Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The book I am reading now.

The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers

 It was listed in my unlimited Kindle so I read it.... then ordered it. Then downloaded a couple more of his books in unlimited Kindle. Then ordered his book BackYard winter gardening... and seeds from seedrenaissance.com his seed shop.

NOT a normal path for me or us as I ALWAYS clear it with Hubby before I order anything for the gardens because garden stuff is like drugs for me...

I now have 25 flowers ordered (besides all the bulbs I just planted) 2 rose bushes and 2 lilac bushes,3 different potatoes, 3 different sweet potatoes,26 fruit trees,4 8 grape vines, 4 black raspberry, 4 yellow raspberry , 4 red raspberry and 6 varieties of strawberries... 25 plants each....

ALSO I have 150 red candy onion sets, 300 candy onion sets and 3 varities of garlic which is about 100 bulbs when planted.

I still haven't figured out what else because I side tracked transplanting tomato seedlings to bigger pots


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

heart broken over murders.

My day was stopped in it's tracks before out of bed.

Two 19 yr old boys(men) were shot in the head in their beds in their apt.  Both were friends with my granddaughter. Young men that ran in and out of my daughter's home like their were her own.  A young woman still unidentified was shot in the head on the sidewalk in front of the apt.

A young man (who my granddaughter does not know) went to the cops and said he was robbed in the hall way in front of that apt door by 1 guy he knew 100 % that had a gun and threatened to blow his brains out if he didn't give him his money and what ever drugs he had on him ( he had pot and he told the cops he how much he had) He was 80% sure of the guy that came up behind him and put him in a head lock. He figured they thought he wouldn't tell the cops they robbed him even after hearing of the murders. Broke his heart as he wondered if they actually followed him there and thought the 2 murdered would have more... they didn't even do drugs, he was just stopping due to stay in place was going into effect and wanted to make sure they had enough groceries while he was out getting stuff for his mom.

Triggered MY kids as they had a friend murdered who was not in to drugs or anything but his brother who was in that kind of world was in a territory battle with another drug "king" and he thought they murdered his brother to get to him.

HARD enough times without this on top of it.

None had life ins so parents are now trying to find money to bury their children when they don't even have jobs and can't get through to unemployment to file even online...

Monday, March 23, 2020

plans for my week...

Daughter 2 suggested I do what I did when I was a widow and they were younger than 10.

Write a weekly list of projects I want to do... not a daily of dust and shine or the ironing. Of things I want to mark off punch list and this is bugging me list.

So here is this week's list

I can take bread off the list as when Hubby pit stopped at Save a Lot when he got fuel around the corner he grabbed a gal of milk and a large loaf of bread.

Kt is marked off also.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. So that's ironing, shine windows and mirror, swish and swipe the bathrooms. Hubby is home so it's go over the finances of his business and our home finances.

Since Hubby is home he can help clear the mudroom of the extra boxes.

I took another one of the pizza crusts and made taco pizza for supper

 I did wash the rags after dinner and they are now on the drying rack.

Monday normal routine

Hubby hauling pallets as usual.

I made the bed.

I remade the couch. We put a comforter on the couch for the dogs to lay on... Charlotte tinkled on it yesterday when the boys were petting her. Didn't got through to the couch. I washed it last night and tossed it in the dryer. I took the dog blanket I had laid on couch and put back on the floor beside the bed where Wilbur will lay when he is hot.

I did the laundry and have it on the drying rack, walkers and shower curtains. Really damp outside but at least the snow is gone because we got RAIN when we warmed up a bit.

I unloaded the dishwasher.

I dusted.

I walked down the lane and got the mail after I waved Hi to the mail lady.

I topped off the oil in the containers in kitchen

I cooked the dogs eggs, keeps Wilbur from having dandruff

I've held Charlotte that is constantly pacing... Wilbur and Rascal are snoozing so I don't know what is going on since Rascal is my scaredy  cat.

I ordered herb plants for the gardens. I wasn't going to with the way the IRA is dropping but I have the money now and in long run it keeps the home running.

I restocked the kitchen from pantry and freezers, needed yeast, salted butter, unsalted butter and cheese. Pulled phyllo shells to put choc pudding in, brownie mix, pumpkin whoopie cookies and a box of frozen waffles Son 2 gave me.

I took the jars that had been in the dishwasher, put new canning lids on and took to basement and put with the rest of the empty canning jars.

