Monday, November 30, 2020

Nov 30th. I am thankful

 We are both well.

I am thankful for food in the pantry. Even with holes in some areas. 

I am thankful for medical insurance as I face 4 medical appts in the next 8 days. 

I am thankful Hubby is able to shift work around so he can take me to the appts. 

I am thankful there is money in the checking to pay most of December's bill though it will be squeaky as we are not counting on SS or my IRA payments to make the bills.  

I am thankful the company that makes my biologic its putting enough on my acct to cover a good part of my co pay for my meds as in Jan my ins goes from $50 for 3 months to $125 EACH month.

I am thankful I heard the brakes on the work truck squeaking, Hubby had a low tire . He got it fixed today, had a screw in it. Brakes are fine.  He was told by the repair guy that truck will have brakes squeak when the tires are low. Nice to know even though Hubby checks his tires before he hauls, he did not check them when we left Daughter 4's after dropping of frig and stove.

I am thankful we are not having to go to appts today as the weather is crappy, rain turned to snow with temps dropping below freezing so that means black ice on the back roads if not salted.

My Amish neighbors are home from the funeral in Indiana and they said they were thankful for a safe trip, the masks we gave them to keep them safe and that the weather has turned so cold. They are butchering this week, means they won't need as much ice from us to help keep meat cold.