Thursday, January 20, 2022

Hit mortgage extra payment goal


They are clearing snow off the pond as snow makes ice mushy when they cut blocks for ice house. Probably late next week they will be cutting as we will stay below freezing. I hope they get at least 6 inch blocks. 

I am feeling better, rough with some light discomfort but not really any pain. I was able to eat 1/2 cup potatoes and 1 egg last night for supper which was great. I had 1/2 cup of canned spinach for bfast. LOL Daughter 4 told me to eat my veggies first, then fruit and then protein carb so if I don't feel like eating I at least have my veggies and fruit in. Voice of experience there.

We made our $5000 extra on the mortgage goal this month. Coming out of the holidays and me going down, we didn't eat out or get take out and the groceries was down also as we are eating from the pantry. Okay HUBBY IS EATING from the pantry.

Blessed Be