Tuesday, October 22, 2019

update on deck and Staying frugal when you are the one sick

Railing needs to be done, bottom enclosed and a small ramp to go over the door jam but it's usable for now. I love the red reflection of the barn on the French doors.

The 4 feet wide ramp goes to the sidewalk that runs from the front of the house to the barn. The sidewalk 36 inches wide so a wheelchair will fit nicely after I finish moving some of the flowers that are in the flower garden beside that over whelm the sidewalk during the summer.

I was going to work on the railing this month BUT

I am sick. Even my antibiotic is making me nauseated. Exhaustion haunts me. Sleep cycle is out of whack. I love my Fitbit for tracking this for me. Part is I can't go get my back injection while sick and the other is just from being sick. I called the doctor yesterday to whine about the antibiotic making me nauseated.My doctor and his head nurse whom is his wife are friends so they know me very well. I was told to suck it up (in more polite terms) and eat before and after taking the meds and to quit trying to get things done and go lay down and rest so I don't relapse like I did last year. Suggested I start my anxiety med and my Vit D for my SAD. IF I still get nauseated to take the nausea meds I have.He will call in a refill if I need it. TO GO LAY DOWN. I took 2 naps and slept better during the nap then I did during the night.


I don't know if it's good that your medical doctor knows you that well...LOL

Still if I lay that much my back hurts worse and I don't sleep if I don't get enough movement during the day...

I have done 2 loads of laundry a day, both were able to be hung on the kitchen porch clothes line. It's been nice even when the rain came in so I opened up the house and let it air out.

I stripped my bed, washed everything but only tossed a blanket over the top of it to sleep on as I am now washing it every day until I get well.   IF I wake up cold I know the dogs aren't sleeping with me. I usually have the snuggler.
I don't know which one of them took the pillowcase off the other pillow but all the pillows got washed because of it. I really need to not use light colors on the bed.

I said something to Hubby about meals and his answer was Arby's, Pfeiffer Station (Wed meatloaf, Thurs beef and noodles), Jump n Jim's (gas station with good pizza) Subway, Wendy's, Michael Angelo's pizza which we haven't tried yet. He did add he would heat veggies and chill canned fruit to go with it and pay for it out of his hobby money.

I just looked at him.

Right now he is running hard to help the neighbors with fall stuff to be ready for winter. He made a trip to Indiana today to take canning jars and an ice house for E's in laws. Since word went out he was going 3 other families added to that load that needed things dropped off in that area. E's in laws are making sure the rest gets  to where it's suppose to go. They covered his costs plus he gets 3 Amish cooked meals and got $ for as a tip for doing this at the last minute. The driver that was suppose to take it got sick and is in hospital.

Meals we have ate

Spicy chili I canned for Hubby, I ate tomato soup.
mac and cheese and smoked sausage with Brussels sprouts
cheese and meat tray with pickles and pickled beets
sausage gravy and biscuits with peas and carrots
Scrambled eggs with applesauce with biscuits
Philly steak subs with leftover beef from freezer and onions and mushrooms.

Since Hubby is getting fed today by Amish I am eating on my own. I had meat and cheese and crackers with juice for lunch. I'll eat eggs for dinner as we are being over ran with eggs at the moment since I am sick and Hubby doesn't fix eggs for himself let alone the 3 dogs. Wilbur and Rascal no longer have skin issues since we been giving them cooked eggs once a week.Charlotte loves her eggs also.

I think this week will be

bean and meat burritos with taco meat from freezer. Salsa and tortilla chips

Loaded omelets (with grits for Hubby)

123 pasta (1 onion, 2 cups protein and 3 cups veggies which is already cooked and in freezer) with garlic cheesy bread made from sub buns (in freezer)

Reuben casserole with rye spiral bread(in freezer)

French bread pizza using sub buns (in freezer)

IF he is home for lunch then I will add
Big eggs( aka frittata using left overs for filling)

For desserts this week WHEN I feel up to it....

Sunshine salad (orange jello with shredded carrot, Hubby puts Miracle whip on top of it, Mother always put mayo)

pumpkin pie and double layer pumpkin pie

Spice cake with apple butter filling

snicker doodle bread (new recipe)

I need.... okay want ... to make some noodles while I am baking so I can us the warmth of the oven to dry my noodles.

I'm tired so I guess it's time to lay down again.