Friday, November 15, 2019

Week of 18th

I will be going in for my back injections on the 18th. It usually takes me 3 days to recover and I will be limited lifting for a week. Just how it affects my cerebral palsy that causes the issues.

SO Menu
Saturday is going to be Autumn Stew for Son 2 for lunch. I think I will do a cauliflower pizza with grilled butternut squash ,black beans and cheese for dinner

Sunday LO (Left over) Autumn stew Air fried battered shrimp and sweet potato fries.

Monday (procedure.) eggs and pancakes ( I won't be able to eat lunch so Hubby will just eat what ever he finds)

Tuesday  turkey salad for lunch, Creamy turkey enchiladas for dinner.

Wednesday.  Left overs for lunch Stuffed acorns for dinner

Thursday  hash for lunch and meatloaf for dinner

Friday Meatloaf sandwiches for lunch and calzones for dinner.

Monday is injections so I will make sure food is prepped as the procedure is in the afternoon. Laundry will be done etc.

Tuesday... Mending and if I get the bedroom curtains cut this weekend , the winter curtains for the bedroom.

Wednesday ...3rd day is always the worse. Inputting the last of the pantry inventory on spreadsheet

Thursday Start back on mudroom

Friday  work on  mudroom

Saturday finish mudroom

Sunday visit parents

We went shopping

First we went to Menards to use our rebates. Need coat hooks for the coat rack Hubby made in the front room. Need another hook for the wheelchair bathroom because I am tired of Hubby tossing his PJ bottoms around and he has no place to hang them since we have barn doors on the bathroom and the over the door hooks don't work. We got the cheap ones that were on clearance for $2 instead of the $15 ones we found first. Since it was the 11% rebate We picked up pet safe ice melt in 20 lb bags to refill the salt containers aka kitty litter buckets son 2 gave us, dishwasher soap,a 3 pack of distilled water for my sinus rinse and bedroom humidifier, toilet paper (had a sale of 24 rolls of 2 ply for half of what it runs every where else so we bought 2 packages) Chi chi tortilla chips and mild Chi chi salsa dip (the only dip that does not trigger my acid reflux) Rebates we had paid for 70% of the bill. The rest was covered by non food budget and grocery budget.

Then to Aldi's.. Thanks to Lana who said they had butter on sale with a limit of 6. Hubby and I both went in. Which is good as he decided he want to GRILL a turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner. You have to brine it ( I have the ingredients for that) and grill on indirect heat but it is a smaller turkey than I normally buy if we are not deep frying. SO in his cart was a 17 lbs Honeysuckle turkey 57/lb , 20 lb Butterball turkey 87/lb, a ham butt roast $1.49/lb and 6 of the butter at $1.99 ea. Total $56.26 Out of stock up money. I got the very same thing at $56.96. Both hams and the 2 smaller turkeys are in the barn small freezer. The 2 larger turkeys are thawing to be roasted. Which means the roaster is not going back to the basement today. Hubby has informed me the last freezer is completely full. I did pull out the peach juice to thaw so I can process it and can so the black refrigerator freezer is pretty much empty so I can put the cooked turkey there.I did ask him if he pulled the bag of ice out that was in the bottom of that freezer. He said it's now on top with the shrimp and fish. He did note that there was no butter left in there.  I pulled the last of it out last month to bring in the house. Then it was silence.... does that mean we are going to run low on butter this year like last? Only if I don't pick up more. We use the canned butter for the table and for cooking with like in mashed potatoes, stick butter for the rest.  As I pointed out we have half of our wanted supply and prices usually go down around Thanksgiving to Christmas so I should be able to get it and put it in the black refrigerator freezer with the cooked turkey.Especially with grilling a turkey in 2 weeks that will clear more room in the freezer. Leaving that the only thing left to stock up on as I already stocked the sugar.

Then we went to chiropractic ... Hubby went first as he still have to pay a copay and I don't and he did that while Doc worked on me, including putting my ribs back in place that I threw out leaning into the washer to get the sock out of the bottom. Yes I was standing on a step and still threw them out. and YES I am that short.

Since Dollar General is right next door I went there to check on over counter meds as we are low (gee I wonder why) Still need 2 they don't carry. AND I got a pair of tongs to get the things in the bottom of the washer. It is now hanging on a hook I installed this morning after I started laundry. I remembered to say I had digital coupons and she told me the one I was wanting to use was less than if she used the four others I had.... I thought I only had one. SO YEA!!!. I saved $8 instead of $4 and spent less on the meds there then if I had went to any where else.

We did a pit stop to visit a friend that can not drive due to sixth nerve eye palsy affecting one eye and having cataract surgery on the other and is driving his wife batty as he is used to going a lot and he also can't go work out for the 3-4 hrs daily he was (plays volley ball etc at the wellness center), can't go work at the SCARES unit or EMA building. No one has came to see him. Limited computer time and can't hardly read a text on his phone. Going NUTS but refuses to wear the glasses that are to help correct the problem. We told them we would be back to go eat out (at Hong Kong as it is a favorite) and wife makes the comment if he can see better.  HUM I did not think before I said we can pick you both up if you don't feel like driving (we go right by their house to the restuarant) and he could be blind and still go out to eat. We have a friend that is blind and would have no problem spending time helping this one learn to deal with the blindness.  I even pointed out we have an ex son in law that is blind in one eye and he drives. Yes things are different, he should wear his glasses as our granddaughter did for 2 yrs. But she did not need to limit him more than what he was. She texted me later and said she had told their sons what I had said and both backed me, they felt she was making things worse instead of being supportive but they didn't know how to tell her.  Meantime the date is set for Hong Kong.AND he called the doctor and told him the glasses cause migraines. IF he had told his wife they did that she would have took him back the next day.

Son 2 is coming up tomorrow to help put in air barrier in the attics so I am making his favorite soup Autumn stew that uses a butternut squash , Home Chef recipe since he will be here during lunch.I am going to keep a few slices of it to grill to put on a cauliflower pizza crust