Tuesday, February 11, 2020

What can I do that is frugal?

Besides all the regular stuff...

laundry cold water, homemade laundry soap, vinegar for softener, line or rack drying.

Always checking for best prices for anything we have to buy.  Any service that isn't required by warranty aka Truck and tractor is priced out.

Hubby thought me spending several hours yesterday figuring out medical mileage was a waste of time since it's a deduction of 20 cents a mile. Until I showed him proof we had over 4500 miles. That is well worth the time I spent.

I cleaned the frigs and made note of what produce needed used up first or froze so nothing wasted. Made a note of what I don't need to stock this spring. Pickled asparagus is a biggie need.

I hung my head upside down and cut my own hair. It's past my waist so I am able to cut it in a U or V shape in that position.

I topped off everything in the dry goods bookcase  and checked the pantry making note that there was a few things that was going to be on the stock up list but there is enough to wait for a sale. I am down 60 lbs of sugar and by next week will be down 60 lbs of flour and 9 lbs of almond flour. That has been since last fall and I still have 90 lbs of sugar and 140 lbs of flours not counting specialty flours like cake flour, semolina etc

Hubby is with friends and they did a pit stop at an Amish bulk store. He found 1 LB yeast and called to find out what was a good price. A 2 lb package is about $2 cheaper than what I find it around here. I told him to get one for M also as I know she will be happy to have it. That will bring my yeast back up to a year supply and hers up to one month supply. Woman bakes 36 loaves of bread a week not counting sweet rolls.

Laundry is on the drying racks. Dishwasher is running on hi temp (only use it when cleaning it, never use the dry cycle) with a cup of vinegar in it. Clothes washer with Afresh will be done after the dishwasher is done.

Hubby asked how I was feeling... Mother Nature has ran over me with a Mac truck with this weather. He asked what I would do if I was growing up, single and widowed widowed... I had to laugh because when he makes comments about me doing something he had planned to do I always respond I did it when I was growing up, single and widowed. I would probably take a nap and other than laundry and meals not worry about getting anything else done.SO I guess I won't go out in the cold drizzle to the extra lumber pile and see how many 4 x 4 x 8 posts we have so I know how many to buy for the deck railing that I have part way figured out. The rest is what to put on the top of the fencing we are using between the railings so then I will know what style of growing pots to get or make. Trying to use up what we have and save money.

While talking to Son 2 last night about what we were going to eat while he is down with nose surgery and I am down there since he isn't allowed to be alone of drive for 2 days, he mentioned he had a pork tenderloin for us that he had shoved in the freezer as he got one free. I might take it out while down there (don't need meat here but will use it since he bought it) and make him pork tapas cut in very small sizes. I just need to take my spices with me.He made the comment about eating steak  or something and I cracked up ... he didn't think about not being able to breath while he chewed since he will have stints and packing in his nose for 2 days.I I thought I was going to have to stay until Sat but he has a friend that can come stay with him on Friday so it's Tuesday night (our 25th anniversary) to Friday afternoon after I drive him over to Columbus to get his stents removed. He does have a friend whose son just had this very surgery so he is getting a hold of her and seeing what he could eat.

I had a friend suggest some reading material about inflammation and eating . Her hubby had bought it for her and she first thought was what a waste of money. But she said with just doing 1/4th of it has helped her. So she was now going to focus on doing 1/3rd... small steps is better than no steps and I don't see her giving up her coke a cola or coffee or butter any more than I will. The suggestion of using coconut oil in coffee instead of cream just doesn't sound good. I might try it but HUM.

I finished Family Feasts for $75 a week by Mary Ostyn. I should probably look at going to the store every 2 weeks for fresh produce and not try to get it to last 3-4 wks with just a milk run at 2 wks.

 I need to serve soup or casseroles more to use up leftovers of 1 servings. Though Hubby can eat those from this week while I baby sit Son 2 LOL. As I have shoved 2 meals in the freezer and might put a 3rd one in if he eats dinner with his friends... if they are going to be getting in after dinner they always stop for sandwiches.

What are you doing to save money ?