Sunday, September 9, 2018

I refuse to buy

something I know I have but can't find because it's not in the box I thought I packed it in. SIGH I really really thought I had it better organized. I guess that is being frugal...frustrating but frugal.

Items I don't know where are going are put in boxes and put in a certain place and a note of what it is so when I figure it out I can put it away.

We decided to change the furniture around and if we don't have a place for it right now it will go to the barn until next spring. That way when I finish doing the lofts it won't be a "blast, should have kept that".

I started washing the blankets etc Hubby used to protect things while moving them. Since he hasn't had time to put in my new clothes line I am hanging them on the clothes line on the kitchen porch that the Amish lady had. They hung clothes on the porches and basement when the weather was bad or cold. That means I can only hang a few blankets at a time but cheaper than running the dryer.

We have been sticking to the menu for a change and I've not felt too tired to eat let alone cook and clean up. Decided leftovers once a week.

We now have hot water so I was able to use my dish washer last night and let it run after we went to bed.We did have to have the plumber come back in due to an error code on the water heater and what we thought was a leak. Wasn't a leak just no one had used the hot water and the plug in the tub adjusted. While he fixing that he realize the sump pump had been shifted and the float was sticking on the wall so he adjust that and check a couple other things to make sure everything was how it should be.

I put a couple bath towels up at windows that still don't have enough curtains to keep the sunlight out from heating up the house... we are in 100's with heat index. I  folded a panel of curtains in half to use in the dining room. The curtains are too long but work fine folded. When I get time (ha ha)I might just sew them so that is how they are.

I opened the house this morning as the rain came in to cool things off for awhile. It wasn't raining in on the east side due to porches and overhangs. Nice to turn the AC off at least for a bit.

We changed how the railing /banister to the staircase to the lofts are going to be so we can do them ourselves instead of paying the contractor that is coming in on Saturday.

Saturday.... contractor and his crew got the flooring down in the north and south lofts. He will come back next week to put the pine panels on the bottom of the walls. He is hoping to have the rolling pantry cart for my regular bathroom done when he comes back as he decided to make it at his own home. I put together meat and cheese platter with assorted breads, a veggie tray and fruit tray for the 5 of us.

Hubby and I finished the veggie and fruit trays today, Sunday. I will most likely put part of the meat and cheese in the freezer with some of the bread. The rustic white bread is almost gone. I already made notes for the menus in the next weeks to use up the rest of the bread, meat and cheese.

I went over to the old place and packed up another car load of things that can't be transported in the trailer.

Punch out list was 304 a couple months ago, was down to 119 on Friday. We have it down to 109 today.

Calling it a day, I was up through the night with a migraine due to my arm hurting (weather is now 60) with the colder weather.

Blessed Be