Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This week's goals

with expecting rain daily (still, some more) I have to focus on "drier days" like no rain in morning or in between rounds of rain, to get things done in the gardens and out side.Everything else is done when I can't get out due to the rain.

1. pull older broccoli
2. pull bolting lettuce that I don't want the seed from
3. harvest lettuce
4. harvest green beans
5. harvest cauliflower
6. harvest broccoli
7. harvest cabbage
8. replant areas with fall/winter seeds that have been cleared
9. repair north east sq ft
10. add another sq ft garden to south gardens
11. check potted plants
12 harvest basil
13. harvest rosemary
14 harvest tomatoes.

1.freeze cauliflower
2. freeze broccoli
3. freeze cabbage (cabbage rolls, freezer slaw)
4. bake coconut cream pie for Dad
5. grill out (or I should say grill in the garage :( )

1. hem the dress I am wearing to my daughter's wedding Aug 1st
2. cut out and sew one apron
3. get material for winter curtains (as Dad might be in the master bedroom we will be in room upstairs without heat and it has a lot of drafts) for upstairs bedroom.
4. sew buttons on my blouse
5. sew hem on sheet that came undone due to wind while hanging on clothes line.
6. make new table cloth for the glass dining table we just got.

1: go to Joann's fabric for sales , need needles for machine, thread for dress that I need to hem and need fabric for a few things around the house including for table cloths.I got a coupon in the mail.
2. drop off daughter's wedding gown that has been in storage 16 yrs to dry cleaners
3. go see my Dad and take meals to him. He can still cook but hasn't learned to cook for one and gets tired of eating leftovers...my leftovers are something else though. Also he noticed that when he cooks and smells it , he loses his appetite . It's hot also and he no longer uses his grill.
4. maybe go to Kroger's if there is something there we need. Right now we are getting double points for gas. I saved $49. last month on gas using double pts.
5. We might go to the Scioto Valley produce auction on Friday. Just to see if we can get some broccoli for the freezer.

1. tape "craft room" actually upstairs bedroom but I need a place to have all my crafts and sewing together.
2. primer craft room
3. paint craft room
4. set up craft/sewing room.

1. to actually write on my blog not just think about what I want to write on my blog when I am going to sleep.

Blessed Be


it's been a few month...lots of changes ...most of them for the good.

I don't do well with changes even when it's for the better... My grandson is now living with his dad , actually he lives with both his parents this summer as he spends a week with one and then the other. Rough but he gets to see them equally and he is happy with that. I am happy that he is happy.

My Dad has dementia and will at some point come live with us...We decided to prepare the house for him NOW so it's not a crisis when he does come.He has already given me his routine and what he likes to eat. He explained his meds and what they are for...he is still having good days, but bad days are really bad especially living alone even with family checking on him repeatedly during the day.

The spring gardens didn't do much, weather wasn't good.

The summer gardens are getting way too much rain, luckily we did put straw in the north garden so we can get in to harvest and check on the plants and not swim through the mud.The rest of the gardens are either sq ft gardens or a narrow strip that I can reach across.

I have ordered most of my fall/winter seeds...didn't have much to order as I ordered extra in the spring. I will be ordering my garlic and shallots(new one for me to grow). I will use some of the garlic I have grown to replant.

We have some changes to make with the finances. Looking at retirement in 5 yrs...not what we had thought about doing, thought 7 yrs the soonest but ....decided to look at 5 just in case things change and Hubby has to retire out sooner.

Blessed Be