOPE. We would spend almost twice as much going the way they were thinking.   They did suggest AARP Medicare supplement since we are long term members. They also said to wait until end of June or even the first week of July for Hubby. I won't be until Oct. If we wanted to come in to go over it to come in late June.  

The widow next door came over and asked when we went on Medicare (she already is on it). Her niece just opened a business in town that helps people find the best plan. They check around 200 plans, they don't sell any of the plans. Just do a small fee to help the headache of dealing with it. I called the young lady, Hubby goes in mid June. One headache at a time.

I took a strong look of what we need to restock for the year in the pantry. Weird crap LOL. Like vinegars for salad dressings.  I went to 4 stores to find parmesan and only could find the powdered stuff ... sorry but my Italian grandmother's voice was in my head over that. Ended up ordering jar from Amazon. Son 2 thinks he can get me some from his area. I want a block or round I will shred myself. I was down to the last box of Gas X  cherry as I can't stand the other flavor... of course that was to be found no where in store, was told I could order on line... okay but they wanted to charge $$ to ship, got it through Amazon and the box was even less than ordering through the store. GEEZE. I finally found some wintergreen tea as I am totally out and it's the only "mint" tea I can drink. I can do my home grown garden mint (that's what the Amish call it) a little if I don't let it steep longer than a couple minutes. 

I need corn for the freezer that will come from E or one of the other Amish. 

I need Italian green beans (wide for one pot meals), regular green beans (Jade beans grow best here) and yellow wax beans.  I need peas (planted , but if I don't get enough for freezer I will replant in the fall) I need tomatoes. If I don't get enough I will buy them from 3 different Amish. M had to buy some canned veggies at the store this year so she is definitely expanding the gardens and not giving any away (I usually get zucchini and tomatoes from her when she was ran over). I'm not sure what else as I've not done the spring cleaning yet.

Stay safe, prayers for peace

Blessed Be