Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Update on accident crap... saving Money

 Truck will not be fixed until July 20, 2023 ...Hubby confirmed that. A few parts are on order...sounds like back order. The Ins. lady said they would extend the rental car.

Flatbed that insurance totaled out... 

GONE. Tow truck driver mentioned his truck was overkill since the trailer could have just been hooked to a regular truck. It was being transported to savage auction in Columbus.

Livestock trailer GONE. Got a good price out of it. Still close by so Amish still have use of it but off our insurance so saving that money.

Hubby is down to dealing with the legal paperwork of closing the business down BUT has to wait until the truck is fixed to do that. 

Hubby suggested we only turn the AC on when the humidity hits a certain level... I asked what level that was... he pointed to Charlotte and said when she is panting hard like Wilbur used to. Rascal very seldom panted but Wilbur did. Might be a boxer thing as she is part boxer.

I took the stock list with us when we went to bank to make several deposits.

We stopped at the Dollar General there and I got 4 items off the list.

Hubby dropped me off at Dollar General in town while he went to make arrangements for the 12 trees to be delivered since the truck won't be fixed until July. Owner gave him a 50% break on delivery due to the reason we had to change that part LOL.

I got 1 more thing off the list at that Dollar General.... we then went to Save-A-Lot

I got  brat patties, more coconut milk, a rack of ribs for July 4th  and frozen broccoli. I won't have to "worry" about getting broccoli for the freezer. There is enough for once every other week for $10. Rotate it with the asparagus.

I checked the prices of what was left at the last 3 stores we can stop at on Thursday. Amazon had the rest cheaper except 3 . So I am down to 3 things to stock up. We will also need blueberries and black raspberries as our NEW plants won't be making those for a couple more years. 

I picked peas, snow peas, scallions, beet greens, mustard greens, spinach, different lettuces, basil, sage, thyme, parsley and strawberries. 

We have been eating from the gardens and pantry. 

We went to nephew's graduation party on Sunday, saw FIL also. Hubby's sister sent home a plate for our supper. We ate it for lunch the next day as neither of us was hungry that night. 

I am down to 2 tank tops as I've lost enough weight the shoulder straps don't stay up and I am constantly tugging to make sure I am covered. I found some for half price as they are not the current style (I didn't know that type of top had a style LOL) I checked the clothing budget and was happy to see there was more than enough in it to get some. Daughter 2 offered to give me $ for the old ones for her to wear to work. I offered to give them to her but she insisted she buy them, if she doesn't wear them she will sell them in a yard sale and will make more than she is giving me.  OKAY. 

We are combining errands with other appts on Thursday with the store as the last stop coming home. 

Prayers for Peace

Blessed Be