Sunday, December 12, 2010

new member of the family

In between getting back from out of state and doing our share to the local HAM Radio group holiday dinner.We adopted a dog.

She is a black lab/retriver with possible other mix in there. Medium size dog. Was going by the name of Kira which is now Miss (Or Missy) Kira. She was at a no kill shelter in Urbana OH for 2 yrs. I have yet to figure out why no one wanted her because she is a really good dog.Housebroken, doesn't bark excessively, lets you know when she wants out or in. Doesn't get in to things when you are gone or asleep. Since she is almost 4 the "puppiness" is mostly out of her.The shelter is having financial problems and was looking at closing is why I looked on their website.Glad I did.

So If you do NOT want to adopt an animal, you can donate to your local shelter. As the shelter where ours came from said to the local paper.IF every person in the county donated $1 each they would have enough money to run for quite awhile.