Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Happy Anniversary

 I told Hubby that I texted JD and told him happy 21st birthday... And then I said "Happy Anniversary Hubby".. he looked at me like I lost my freaking mind. Our anniversary is Feb. 

Four years ago we moved in. YEP. We signed closing the day before our oldest grandson's birthday and moved in on his brother's birthday.

As of today we have 153 items to do on the punch list not including a greenhouse. 

We talked about how the area is more to the lifestyle we grew up with. How the Amish is our bubble and the struggle to fit in with family when we are at gatherings. His sister is Mennonite so she understands. Our kids just make sure we can keep things up without much help and keep busy as they know that is what best for us in the long run. 

 My brother when out here the last time mentioned we both seemed at peace and happy and he hadn't reached that yet. He is 10 yrs old than me , definitely a work alcoholic that can no longer work due to health issues. He had planned to work until he died. I suggested some on line tutoring. Part time in the mornings as he needs a reason to get out of bed. He is looking into that. Cracks me up that he will text me "hey I am planting lilac  bush , what color do you think I should get? ( I suggested he asked his wife).  Or when he sent me the pic of the mixed flowers he got to grow for him. His wife told him anything he plants he has to take care of. He is in the city so the yard isn't big so that might keep him in control but you never know with him. He is happy in the city but misses the quiet of the country. 

Where did the week go?

 First, M ended back in the hospital for a D&C  then back in for low potassium, came close to losing her, talk about a scary moment. Church is having a meeting this week to figure out how to help pay the bills. M is home and has a niece staying with them to help her run the home. M has been ordered to bed by her mother in law ( I offered to "sit" on her to help keep her in bed) and E's father ordered him to stay on the farm for 3 days as E was helping others when we had to go after him twice (that takes an hour to go and get him and him get home). The 5 older children have started school as of Monday so the oldest of the 4 still at home is 4 pushing 5 yrs old. M goes Sept 20th for a check up. We have spent 3 days of supporting them with these issues. Hubby has slept more than once in the truck in the hospital parking lot. I did remind him that his parents live right around the corner from the one hospital but he didn't want to go there since he wasn't sure if anyone had been around with covid. His niece came down with it 2 wks ago. Not vaccinated.

Daughter 2 is pretty sure she has a place to move to Oct 1st. . She is looking around for furniture that people want to just get rid of. Since it's just her and one son, they won't need much but she is making a list as she thinks it through. Ten bucks says she will ask for food and or kitchen stuff.

Daughter 4 is antsy.. she is so ready to go back to work. She figured out if she saves enough money by Feb she could look to buy a house instead of renting. Son 2 went that same route. He has already passed all the info he had when he bought his house to her. I did tell her she was more than welcome to come up and do the fall cleaning. I doubt if she will take me up on the offer 😜

Daughter 1 and 3 are working steady and staying well.

Son 1 is being over ran with IT work  LOL. He is going on vacation with some friends to go fishing and will be out of touch for a couple weeks. 

Son 2 has made a name for himself at his new job. Not sure it is a good name. He went over blue prints for the new building and found one room has no doors to get in it and the room that houses some training equipment that can't have windows in the room ?simulators? has windows on 2 sides of the room. There is a storage room but it can't be used for it is too small. 

He asked one manager what color he wanted his tent...the guy was like what? "You didn't respond to my email of how many people is in your department so you won't have an office for them in the new plans. SO what color do you want the tent that I will put up in the parking lot".  Guy starts flipping thinking his people is going to be all over him for his screw up. Son 2 quietly adds "wait until they have to use port a johns because they won't have scan cards to get in to use bathrooms since they are not housed in the building". When the guy turned white. Son 2 lets him know he could have everything if the information was on his desk in 30 minutes. After that it's back to the tents. Later at a meeting it was brought up that EVERYONE should answer his emails with in 24 hrs. of receiving as there is a program in place that shows when the emails come in. His own boss was not thrilled to find out that he hadn't even gave himself an office and he signed off the blueprints.  Son 2 laughed all the way home.

Hubby got his truck fixed after almost 2 weeks. He lost 12 jobs and paid $5000 for the truck to be fixed. While they were waiting for a part to come in they did the regular maintenance that was scheduled for last Monday. 

