Monday, October 17, 2022

temperatures are dropping

 Both maple trees leaves have turned colors

I have a few carrots covered in the garden beds and the only thing to pull is the marigolds but some still have blooms. Won't be the end of next week as every morning is to be at freezing or close to it.

Not a good pic but my brother wanted to see the flames. We have learned that Hubby can start a camp fire in a heart beat but I am better at starting the stove. We only kept it going for the day, give it time to burn off factory stuff (didn't get any smell, I scrubbed it pretty good like M told me to) and figure out how to control the oven temperature. Wood box in house is full, kindling bucket is full, starter basket is full. Humidifier pot on stove is full

Better picture at 2:30 this morning when Hubby and I both were up checking the fire. It was 84 in the front room at his recliner where he sleeps. It was 78 in dining room, 76 in kitchen and 74 in the bedroom because I woke up HOT. Opened 2 doors and a window and got it back down  after 2 hrs. to mid 70s. Stove was running at correct temperature. We were supposed to be in the 30s this morning but the cloud cover kept us from dropping and we stayed in the 40s. GEEZE I might have to get the summer clothes back out for wearing in the house. At least with the furnace on 60 I don't have to worry about propane. I did tell Hubby he is still short a cord of wood and he doesn't have all the wood cut that is here as it is. BUT at least he wasn't like E who had to go to his woods Saturday and cut logs to cut into firewood as M was down to the last at the house.

We decided to run to the bank over in Ada. On the way there we passed a small local grocery store. Hubby asked if I had the stock up list with me... yep... so we stopped on the way back. They had Brussels sprouts. We now have enough to have them once a month. I can float them between peas and asparagus. They had hamburger for $2 off a lb. IF you had their loyalty card. I mentioned at the meat counter (they grind their own hamburger) that I wished I had Son2's card. Told me to say something at the checkout. She had me fill out the form while she ran me up, scanned the paper and let me know the card should be to me within 2 wks. IF not call and say something. PLUS I got 10% off the total. I got enough  hamburger to make a dozen meals of Salisbury steak and Swedish meatballs and 23 meals of taco meat(because I wanted tacos that night LOL)

Coming on back into town we decided to stop and get our flu shot. Since the crap is starting to go around through the Amish.

Then I went in Walmart while Hubby got fuel at Walmart (cheapest right now). I got an 18 plus pound turkey for $1.60/ lbs. If I don't get any others, we have Tday turkey that will make at least a dozen meals for us and broth. I got a ham butt on clearance. So that's in freezer for the week after Christmas (we do prime rib at Christmas). I got 2 -10lb bags of frozen chicken breast on clearance. I tossed them in the freezer until I have time to can them.  I got 5 bags of Fritos for Hubby.

It was a good day.

Hubby went to an auction on Saturday, cold and windy but sunny. We had highlighted what we were looking for if the right price.  He was able to get a wooden chair that is a glider and stool with cushions (that look new) for $75. He knew we paid over $100 for the girls. THEN he had 3 Amish ask if he could haul stuff home for them since he had taken the trailer with him. One of them went with him to help unload the others stuff. The pit stopped at the Amish farm store to get dog food, the guys chimney was in so Hubby and him loaded also on the trailer. By time he was done, he got paid enough to cover his fuel for going and coming home AND the glider and stool. 

Today after I take a nap as I never went back to sleep from getting up at 2:00. I am starting the humidifiers, taking the hummingbird feeders down (haven't seen one for awhile) and making Salisbury steak and Swedish meatballs for the freezer. Laundry was on the line by 6. 

Blessed be

Prayers for peace.