Sunday, May 22, 2022


 Ordered Solar Pump of deep well and paid in cash saving 3% ($225.00) by paying cash.

Hubby went to pick up Son2's cabinet that F had finished and found out our grandfather clock was finished. So I finished moving wardrobes over to the other side of the room for now to put the clock where it was going to stay. F came with Hubby to unload it  and set the time including having it go silent during the night and winding it etc. He also picked some asparagus ( almost done with it). We also made the final payment for the clock.

F also helped Hubby load Son2's cabinet into the back of our truck.

Next day we took cabinet to Son2's, spent time with him, his lady and her daughter and Son2 bought us  lunch at a local restaurant and then gave us a gift certificate for our local Chinese restaurant. 

On the way home we did some errands and then ate leftovers for supper.

Sunday, I updated the "down grid spreadsheet." Since we spent less than we budgeted for the solar pump, I moved it over to the odds and ends needed for the wood stove like chimney thermometer, ash bucket, companion set that has shovel, brush etc. through Amazon. Used my cash back points, a discount and a coupon saving 50% of that costs. 

Any amount that is not used gets moved to what still needs to be paid for.

I caught up the laundry and used the clothes line. 

I worked on #1 deep freezer in the basement. It's not in as bad as shape as I thought it would be. Vacuum packed food is in good shape, freezer bag stuff has a lot of ice crystals :(   

I will work on organizing it better and having it inventoried by end of the month and a good defrosting/cleaning. Only 2 more to go after that one.

We used the gift certificate at the Chinese restaurant and got enough for 4 meals. SO no cooking next 2 days. 

Monday I have a medical appt that is 2 hrs. away, we will drop off stuff to Daughter 4, and two of the grandsons. I need to call water softener company to deliver softener salt. 

Tuesday we have chiro( we have a credit at Chiro so that is a free) plus drop off to 2 places of donations, and Menards as I need a food grade bucket with Gamma lid. We will use rebate for that cost.

I will be redoing the finances to stay on task to pay for wood stove, chimney and propane come August. 

Blessed Be

Stay safe

Pray for peace