Thursday, February 25, 2010

In loving memory of Tashla Marie( Tashy)

at 2:30 this morning our lab ( named LaTasha Rene by our youngest, Tashala Marie by me ,aka Tashy, Tash, Beached whale, horse, snowdog,and snowangel)that would have been 11 on March 15th that has hip dysplasia fell while getting off the trunk that she used for a step to get off and on our bed.Her hind legs completely gave out on her and she didn't recover. I watched her for 2 hrs crawl thru the house from the bedroom to the kitchen door to go out.Hubby carried her back in when he got home from work this morning.

Her health had been deteratting as it was, potty accidents, ear infections one after another etc.We had already talked of letting her go the last time her legs gave out on her but she recovered with a limp but she did recover.This time she couldn't even stand after several hours.

Those that know me, know Tashy (along with Cookie) are more like my four legged children than just a dog. Tashy spent a lot of time helping me get up when I could not stand, lent a shoulder for me to weep on, put up with me cuddling her even when she really wanted to be left alone to sleep.

I get thru this day with memories along with the heart break. Of our last night together with her sleeping beside me with her head on my shoulder.Not something she usually did, that would have been her using my feet as a pillow and not tolerating me tossing and turning "her Pillow"

Cookie who will be 10 on April 15th has seizures so we also know our time is limited and precious with her.
I can picture Tashy now in heaven , and for the first time being able to run and jump like she could never do , not even as a puppy, in this life..Ten bucks says she still won't retrieve or fetch.

Blessed Be Tashy I love you I always will love you and miss you