Friday, December 22, 2023


 We have in different savings accounts... THREE months of emergency money. We haven't had that in a long time and it's been a constant worry. AND I made the extra payment on the mortgage.

We only bought a gallon of milk and a large loaf of bread. We have been cutting and stacking wood and grilled cheese sandwiches replaced pizza. Cheaper and I wasn't stopping to bake bread.

I picked up the two prime rib roasts I ordered. Cut one into steaks to vacuum seal for later. Had some "scraps" left so cut them up for Philly steak subs or pizza or stir fry. Simmered the fat scraps for broth and froze that.

I have cranberry jello coming in. I buy enough for the year usually. This time I bought for 2 yrs. 

 I have MIL's purse coming in. She asked for a purse like mine for Christmas except not in purple. Decided on gray. There was two shades of gray. I ordered both so she can chose which one she wants. I can put the other back for later for either of us.

We are going to Menards for the 12% rebate sale. We have on the list as we have been waiting for next year as we try not to shop there unless 11 % rebate is going on. 

On the list is 3 storm door pumps(what hold door open/closed), two have quit working completely and I know the 3rd one is the same age.  Aircare humidifier filters, for front room humidifier. I have the Amazon price so it has to be lower than that. Paint for bottom step of loft so I quit missing the blasted thing, even with the light on it blends into the kitchen floor. I am going to paint a strip at edge of it so I know it's the last stair. I need 10 food grade buckets with gamma lids (I saved rebates for this purchase) I have enough rebates to get 12 so Hubby said to do that. He could see me dehydrating more apples next year than I did this year due to lack of room. 

We decided to not keep the Christmas lights on until Jan 6th like we normally do but unplug them after Christmas to help keep the electric bill down. 

We will be talking of goals for this coming year during the week. 

Blessed Be

prayers for peace