I've ate , took meds and figure out that I would be taking another pizza crust and making taco pizza as I have a couple of tomatoes that need used and know I have lettuce.

AND IT'S NOT EVEN 1 PM... sigh

Over the weekend

Daughter 2 let me know she was coming up Sunday, her boyfriend (ha ha they are over 40) was bringing her. She's laid off. Two of her sons and the one girlfriend came in their own car. JD told me he came to see us because he knows if I get this I most likely won't make it. He wanted me to know he loved me, respected me and was thankful for all that I had done for him and his mom and brothers. DN told me the same thing. They understand the reality better than a lot of adults. Daughter 2 said she was glad we were in this area with neighbors that will help. Her boyfriend (actually a kid that was in and out of our home when they were growing up) was in shock over my pantry. BUT they both agreed they should be doing the same. Daughter 2 who has NEVER baked bread (but makes popovers) asked for 1lb of yeast. She's been out of bread for 4 days.

I packed this up over Saturday and we added 2 coolers of meat to it Sunday

I had steak, onions and mushrooms fajitas Saturday night
We had it as leftovers Sunday
I have 2 more pizza crusts that need used up.

When I went  to bed Sunday night this was what we had
yep it snowed... 

Fridays work

Laundry was washed and hung on kitchen porch line then quickly brought back in an hour later when the down pour and wind hit. Most was dry so it was just a few things to hang on the drying rack.

New shower liners for if one of us gets sick and needs to hibernate in bedroom and need hung in hall  have been washed  and dried so they won't smell and make me sick that way.

Hutch now has some of Mother's kitchen stuff on top of it

The Hoosier is decluttered and I no longer have strainers falling on my head. Nor is there odds and ends waiting to be put away.

This was my parents table when they got married 70 yrs ago. Mr Johnson who was in his 50s gave it to him after his wife died told Mother and Daddy they had bought it new when they got married so it's close to 100 yrs old. I tossed a lot of paper clutter off this. I can actually see the table and found a glass fruit bowl that belonged on the bfast bar for tomatoes.

bfast bar is cleared.

Roll cart cleared... need to top off oil bottles

Dining table is not done... Going to go dig out spring like table clothes and cloth napkins 

Friday, March 20, 2020

What I did Thursday

was not what I had planned.
Laundry got done, dishes got done, I started working on decluttering the bfast bar...Supper was ham, sweet potatoes , yellow wax beans, pineapple rings, homemade rolls and homemade apple butter

Hubby came in and carried the potting soil upstairs (freaking right knee is giving way) So I went up to plant seeds...


This is actually my office.During the winter I take my budget computer down stairs because we don't heat this area.

SO I decluttered it, cleaned it and planted tom seeds, kale, kale sprouts, spinach, swiss chard, eggplant, and lettuce.

Won't be long and I'll be taking the winter curtains down and putting up the summer curtains.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tuesday decluttering

this is the big part... it is always cluttered. So today is going to be taken care of.

daily life during a pandemic

keep a schedule. get up at a set time, eat meals at a set time, go to bed at a set time... DO NOT DRIFT through the days. It's not a vacation.

Plan daily chores, cleaning needs to be done daily in the bathrooms and kitchen and where ever you are just hanging out. Wipe remotes and PHONES.

Plan an enjoyable activity... game, movie, get outside in the yard (not with a group of people over 10.)

Fix snacks... limit how much they  or yourself can have.

Plan physical activities especially for children... if you just sit around you won't sleep well which means your mind will worry about what you can not control.

Focus on what you CAN control... look up new recipes that will stretch your food or find substitutes for what you are out of. I get at least one text a week asking what to replace what with.

What you need to know LOL

Sheltering in place sucks even for a homebody. I did ask Hubby if we could once or twice a week take a ride around the block in the dog truck... which means I want to take the dogs for the ride also.

 Amish got a letter from the state asking them to close their schools and for those 70 and older to shelter in place.

Hubby got 3 calls to haul so he was off to work. Since he has a package coming in that had to be signed for I had to stay on the first floor since I can't hear the door in the loft or in the basement. His new phone is in which is very good as his old one is no longer updating his apps and he needs to put another app on it for his business

SO No I didn't get to start my seeds.

I did laundry as usual, cleaned 3 frigs as usual since Tuesday at 6:15-6:45 trash is picked up.

I decluttered the bedroom which I hadn't realized was that bad. I replaced a broken curtain rod also.

