Wednesday, March 1, 2023



We ate 10 meals out of 10 from the menu....first ever in our married life LOL.🤯

Instead of listing the whole menu, protein, veggies, fruit and grain... I listed protein ONLY. We eat what ever sides need finished like the frozen asparagus as we will have fresh in about 2-3 months. The salad that wasn't enough for both of us and the last of the applesauce. I think we have finished a jar of something pickled every other day. I know I finished the black olives as snack instead of the chocolate bar. Didn't stop the want for the chocolate bar. 

All the bills are paid until March 9th. Groceries are in and we don't need milk. 

We have the medical outstanding bills yet but the money is in a money market making as more than the regular savings account. So I count them as paid since I am not hunting for the money to pay it.

We had 2 medical appts that were 2 hrs. apart not including the 1 hr. of driving between them and two hrs. back home ). We dropped off Hubby's prescription at local CVS. Drove to Sidney, made drop off to Goodwill, then to the bank (our branch closed) and then to chiro. After chiro we got diesel fuel for 34¢ LESS per gallon than what it runs here. Hubby was happy. Then we drove closer to the next appt. in Dayton area and got something to eat. We did a sit down restaurant so we could get veggies that are not deep fried (drooling I am going to miss my deep fried veggies). I had a strawberry salad that I can make at home and just change out the berries when in season. Steak and lobster (got my seafood LOL) and a loaded baked potato that came home. Hubby got steak and shrimp, mixed veggies (carrot, yellow squash and zucchini, boiled but still crunchy) and rice. They messed up and brought him a baked potato also. He brought home the potato and most of the rice that they brought out. He ate his potato last night. Went to the next medical. GI appt. for my Crohn's. I am doing good, no hospitalizations due to Crohn's.  PA was not happy and a little worried when I told him the phlebotomist said I only have one good vein and I am not a candidate for infusion therapy. When I go on Medicare next Jan.  I won't have insurance to pay for my Humira. I've already called the company to see if they have something... they do but it depends on a lot of other stuff and they were hoping that the gov't would include biologics in the reduced prices.  I am not going to stress about it. I will focus on life style to keep it steady instead. 

We drove home (2 hrs.) picked up Hubby's meds. I had some extra bucks and coupons to get some things that was on the wait until on sale list. Pharmacy made the comment " I see you are shopping so I am printing off your receipt because more coupons came out today"  There was only 1 coupon I wouldn't use. 

I got shampoo, conditioner, 4 kinds of toothpaste (I know the kids will be raiding that ), 3 body/ hand lotions,  children allergy meds for Charlotte (vet told me to), allergy meds for me (ouch $44 before sale and coupon), scar med with sun screen for grandson that got hit in face with tree limb while cutting down tree and was off work for 3 months, pain rub as GI want's me off meds by mouth as much as possible, and Aleve for Hubby's Mom.  Sales saved me $44.96, coupons saved me $44. The register had a fit about it and the lady running it said it's because I so many coupons and sales and just laughed. Manager dealt with it and she laughed. Said it happens every day now days. I got a $5 extra bucks that's good to the end of March and will get 2% back on my credit card.  

We then picked up Charlotte when we unloaded at home and went over to deliver a message to H and B about B's medical appt. Hubby confirmed it for them so they don't have to come over and use the phone. 

I found 39 ¢

Hubby decided he wasn't tossing the volunteer concord grape vine that had sprouted up last year. We started growing seedless grapes as we just don't drink that much juice or eat that much grape jam. He was trying to figure out where to move it. I suggest the back fence that is needing replaces anyways. He could transplant it when he does the fence and it will have support as it grows. 

 TO finish this off.. H said maple water (known as sap to Englisher's) is running more this year. Already have over 2000 gallons of maple water and that's the 1st "run". E said it takes 40 gallons of maple water to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. 

E got two of his wheels off the road by cutting the corner too sharp pulling out of his lane and the road was wet so the horses couldn't get a good enough "grip" to pull it back on road. Hubby went over with the tractor and pushed the wagon to get it on the road. 

I have to write up this month's to do list so we don't miss anything. 

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace