Thursday, March 7, 2024

I am better but not well

Thanks for caring and checking on me. My kids got twenty million texts from me while I was in. 

He was asleep when our local hospital after 6 hrs and 7 different hospitals finally found me a bed and a surgeon . Instead of a hernia I gave myself a kink in small intestine. It unkinked it's self which they thought it would but worried it might tear instead. SO NO SURGERY .I had PT to strentghen core. I was under the small side of A frame loft lifting 25-35 lbs to reorganize  that area and on my knees in a weird position. Next time I will just sit on my butt and shove it with my feet like Mom used to.

They thought I was having a Crohn's attack on top of it.... NO.. stool testing said I had the flu even though I was not running a fever (temp was actually low) and not throwing up. LOVELY.

I am better, as the pain is next to nothing now, we thought I was having a heart attack. I just finally ate a regular meal last night. I can imagine my system dealing with that going through is going to be on the tender side.

While in, Hubby sent me this

Last load of wood we bought is in . He can stack it before he cuts more of the other wood he has when it stops raining. He covered it with a tarp for now. We should have the majority of next winter's wood on site but not all cut as there are 4 timbers(trees with limbs cut off) at the gate to E's pasture E dragged up from his woods he doesn't want. (too big and he doesn't split wood, they burn logs about 6-8 inches around). But these needed cut down so he gave them to us. If Hubby doesn't want them the Amish on the other side of us will come get them.

M sent over a recipe booklet one of her friends/family lent her, she wanted copies of the recipes.Hubby made a copy for us also instead of charging for the copies.

Our tax lady called to tell us we were going to owe Federal ... a over $10,000 ... due to selling the business equipment for more than it was depreciated...  making a untaxed profit. She had her boss check to make sure she was correct because we usually get money back, not a lot but some. I put it on my credit card, got cash back and bought time of paying it off so I can transfer money without cashing CD's in. We also had an increase from IRA as they decided that you have to take RDM's from inherited IRA's. I have Daddy's so that added to it also.

My credit card offered to let me make payments charging me a flat rate of $85/month instead of interest for a year. Most likely I will NOT do that. 

We had some wind damage from storm that we have to fix but we are not claiming on insurance. Not worth the increase we would get hit with on the policy. 

I went back over the last 12 months of credit cards, seeing where money went etc. 

We stayed mostly in budget except on stocking up. I am stocked up for non food and medical including holistic early . Don't usually have that until autumn but found good deals and knew how much we used. Glad I did as now I can focus on paying off this debt, not worry about going without something (though I am sure there is something I didn't stock, I have TP... that is all that matters LOL).

Hubby is using more fuel than normal. He has medical appts weekly and over an hour away AND is VP of ham (*Why do they call it a ham radio? The word “HAM” as applied to 1908 was the station CALL of the first amateur wireless station operated by some amateurs of the Harvard Radio Club. They were Albert S. Hyman, Bob Almy, and Poogie Murray. At first they called their station “HYMAN-ALMY-MURRAY”) radio group he is in so they are working with local law and hospitals preparing for the solar eclipse that will be passing through our area. We are trying to combine errands with his appts.

 My doctors decided I did NOT need to come in for the usual after hospital stay check up... they don't want the flu either LOL.Glad I got the flu shot since I didn't get sick from it. 

I need to set goals and figure out what I need to refill in pantry since this coming winter will be tighter than usual.