Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February Goals

Delicata winter squash... I also have butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash still to use up.

Eat from the pantry and limit eating out to 3 times this coming month (we will eat out once with Dad, and then there is Valentine's day and our anniversary that I think we should combine but Hubby thinks we might not as he would prefer once a week eating out. I think if I get back to bread baking and make tortilla wraps, sub buns along with calzones and pizzas, he won't care about eating out.We did set an amt of $120 for eating out for the month. That means if we go to Lock 16 we will be eating out twice instead of 3 or more and I set the budget at $180 for dairy and fresh produce The dogs budget is $80...yep they have their own budget and that includes vet and meds for them besides food and treats. I also plan to have the mudroom refrigerator freezer empty ...be eating what is in it by the end of the month . We also have a couple programs connected with our health ins that gives us points (which lowers what we pay) for eating real (no preservatives) and eating fewer processed foods (bake my own bread).I will finish the candy and cookies for the kids/grandkids and get them delivered.

I plan to walk 50,000 steps a week (connected to ins also) and start my yoga back up.

We are rebuilding our savings...slow but steady. We decided on some changes to the budget but I am not sure if they will work in real life and we are making payments on the last 3 loans we have following the Dave Ramsey Snowball method.

I am continuing with shining my sink and adding the habit of decluttering (Flylady)

I am continuing with Declutter 365 (Taylor at Home Storage solutions 101) actually I am about halfway through the year because I skipped the ones that will take weeks if not a month to do to work on after I get the "faster" ones done.

I'll pull a couple recipes off Ree (The Pioneer Woman) site like MM favorite sandwich and onion strings. Smothered pork chops.Caramel apple pie and cinnamon rolls to please Hubby (might help the "let's eat out once a week" thing he has going on.

Start more sweet potato slips.

Plan the garden (I already made planting schedule) and start transplants toward end of month.

Finish processing oranges and pumpkins.

Continue working on time mgt and weekly home blessing routine.

Decide which pattern I am using for Great Grandson's afghan....I've changed my mind about every other day.


Because I want more life..
more pleasure, more baking, more crocheting, more sewing, more crafts, more writing and lot more time with family and friends.