Thursday, August 23, 2018

what was done yesterday at 209

Barn gutters are on. Hubby has a down spout to put on (it's there but Hubby forgot to get the piece to add it to the other pipe.)

counter top is installed. Sink is installed. Plumber notified so he can come back and hook up faucet and dishwasher.

This is the basement door. The door handle had been sticking and we were leaving it open a bit...well, it got bumped shut while moving things down the hall and it decided to latch and the painter that had finished his work and was waiting on the other painter decided to work on it thinking he could fix it... he ended up handing me the handle and told me to replace it and the one on the bedroom door and laundry room door because they are starting to do the same thing... they are original to the house and the springs in them are wearing out... at least this door won't lock shut on me.

Back to work.