Monday, February 7, 2022

Johnny Seeds grow cart AKA grow lights cart


This picture is from Johnny seeds. 

This was one of the first things I bought for our garden when we bought this house. 

I did not use it last year since I had hip replacement last Feb. It will be used this year as I am not paying that price for plants.

Today I will be starting the seeds for January King cabbage, Giant Red celery, Utah Tall Improved celery, Utah Tall celery (seeds given to me) D'Elne celery, and Pascal celery.

I've not had much luck getting celery to grow for me in the past.

I put my binder together for what I am growing in the grow cart dividing it into sections of how many weeks before last frost to start the seeds. I then realized I have 28 varieties during 8 wks to last frost but have 8 days that are in the right" moon sign.. so figured out I would plant 3-4 on each of those days instead of trying to get all of them done as I know I will plant more than 1 seed per variety. Won't over whelm myself.

Hope everyone is doing good, everyone is well, warm and safe.

Blessed be