BUT he got things done around here. Tower with tv antenna and his HAM radio antenna is up. Hoops for row cover for winter garden is on one box, a second box is started and the third has hoops cut for it. He ran out of a couple things. Since we can't afford the green house this year, we are doing low tunnels ( http://www.motherofahubbard.com/category/winter-vegetable-gardening/low-tunnels/). 

I have seeds sorted that I want to try to grow. I ordered seeds that I was low on. I had to order from 8 different places to get 12 different seeds. I have some to notify me when the seeds can be ordered.  I will be doing the grow cart and grow light this year.

I harvested and cleared some of the garden beds. I added more green beans, turnips, tomato juice, peach pie filling and rutabaga to the pantry

We ended the month with in the black and paid extra on mortgage. Can't say the same for the business.

Blessed be.


Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Need prayers for Neighbor

 4 p.m. We rushed M and E to ER today. She was having a miscarriage AND her blood sugar had dropped AND her blood count was off AND she is passing massive blood clots. Hubby is an EMT so I drove while he called the hospital to let them know what was coming in. Getting a squad out here to pick her up would be a 20 min wait and that is if the squad was available as there is only 1. 

We went and got E's mom ( M's mom lives out of state). She went to take care of the grandkids and then she went to sit with M at hospital as E came home and did chores and now E is back to the hospital along with his mom to see if M is coming home or spending the night. Hubby is doing this round of sitting in the parking lot as there is a limit of who can be in the hospital due to delta covid. 

 We dropped E off where he had been working on a pole barn and left his buggy. We checked on the kids. The oldest two are old enough to babysit and even do the evening chores at that. 

7:30 pm Hospital called and asked for E to come back to hospital. Hubby picked up E, reminded kids I was just across the pasture if they needed something.

8:15 pm M is being transferred to another hospital 20 miles away. They are trying to make arrangements that E can ride with her. When they reduced meds she started bleeding again. SO sending her to get a scan, and most likely will have to have surgery. E's mom had mentioned D &C as she was M's midwife before she retired from being the midwife. She is hoping the uterus's has not torn. Daughter 2 had that happen with her 3rd son. Not good.

So Hubby waiting to make sure he is only bringing E's mom back to M and E's and not also taking E to hospital. 

Going to be a long night as we will get the call to go get E or both of them later. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021


 The brake system on the work truck is broke. This sucker has 6 tires and a brake system for what ever trailer Hubby is hauling. 

$5000 to fix.  He has already lost 8 days of work and will for at least the rest of this week as they couldn't get the parts until this coming Wednesday and said it usually comes in late afternoon and it's a 5 hour job so will be Thursday before they start on it. So a total of 12 days most likely of no work on top of wiping out what little net profit he did have.

He ran into another hauler that had wrecked several times so quit hauling. Said the man can hardly walk now because he just sits around like Hubby's parents started doing. Hubby said he doesn't want that to happen to us. Considering how much I walk around this house and around the perimeter I don't think it's going to be me.

We were supposed to move Daughter 2 but that's a no go now as she needed the livestock trailer for her stuff and my truck doesn't tow that trailer. Might end up being best as her son thinks he found an apartment (instead of her moving in with a friend )that will be ready to rent Oct 1st that is in her price range. 

Hubby was supposed to have a hearing aid appt last week. Doc was a no show and no call to cancel or explain. Receptionist called yesterday and apologized as she thought the doctor had called everyone as she had covid. She picked up the day after Hubby had been in. She got it at church. The whole church got it. My sister in law got hers at church and the whole church caught it a couple months ago. 

I was getting my blood work done when they were setting up the area for booster shots for covid. Said the Delta variant was hitting our area hard and to mask up even with being full vaccinated. It will help stop the spread to children and those not vaccinated. We also have RSV hitting kids and we have not had that happen in August before.

Daughter 4 got her 1st covid shot at her primary doctor's. She was going to have a check up for her lupus but when the insurance got the report the surgery and treatment was done and she is in remission. The insurance canceled her policy. Her notice that it was being canceled is in the mail GRR. Her doctor told her to keep doing what she was doing during her cancer (since she couldn't take her meds) and call him when she has her insurance from the job she starts Sept 8th. 