I decluttered the laundry room including the dresser. I am thinking of changing the table linen from the dresser so I can put the bed sheets/pillowcases in the dresser and get rid of the hamper that holds the bed stuff. Then I could hang the rack to hold the dust mop and mop .Broom sits by trash can always. dust pan hang at top of basement steps which share the kitchen wall where the trash can is.

I decluttered the hall.

I answered the door 6 times... 3 deliveries from Fed x. 2 from post office (they have someone delivering packages as the carrier can't lift at the moment)  and one from a neighbor down the road checking to make sure we didn't need anything.We talked through my glass door.

Hubby called four times and son called twice and then daughter 2 blew up my phone with texts... She finally decided she was coming up Sunday to get food and cleaning supplies but did mention if she was sick, she would still be here but she would let me know to put the stuff on the porch or somewhere else and just let her know. She is a server and will barely make enough to pay her rent. Her 3 teenage sons are working some and they are going to try to cover the utilities. She has enough to make it to Monday.

It's 10:30 and I have already answered the door for a package then Mail lady then pulled in (wearing gloves) to give me a package for Hubby's business. Amish neighbor H came over to use the house phone. He stayed out side because he deals a lot with the public and doesn't want to share germs since he knows I am sheltered in place. He  walked away from door until I put the phone outside and shut the door again.

Laundry is washed and hung to dry.

I gathered some cleaning products for Daughter 2 and decluttered the south and north lofts while doing

I decluttered wheelchair bathroom which wasn't much.

I plan (ha ha) to declutter the kitchen and dining room and start seeds and get hangers out of the basement.

Wednesday list is

laundry as usual
decluttering front room and mudroom
ironing about 21 shirts.


No errands or doctor appts.
laundry as usual
declutter the basement
declutter the office (west loft)

Friday depending on weather
either out in the gardens prepping areas for sq ft gardens
or starting in the barn of decluttering

Is going to be  a thorough cleaning since Daughter 2 is suppose to come up. Neither of us is sick, none of them is sick and it would be a gathering of less than 10.

I might make noodles for her to take with her. I will see how it goes.

Monday, March 16, 2020

sheltered in place

No I am not sick, just doctors agreed it was best for me to shelter in place (granddaughter calls it home prison) .

I am a home body to begin with, when I get cabin fever a good ride in the dog truck with the 3 dogs usually blows it away.

I might miss my granddaughter's baby shower ( I was at her first one, this one is "sprinkle" shower for basics like wipes (which I have) etc). But she is a NURSE so definitely understands...

I want to stay current with the news but not be sucked into the depression of it. I keep Hubby up to date as the Amish he is around is counting on him to keep them current with this news.

I don't want to focus on what I don't have but the blessings I do have.

I imagine our elders had many a new way of life.... WW1 and WW2, Great Depression. Spanish flu pandemic which was the worst one that lasted 2 yrs.

SO take care, stay safe, make sure information you pass on is correct. I've nailed a couple friends on FB for false information. FACT NOT FEAR needs to be the motto right along with THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Blessed Be

Thankful I stock

Daughter 4 who also has a suppressed immune system and her 3 drove a 4 hr round trip to come get toilet paper. I filled her car with food and cleaning supplies. Kids had food sitting on their laps and under their feet besides the full trunk. Even Daughter had 5 dozen eggs sitting on her lap as she drove. I don't think the kids will ever make another comment about how I stock for a year to two years. She is looking for her factory to shut down soon as two of the four plants they supply have shut down effective immediately.

Son 2 called to make sure I had what I needed... He had been to the store and grabbed the limit of 2 toilet paper in case one of his sisters or elderly friends needed some. He had enough at home barring diarrhea to go to May.

Hubby went and got 156 lbs of dog food...that will take us to May.

He also stopped today after getting his CDL physical and drug test to get me 2 bottles of Jack Daniels Tn Honey.(HE was glad I insisted he have hand sanitizer  in his truck)  I use it for hot toddy's when I am sick, I don't usually keep it this time of year but with the way things are going...

I was going to cut back in the gardens...nope, that's not happening. Even Son 2 has asked me to grow kale and Brussels sprouts for him.Daughter 4 wants what ever she can get due to knowing she's not going to have money for food and won't qualify for food stamps as her kids don't live with her.

I ordered 2 shower curtains, hooks and a tension rod to put in the hall if one of us gets sick  we can quarantine in the bedroom and that bathroom (and laundry room )  and the other one can still get to the pantry without having to go outside and down the ramp.

