Saturday, December 10, 2022

frugal in kitchen


Fried potatoes and onions from our gardens

Navy bean soup , we grew the beans, made the broth and chunks of ham from a leftover ham bone.

Jiffy cornbread muffin mix in memory of Daddy. Son2 bought me a dozen mixes even though he knew I had yellow and white cornmeal because he was thinking of his Grandpa. He also has always used Jiffy as it makes only 6 muffins which is enough for him. He also uses Daddy's bean soup recipe using smoked hocks instead of ham. He has a butcher shop around the block from him so he can get them pretty easy. 

We had baked oatmeal with apples I had kept from canning.

We had pork chops (from E) sweet potatoes and green beans we grew. I made custard pie (eggs were from M) and will put raspberry pie filling on top of it. Had to buy that we didn't grow enough last year. 

So far the only thing we have bought at the store is milk twice.

Hubby had bought powdered buttermilk at an Amish store a couple months ago (he used it when he was single parent) that I have been premixing and let sit until thickened to use in the Irish soda bread I make as it's just flour, salt, soda and buttermilk. Sometimes I  add dried raisins or cranberries to it. Saves the yeast plus if I float between different types of bread, it gets ate before it gets bad. I like bread pudding but not with store bought white bread.

We got the electric bill, it's $75 LOWER than this time last year even though we have had the Christmas lights on when usually we don't turn them on until Dec 1st to be on only one month's bill. Part is it's a bit warmer but I know that our furnace fan costs us $50 a month as I have ran it full time instead of automatically to help hold the heat steady. The wood burner has a non electric fan that is run by the heat coming off the top. Even the lofts which has always been below 50 degrees fall- early spring is at 72. E says it won't be that warm once the below freezing weather comes in and stays.

At this time last year we had our second propane fill and we are at 65%. Hubby considers that a savings of $550 as that what it would have cost to fill the tank

I boiled eggs, made frittata, custard pie and fried eggs for meals as the eggs are free from M. 

We focused on eating the menu we made. We had 7 off the menu along with 3 of them repeats as leftovers and bfast twice for our lunches /suppers. We had lunch out once when out with appts and errands. Got 2 sandwiches and split the French fries and drank the water we took with us.  

Blessed be

Prayers for peace