Wednesday, January 13, 2010

works for me Wed

this is kind of a two fold because it connects to Eat from the Pantry challenge.
first off the food in the pics above was over flow from Tday dinner that wasn't used due to a couple families calling the day before saying they wouldn't be here. It has been eaten.Nothing went to waste.
Today or tomorrow, depending on how well I feel later today since I've been sick I will straighten the pantry, refrigerators and freezers up again and do a new menu from the pantry.
I'll probably have more empty spaces when I straighten it up.
have a blessed day

day 13 of pantry challenge( catch up

Eating from the Pantry is working for me YEAH...especially with being down sick

I've been using my coupon tracker to also keep track of any money we spend on food wheither or not we actually pay for it. I know myself well enough to know if one of the kids didn't pay for it, we most likely would have

One day 11 of the challenge I wrote we would have meatloaf etc. didn't happen. By time I got here from Columbus it was too late put bake a meatloaf so I fried up the hamburger( rinsed with hot water) and mixed it with the last box of mac and cheese for a casserole with some veggies.Normally I would have picked up something or ordered a pizza and chef salad for us.

Day 12 of challenge we had leftovers out of the freezer.I had therapy at dinner time so it worked good.

Today( day 13) we are actually having the meat loaf with roasted root veggies and custard pie all from the pantry. I am also making mock mousse for hubby to pack in his lunch instead of buying yogurt for him

Blessed be