I will be changing the routine for home blessing... It's going to be more than normal especially with Hubby still working in public. I don't greet him at the door any more, he goes straight to the bathroom and washes his hands.

With the stock market rolling and knowing his work will be cut down or completely off... we are looking at our finances a bit harder. We just got propane and if the weather stays decent we won't need more until late summer. We don't have cable. Our internet and home phone are a fixed amt though we could drop cell service but since I had a heart attack while driving in the middle of the boonies and didn't have a phone to call for help. I can see Hubby refusing to go that route.

I would not be surprised if this doesn't trigger something along the Great Depression.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Why TP is in high demand

Most of people are used to going to the store when ever, doing pit stops for something they are out of or want. Ordering in, eating out, grabbing a meal from the grocery store...

This is changing fast.

I'm in Ohio, Nursing homes are allowing no visitors (I miss my Daddy, but Brother gets a phone call daily from nursing home with status report, Daddy okay). K-12 schools closed for 3 weeks (if not more), grandkids not in school won't get free meals and will be using the TP at home. Only grandchild needing care while his parents work is great grandson and his great grandparents on the other side live within a mile of him so it's covered. BUT he will be using their TP instead of the daycare's. There is a BAN of any gathering of 100 or more in any 1 room. Right now that does not include retail or factories but that could be coming sooner rather than later. TP, sanitizer and cleaning products are being hoarded ...

First the average person uses 2 rolls of TP a week... multiply that by how many you have in your home or could if you are taking care of someone that doesn't live in your home. Now you have your weekly amount.NOW times that by at least a 3 wk amount if you had to be quarantined... 2 weeks to recover and 1 week to be well enough to actually go to the store... I will use Daughter 4 as example as she is down to her last roll (and is kicking herself) and has 3 kids. SO that is 4 times 2 equals 8... she knows they use about 2 rolls a week for kleenex with out colds and adds 2 more if they all have colds so that is 12 rolls a week... now times that by 3 wks... that is 36 rolls just for 3 weeks. BUT she has only been buying the small packs and didn't stock any more. She now is going to have to drive 4 hrs round trip to get tp from me...All the rest of the kids had already stocked up.

SECOND OKAY ... FLU causes diarrhea... if you are already using 10 a week normally that is going to increase with diarrhea. I know I personally will double the usage.. Daughter 4 says her family does also so she now needs 72 rolls of tp to cover regular and flu usage.

Third... quarantine... we already know it's 2 wks... but you might not feel well enough to go shopping or worse your home goes on quarantine because instead of everyone getting it at once you went one by one with a week or two between ... now add that it could be 4 wks.... Stocking up is good, hide sight is always 20 20 . Things could get worse , factories and retail shut down and you won't even have a place to go get tp...  What are you going to use instead.

You can use corn husks if available.. soak in water if they are dried.. and toss in trash not your toilet.

You can use a rag and wash just like you would a cloth diaper...those that don't know about using a cloth diaper or how to clean one, google it.

Do you have prescription meds for the month or for 3 months? DO you have stuff for colds and flu for the entire family ?

Do you have cleaners for the home ? You will be cleaning more with the flu in the home.

DO you have sick food and drinks for 3 weeks for the entire family?

IF you are touching someone as soon as you come through the door STOP. GO WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST.

We went out yesterday. Hubby is an EMT so we practice hygiene probably more... BUT we caught ourselves a couple times doing things we shouldn't.

touching the screen at the ATM and gas pump without gloves or a paper towel (which there was none so now I have it in the car and Hubby is getting a pair of old gloves to use for fuel pumping).

I have now gloves in the car for shopping.

Not sanitizing our hands BEFORE we got in the car from shopping and eating at a restuarant. I had to spray my car when we got home. We did sanitize our hands BEFORE we entered the house.

Touching the door at the restaurant... I used my arm to open it, Daughter 4 pointed out that you sneeze and cough on your arm, to use my foot or my back to open door, if I have to pull them open to use a cloth or towel. She is still wearing her winter gloves, washed them out every night with hot water and soap and hangs them up to dry for morning. YES same kid that didn't stock TP.

NOT SHARING FOOD OR DRINK... okay , this is something we have always done... especially when eating out and asking the other one do you want a bite to try this? Not happening any more.

Hubby is not worried about me giving him it but of me getting it from him. He works for a community of people that do not vaccinate. 

Stop and think, what you need... TP will be back on the shelves, they haven't stopped making it but they aren't going to build factories to cover the shortish.
They have workers that are getting sick too.