THEN she was driving home and heard a rattle under the car so took it straight to her mechanic. Bolt was loose but her other tie rod is going out... so it's back in today for a tie rod and a complete inspection because I KNOW something will happen when she starts work and we won't have an car to loan her to get to work while the jeep is being worked on.  THEN she got called from Columbia Gas that the program she was on before Covid had not renewed and she had an outstanding bill that had to be payed in full before Oct as it's the new heating season. They did take part of the amount off since they told her she was still on the program through the state. AND they were willing to take 3 payments. I told her to get the full amount for the bill and the car brought up for winter and text me the amount. Since she is going to work 3 months before she would be off our budget she can use that money to fix the car, get that debt off her back and start with a clean slate when she starts work. She was freaking that she would have to change her car ins and go back to door dash etc... I redid her budget and sent it to her and HER DAUGHTER said Daughter 4 wilted to the floor in relief.  

I did not tell her 3 of her siblings have already said door dash is doing poorly in the area. 

SO based on all that $$ going out, I am glad we spent the money on another half bushel of peaches and a full bushel of apples to finish the pantry. I am not sure I am getting corn for corn relish from M as half of her canning jars of corn came back open and spoiled. I told her to make sure she had what she needed as I was only making corn relish not a need but a want. 

I think September needs to be a NO SPEND month.


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

rough week

I got 5 loads of the last of the pasta sauce and both mild and hot salsa done Saturday. They need wiped off and taken to the basement. I still need whole tomatoes and tomato juice.

Sunday we went to great grandson's 5th birthday party at his other's sides grandparents home. It was a pool party even though it was on the cooler side (mid 70s) and we didn't take our suits for that reason. It was a really nice party, I told both grandparents we were thankful they invited us. We haven't seen this child in two years. He walked up to me and I introduce us... his daddy's grandma Nonna and his granddad. He gave me a hug and a kiss. His mom who we will always call our granddaughter came up to say something to him about who we were and he told her who we were before she could say anything. She said that both Taylor and her have made points of showing their boys pictures of us so they at least know what we look like. 

After we got home, since we ate supper at the birthday party ,I measured out dried beans to start canning this week. 

I canned 21 quarts of beans (7 of them were mixed beans) and 45 pints of different beans. Took me Monday and Tuesday to get them done. 

Tuesday we went to Lima to drop off Hubby's work truck for repair. Dash lights were flashing at him and the right front tire was squealing horribly. I followed him and neither of us thought about it when we left.... we drove right by where we had Wilbur put to sleep just 7days ago. I was bawling by time he started to get in the truck with me after dropping off his truck. I had already moved to the passenger side which I normally don't do.  I know it will get better with time.

We stopped and paid our mechanic. Our bill in full and Son 2's payment as he sent it to me as twice now he has had to put stop payments on checks that never arrived.  My personal checking and his are connected. SO that's another bill off the pay this month list.

We went to Wendy's for a lunch we split in our car.

We went to chiropractic. Doc told me to watch how I am sitting and standing as I am throwing my back out a lot.

We went to Menard's and got a new door handle/lock for the front door as the one had snapped off. We got white flex seal (gallon) to coat the top of the basement ramp instead of getting metal to cover it. I can use it around the basement windows also. We also got a new outlet/USB for the bfast bar as the one there quit working right. I got some additives I needed for the gardens so that's off the list also. We used all the Menards rebates so didn't have any out of pocket.

We went to Walmart. M had sent a list over as E had been to town and our Walmart had no sugar at all.  We got the last 3 bags that Walmart had. BUT I forgot her list and could only remember part of it (was half) and when we came home we grabbed the list and finished getting was what on it.  I got 25 lb. sugar, 25 lb. AP flour, 25 lb. bread flour and 12 pack of Vernor's ginger soda (only thing I can drink when sick). I picked up a gallon of milk when we stopped back at our Walmart after picking up M's list (which was laying where my purse was sitting SIGH) .

When we dropped off M's stuff to her she gave me tomatoes. Her tomatoes are bigger than soft balls. She gave me 5 and they filled my Dutch oven. I canned 4 qrts. of juice today. 

We did some errands for M and E after leaving there, ended up ordering 1/2 bushel peaches to come in this week. M's brother W is going to pick peaches for an orchard. We have been seeing them for $42/ half bushel and he only wanted $12. I can finish making pie filling and some peach chutney.

How has your week been?

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Working in the pantry


I changed out some of the jars that I could use in canning and used Daddy's old jars in their place. I know when the harvest comes in I will most likely need a few small jars.  I put the beans in the north/south staircase to go upstairs. Hubby decided he liked them just like that as he could see which one he was looking for. 

