Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Daughter 4 update

 She got up at 4:30 this morning to go to orientation.... they didn't even let her sign in so no gas money coming back to her as they did a hiring freeze due to lack of parts and orders LAST WEEK but didn't bother to tell the 30 some people that was showing up today. 

She immediately texted me after she stopped crying about it. She is also applying for jobs on line and is willing to take part time just to get the money rolling in.

She had already changed her budget based on what she knew she would be earning (old job at old company so had that info). She has 2 utility bills that have to be paid off Nov.4th  since what she used was over what they had her on the budget for. 

I figured up what we have left in the budget for her... at least I know her divorce is paid for and the car is in good condition with repairs and maintenance. Even though that wiped out Nov and Dec budget. She figured she would be working full time. I just have to wait until MY money comes in to pay off her balances.

She knows we have $6000 of bills that have to be paid this month (truck brake system and the two porches) so I will cover her with my social security and my IRA.

We want house paid off before Medicare as a friend on the same meds as me has to pay out $6000/ month since she went on Medicare /Medicare gap. 

Extra payments on mortgage probably won't happen the rest of the year. I really hope I am wrong about that. Really hope she finds something. But even Son 2 said the airforce base is now at 25% of employees due to Delta covid.

Does this sound like a HERE WE GO AGAIN year???