Monday, July 16, 2018

Short..frugal moments

Every 3rd day Hubby takes a trailer load of our stuff to 209 as he is working on fence line. Since he is going that way it's saving us on the amount of trips when we can actually move in...waiting on wall paint to be done so they can to do wood floors.

Neighbor at 209 has sent home beets and zucchini again and told us to check the sweet corn , it's almost ready.

Landlord let us know to come get sweet corn as his father in law planted 2 varieties, one early and the other one later but they came in at the same time and everyone is swamped with trying to get it dealt with.

I have been decluttering, sorting and packing daily to file the trailer every third day.

I got the two bathroom doors for 209 done.

We went looking for a recliner for Hubby and a new couch... found 1 we both like and can sit comfortably on AND it's on sale until the end of July. SO we will wait until closer to the end of the month so MAYBE we will be getting ready to actually move in   SIGH... Our head contractor is more frustrated than we are because he has other jobs lined up and less workers to work on them since they are still working on our place.