He went to an Amish auction today as there was a couple things listed to be sold at that auction we have been looking for. He knows what they sell for new. The auction he was at on Wednesday was extremely on the high side when it came for what it sold for. UPDATE.  Was there from 8:30 to 4:30 and only got what E was looking for. Everything we wanted was going too high almost new prices.

As I was getting the mild salsa made to can, he asked if I knew how many loads I had to can to have the pantry were we wanted it. AND how much was water bath canner vs pressure canner.

Water bath canner 28 loads (7 jars/load)

Pressure canner 65 loads (7 jars/load) 

93 loads.... about 14 weeks as I don't can on Sundays usually. At least one load a day puts me at the middle of November to finish the canning... last year it was in December and it was tomatoes from N's hoop house.

END OF DAY... We harvest Italian green beans so I might have a quart of those. Cherry tomatoes that some will be dehydrated.. A couple regular tomatoes. A half a cup of strawberries, 3 watermelon and 2 muskmelons. 

I canned 14 pints of mild salsa (finished salsa) and 16 quarts and 1 pint of pasta sauce. With the 16 quarts and 1 pint I already have  the total comes to 32 ... 33 quarts as the two pints would be used together. I decided to make tomato juice that I will be out of when I make the next batch of veggie soup before I make any more pasta sauce. We can always go to every other week instead of every week for pasta sauce.

Have a great weekend everyone
Blessed Be

Thursday, August 12, 2021

in the pantry... how we eat during the year.

 Daughter 2  and Daughter 4 asked how many jars of each things I canned or stored... then they changed it do what do I "put up" and how many of each.

I use old pickle, mayo jars and jars over 10 yrs. old (thank you to my late Daddy who kept his canning jars even when he quit canning for dry goods.

I have 36 of 5 gal buckets for different flours/sugar/oats /assorted rice and homemade noodles.

I have 12 quarts of different grains.

I have 6 quarts and 12 pints of different "sweeteners/syrups" such as maple syrup, fruit syrups, honey etc.

Fruits (anything I can get my hands on) 1095 pints

Dried fruits * if I buy and it's in plastic it goes in a jar* 104 quarts (old jars)

Pie filling  192 quarts  192 pints

Vegetables 24 quarts 1460 pints 365 pints in freezer bags and 52 quarts dehydrated (old jars)

Soup Chili 52 pints Veggie soup 14 quarts.

Broth Chicken/Turkey/ beef  21 quarts 42 pints

Tomatoes  pasta sauce 52 quarts

                 tomato sauce 52 pints

                enchilada sauce 26 pints

                pizza sauce 26 half pints

                whole tomatoes 52 quarts

                Roma roasted tomatoes 52 pints

                green tomatoes diced 52 pints

Jam/ jellies/ fruit butters 156 pints

Pickled anything 12 quarts *refrigerator pickles/ spicy squash pickles and 180 pints

Condiments  208 pints 104 half pints

Juice Apple and Grape... 48 quarts

I keep my dried beans in canning jars. I grow dried soup beans also. I have 56 quarts Plus what ever is coming in this fall from harvest. 

I keep my pasta in canning jars. I have 60 quarts in use right now.

I keep my home grown herbs and any spices that are not in glass (I buy bulk a lot) in canning jars. I have 80  quarts/ 40 pints/ 20 half pints in use right 

That totals come to close to 768 quarts (64 cases) 3600 pints ( 300 cases) 168 half pints(14 cases) that's 4536 jars I HAVE before this delivery came in


52 quarts of beef chunks

12 quarts beef pot pie filling

52 quarts of hamburger crumbles

12 pints of steak

52 pints of hamburger patties 

52 pints meatloaf patties

52 quarts of pork chunks

24 pints of boneless pork chops

52 quarts of sausage crumbles 

52 quarts of ground pork crumbles

52 pints of sausage patties

52 pints of ground pork patties

26 quarts chicken chunks

26 quarts turkey chunks 

24 pints of chicken soup( I will leave out noodles or rice as I can add them when reheating soup)

12 quarts of chicken pot pie filling 

12 quarts of canned meat sauce for pasta

12 quarts of canned meat balls and sauce for pasta

24 pints of canned sloppy joe

24 pints of canned taco meat

52 pints of canned bean soup

26 pints of pork broth.

