Sunday, October 4, 2020

Thank the heavens it's a new month

 My uncle (by marriage but we never count that part) just died and we were going to go to the viewing until my cousin let us know his sister has covid and is not quarantining and was going to be at the viewing. Cousin said the sister's kids had already warned the funeral home. Uncle Sam(yes that is his name) will understand why my brother, our kids and ourselves didn't go. I understand her need to see her brother...the funeral home offered a time for her to just come in so they could make sure everyone stayed safe and she refused. Just and FYI , he was a retired cop and his Buddy's know she's positive. Rock and hard place and I hope that she works with the funeral home. Meantime we all stayed home. 

It's been a rough week that we all got through.

I had to rework the budget. Daughter 4 is working Door Dash and said she made enough this week to pay her mileage on her car and get her furnace fixed (which is taken off her rent)plus her credit card, phone and car ins so she's now working for mileage for the rest of the month and next month's bills... BUT we have agreed when she can't make the bills we will pay to keep her in her own home. Her budget  is $1500 a month including organic food. She is hoping she doesn't have to pay out of pocket for her Lupus meds but does have GOOD RX if she does. She is filling out paperwork every day, has some to take into her oncologist to finish filling out this week as she goes in for blood work etc. Her first radiation is supposed to be the 21st but she hasn't had that confirmed by the treatment center yet.

Hubby had enough jobs to finish paying off his bills for Oct with his business except 2 filing fees that are due quarterly. He is sure the few jobs he has lined up this week will pay them. Makes he feel better that he is already working on paying Nov bills. Late Nov to mid Feb is his slow time for hauling. 

He burnt stumps that was here when we bought the house,  this past week along with mowing the entire 2 acres and E's pasture on the south side of us. AND did the trimming. He cleaned out the basement ramp and made sure that drain was cleared and redid it's roof as Charlotte had knocked part of it loose and I worried Wilbur would go across it and fall in. It's fixed so it won't shift now. Since Hubby jumped on it I can say the dogs won't fall in on it. GEEZE.

We are looking at the to do list and decided we would see where we stood this coming weekend. 

I shelled dried beans and cooked up some hamburger to bag and freeze for quick meals. I have a list as long as my arm to do this week. Finish clearing the gardens (killing the mole GRR). Plant spring bulbs, transplant fall bulbs etc.

Going to be a busy month. I thought about a menu, wrote it up and then after we didn't go the Uncle Sam's viewing I tossed it as I would have had to make a special trip to town for the stuff. We will just wait until we go to chiro and get it then. Hubby pulled out 1 lb. of frozen turkey breast for Monday. I think a pot pie might be nice or ala king over rice. 

I would like a good part of the to do list done this week... We will see how much gets done.

Do you have plans for this month?

Blessed Be