12 pints of apple jam 

12 half pints of tomato paste

That is an additional 30 cases of quarts and 34 cases of pints and a case of half pints (I only have 2 half pints empty)

I'm sure since he is in "prepper" mode that will be more. At least he takes the time to hunt up good directions on how to can it safely. 

That's not touch the corn relish I am going to try for the first time pints or anything else that comes along. I have beans and tomatoes coming in(admit this is starting to run me over) and M has corn, tomatoes which is running her over.  B and A both have cabbage they want to give me. Or the pumpkin that will come in during the fall, maybe more beets? 


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

canning jars and lids

 Over 1500 and I messed up and didn't order enough quart wide mouth or pint regular mouth. I walked over to M before the semi driver had pulled away to let her know I had jars. That was at noon. By 4, two of the kids was over with the pull wagon to get 6 dozen of the regular mouth quarts. E had been to 3 places and got ZERO jars. 

 More than once I went to check on Wilbur. More than once out of habit for sure I would call "I am going out, Wilbur do you have to potty?" and then remember he isn't here. The tears still come, I just remind myself he is with his mom and being happy and free. Charlotte and Rascal hardly ate, Rascal clingy more than normal. Charlotte kept nosing Wilbur's collar so I put it on her and she settled down pretty good. She took it off her self(easy to do as his neck was bigger than hers) and laid in on his blanket that he always wadded up to sleep on during the day. I left it there. Probably won't mess with it until next week if then as I had just washed it a couple days before.

We got decent rain so I won't be watering. I will be canning. 

Wilbur is over the rainbow bridge

 back together with his mom

Weebels and his siblings as he was the last living of her litter. 

Born May 3rd 2008 on my Daddy's birthday. Died August 10th 2021. Exactly 1 yr and 1 month from Daddy dying.

Found a softball size lump on his neck last night that hadn't been there that morning as I check all my dogs for lumps.  Emergency vet said cancer and it was crushing his wind pipe and in his lymphoid.

Hard day today as Charlotte has never been without him. She kept nudging his collar so I put it on her , seemed to comfort her. She took in off herself a couple hours later. Rascal looked for him last night and this morning... 

Heart breaking through the entire family as he was originally Daughter 2's dog and from her older dog's litter. 

Blessed be everyone 

Monday, August 9, 2021


 I have been writing out what big bills are due for the month and taping it to the wall beside the budget. 

AUGUST 1st :

Basement ramp  J's bill . Paid, charged only for materials since there was issues with the labor's work. J gave estimate to do the two porches we have material on site for to do later this fall. The estimate for those are less than the money set back from the estimate he gave for the basement ramp. I will still have to do the painting unless I hire Amish ladies to come paint. 

Flex seal top of walls.

Basement ramp roof, Hubby is looking at ordering this later this month.

Tractor Repair, waiting for phone call to say it's done.

Fuel Tank pump bought on sale. In barn

Fuel Tank filled diesel (got estimate of price, waiting for propane to be paid off)

Items for low tunnels in gardens this fall. In and paid for bought on sale.

Seed Starting soil for this winter.(6 cubic feet) Ordered on sale

Vermiculite for garden boxes Hubby has a coupon that he can use after the 15th so getting at local store.

Liguid fertilizer for garden boxes Bought on sale.

Seeds for next year (actually 2 yrs is best.) Got half ordered and paid for. Found that getting some of my basic variety of seeds is like looking for wide mouth pints with lids. Hubby is in Holmes county Ohio today so he is stopping to see if the one greenhouse has it's catalog and has seeds I am looking for. 

Propane for coming heating season (I added summer fill also)Will order tomorrow and put on credit card so we get cash back.

Staying on budget so far. 

Blessed Be 

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Needed in Pantry

I am still fighting bronchitis... it's better... lot better so I caught it before it got bad but regretfully the bronchitis meds gave me a migraine so limited on what I do today. 

To make :

Grape jelly (have ingredients)

Apple jelly (have ingredients)

Apple butter (need more apples)

Applesauce (need more apples)

Caramel apple pie filling (need more apples)

Pickled onions (have ingredients)

Pickled watermelon rind (1st watermelon ripe)

Mustard relish (need cucumber and dried mustard)

Italian green beans . My roma green beans didn't get very wide. I do have more Italian beans growing so I hope they are wider OR I will buy Allen Italian green beans in 32 oz. can

Canned cole slaw (need cabbage)

Hot salsa (need roma tomatoes)

Mild salsa (need roma tomatoes)

Pasta sauce (have ingredients)

Vegetable soup (have ingredients)

Canned rutabagas (Still growing)

Peas(to freeze, fall crop growing decent. Need 4 cups<I freeze in 1 cup in sandwich bag and then put in freezer bag> the least to get through the coming year)

Garlic powder (will wait until I plant the fall garlic, I grow hardneck and use my own garlic to plant in the fall. Then I will dehydrate and grind the garlic that I don't need for "fresh")

Canned taco meat (need lean ground beef)

Canned beef (need roasts)

Canned chicken (need 2 chickens)

To Buy:

Sauerkraut (in jar) 

Hot mild cauliflower (in jar)


 We went to the garden and harvested.

tomatoes, basil and an onion Hubby wanted for sandwich

Handful of strawberries from second blooms, purple radishes and eggplant.

purple beans (turns green when cooked) , Roma bean (suppose to be a wide bean but not very wide this year) and cherry tomatoes.

Box full of carrots. I will can the carrots and dehydrate the tops to mix in my powdered greens jar.

2nd batch of onions to cure 

And how Hubby ended the day. Work Truck front right tire blew while driving on a back road with a full load on the 32 ft. trailer.  Said it didn't really pull to the right when it went and he had a decent spot that others could get around him on the road. Figured it was a good day since no one was hurt, no damage was done and the spare was good. He did call the shop that he gets his tires from to let them know he would be in Tuesday for replacement since he is going out of town with a couple Amish guys on Monday. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Stop the Merry Go Round

 I do not want the brass ring ... I WANT OFF

There are times I think this family gets together to see if they can drive me crazy...they need to remember I do NOT HAVE TO SHIFT OUT OF PARK to get there. GEEZE.

Hubby has been watching doom's day Preppers on tv, now wants to be a homesteading prepper. I did ask why? Because  a known drug dealer from two counties away was murdered (shot to death beside the road) 2 miles from here. Amish heard the shot and had their English neighbor call it in. Englisher went down the road to see if it was an animal or what. Business at the end of the road has the sound of the shot and then a car racing pass on their security camera. I reminded him of the Grube murders in Fort Recovery OH that was close to where we lived at the time along with cattle and pig rustlers when he worked 3rd... now he is home during the night and worries about me during the day. He has taking to calling me while he is waiting on loads. I don't carry a phone when out side so he best just quit or he is going to worry himself to death.

Then Son 2 called to whine about being bored in his new job because he can't do all his stuff yet. I asked him how much more he was getting paid from his old job that just 3 wks ago he whined about having too much to do. His answer was too much to whine to them but not enough to not whine at me. I told him to call Daughter 2 and listen to her whine as payment to me since I had listened to her for 4 hrs. the other night as she whined over choices she made but isn't willing to do the work to correct the problems.

Daughter 3 texted to whine about her daughter wanting her to not get married (decent guy that is very supportive of Daughter 3) BECAUSE she wants her parents to get back together... I will commit Daughter 3 into the hospital for mental issues first and I told both granddaughter and her dad so. He finally admitted to his daughter that he put her mom in the hospital from beating on her and then landed in the hospital when he tried to do it a second time when she was with Daughter 2 when she blocked him from hitting Daughter 3 and then smacked her then she kicked his butt for him and then had the cops scrape him up. Granddaughter's asked if punching someone the norm for her dad's side (yes, it is).She has never saw her mom hit any one. 

Daughter 1 whined about her younger daughter not wanting to come around because Daughter 1 thinks she can tell her how to raise her baby and run her life. As that granddaughter had already told me why she wasn't going around her mom. Daughter 1 hung up when I reminded her that is why she wasn't in her own biological mother's life who tried the same crap with her.

Daughter 4 was doing good until some mortgage broker tried to talk her into taking one of his classes to get a down payment for a home in the county she lives in...She asked me for the money for the class (Her own daughter told her it was a scam) I had her call him on speaker phone, granddaughter called a cop and cop  listened in. Guy is now sitting in jail. Meantime Daughter 4 really thought after not working for 18 months she could just up and buy a $100,000 home and the bank would only want 3.5% down (not sure where she realized how much that was let alone the thought of where that was coming from) and she would get 3.753 % interest rate WITH A CREDIT SCORE of 500.... AND she has a collection against her from a credit bureau with she defaulted the payment 2 yrs ago when she was working a good job.

 Granddaughter had her send me her budget for when she starts working because Granddaughter thought it was missing things.  Both Granddaughter and I found several things missing from the budget and not enough in the grocery budget but plenty for extra like cigarettes etc. I got Daughter 4 talked into going to the same doctor Son 2 went to when he quit. I have no clue to why she started back up but Granddaughter said she was buying them with her door dash money. WHICH she is not doing now. I had Granddaughter show Daughter 4 that she would need to pay at $900 a month for that house with those guidelines. She can't afford that on the money she will bring home on her job. 

SO since I had 5 of the kids whining, I decided to text Son 1 (he works all sorts of hours so I didn't want to wake him if he was sleeping). He said he was fine, working steady and getting ready to go fishing for a week away from whiners at work.  LOL. 

I did update our budget. Updated the pantry inventory. Checked over Daughter's 4's budget and sent that back for her and Granddaughter to go back over. The laundry including all that Wilbur wet on (about half of what he did 2 days ago and he only has 1 more day of the meds that makes him pee... it should take a week for it to stop completely)  Rascal has to Monday and then texted Hubby I was taking the rest of the day as a MENTAL DAY.


Update Daughter 4

 Last Radiation and Chemo pill AUG 6.

Last check up with oncologist AUG 12th

FIRST DAY OF ORIENTATION SEPT 8th.. 3 days on 1st shift

SEPT 12th she starts FULL TIME 3rd shift at her OLD job with a $2/ HR raise from what she was making 18 months ago. 

She is working out with a personal trainer (so she doesn't over do it) 3 hrs. a day 5 days a week. Her goal is to be able to walk her dogs by herself  by the middle of the month (Jaxon is a tugger and weighs 80 lbs.).

She quit napping right after working out. Focused on staying up and moving 10 hrs. a day like she will when working. 

She is trying to set her own budget based on her bring home. Her goal is rebuild her credit score and buy her own home. Which requires saving which she is not good at doing. HER daughter told her that it's not "okay the bills are paid so I have this left to spend". IT's the bills are paid I have this for savings for my dream. 
When Daughter 4 asked her where she got that from (as her Dad is not a saver either), she answered Nonna... when I had custody of Daughter's 4 youngest, I would get the older two (half siblings) for the weekend once a month. We were saving to buy a home when Hubby retired. She paid attention.

Daughter 4 sent me her budget... I sent back she missed some things like vet bills, copays and medication. Repairs on car etc. Her daughter had caught she was way too low on groceries and would get sick again from not eating right. 


 Hubby got 38% of a set of jeans at TSC.

I got 56% off my order at Hanes for pants for this winter. Son 2 had just bought some  and knew it was the style I prefer. More likely he didn't want me to swipe his and cut off the legs 😜. The old sweat pants will go to being PJs and the old PJs will be cut up for rags.

Garden budget: I made an order at Johnny seeds for items we need for the gardens for late fall and spring seeds saving 11%.

Garden budget: I made an order at Amazon to finish getting clips and half clamps for the hoops for the gardens to cover a few of them with row cover saving 5% and a $2 digital credit. 

Eating out budget finished the month with $28.42 in it. 

Grocery budget: Even after 2 "big" orders from Amazon (cheapest price and $2 digital credit) and 10 dozen ears of corn for freezer. We ended the money $229.51

We went to Menards to get more piping for hoops over the garden boxes. Hubby found an 100 ft roll for $10 cheaper that buying pipe. HE says he can make it work better and curve better and not bend into a triangle. He checked out and went to the truck while I finished shopping.

While there I checked the food and cleaning sections. Since I had my lists, with prices from Walmart and Kroger's I checked prices. Juices were $1 to $2 cheaper. I use a lot of apple juice for canning fruit instead of light syrup. I got cleaning supplies I was low(Lysol spray especially for work truck) on (or out AKA furniture oil). I save 49% (adding 11% rebate) on what I bought.

Then we went to Kroger's. I finished getting what was on my list except celery. They were out. I saved 29% with coupons and sales.

When we got home, M saw us pull in and sent young B over to give us a cantaloupe and asked if we could go get her celery. WORKED FOR ME as it meant Hubby would go get her and ME celery. She wanted to can vegetable soup and needed celery. I will dehydrate some of the celery and also be canning vegetable soup this week.

How is things going for you?