If you have the habit of buying a meal and not cooking much at home, make sure you have a month's supply of shelf stable food to feed your family 3 meals a day and 1-2 snacks. ALONG with drinks.

There are guidelines for stocking for a pandemic... google them

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

when you think you weren't frugal all week

and realize you really were more than you thought

Hubby is dotting i's and crossing t's for his hobby turned business. He ball parked it costing $6,000 to start, I said $8000... it's closer to $10,000... almost to the dollar of the trailer he paid off last year.

He called our farm ins guy and asked for referrals for a business inc..... Our guy came back with 8 quotes... he marked 3 that he felt offered the best coverage. We chose 1, and paid for the year (ouch) to save us over $1000.

When Legal zoom called to verify all they did (which saved us $2000 compared to local lawyer) they offered to do the state stuff... Hubby turned down the offer saving us $1600, he has spent 8 hrs so far doing the state stuff himself.

He still have to get a DOT physical and drug test.

He still has to have both trailers and the truck inspected.

He has to change the plates on the one trailer to commercial , tags are due in June anyways.

He has to finish his UCR  (some registration) and the IFTA (fuel stuff)..it's in process. When DOT called him, to go over what was needed , they were surprised he had so much done or in process. Said it normally takes 4-6 months to get someone through it. They did send him an email so he can check it off and then send them back the info they need when he is finished. Might be because we both have been self employed and know what needs done. He got his business bank acct.Now I am running 4 checking and 4 savings on top of the IRA. He hate paperwork and I do better at saving than he does.

Hubby took pet screen that we bought to replace a window screen and cut it and made covers for the ends of our rain gutters... there is a screen over the top to stop birds from making nests but they didn't put end caps on it so the birds just wiggled in through the ends. We figure if the dogs can't cut it with their nails the birds can't with their beaks.

I washed all the towels, bedding, dog blankets aka beds and throw blankets and dried them on the yard clothes line when we had a warm breezy day yesterday. I dried 2 pillows I washed from the couch (Wilbur lays on them) in the dryer.

We sat down with the punch list we created when we bought the house 2 yrs ago. and updated repeatedly through those two years. We have 163 still listed.

I cleared the blue berry bushes pots, made a note for Hubby as he is usually the one to make the coffee for us, to not toss the coffee grounds to use in the blueberries.

I cleared the black berry vines , need 2 more trellis added as they have grown past the trellis that is there.

I cleared the 12 rhubarb mounds, E told me to take the manure that is he spread in the pasture last month if I needed if for my rhubarb because it would be well rotted by now and next Feb to use 10-10-10 fertilizer before they come up.

I cleared the flower hill and the small lily patch at the mudroom door.

I cleared the herb garden that Hubby mowed over 3 times last year. Since they came back up Hubby has requested I move them to a sq ft garden.

I cleared the strawberry patch and I requested they be moved to a sq ft garden as the grass in that area is over taking the strawberries.

I cleared the walking onions patch. Looks like I might be able to start getting a few this year.

I started a rock garden in the cubby area that grows weeds and the dogs run through. I used weed barrier we already had that Hubby took up last fall and gathered large rocks out of the gardens and where ever I find them around here. E told me to walk the back field after he plows as there are several back there.

I started clearing the flower garden on the north side of the house. I have some bulbs I am going to plant there that did well on the north side of the old farm.

We cleared a 6 x 6 ft area in the barn to put stuff we are giving to Daughter 4 (she takes our donations and passes them to people that are in need) PLUS she figures her daughter who is graduating this year is probably going to get her own place, she's talked of a studio or a 1 bedroom as she doesn't want to have a room mate at first.

Clothing budget came in under.

New phone came in a bit over budget but I needed ear buds so I can be hands free for our law in state. I am going to have to learn talk to text and how to voice command my GPS LOL.. Son 2 can help me with that as he uses it all the time. Hubby connects through his truck radio. I might do that also. I usually just don't bother to answer it if I get a call or text but I have clicked to check GPS which means it is in hand... I bought a weather tech phone cup holder as I don't have any place to put a phone on my dash that won't block my view.Nor will the vent clip that Hubby uses work with my vents.

We ate from the freezer in the kitchen... All that is left is fish patties(4 for 1 meal) ice cream, orange zest, 3 small packages of lunch meat to wrap around pickles with cream cheese and ice packs. I will have to reload it from one of the other freezers for this coming week.

I have to straighten the spices and herbs, can winter sq, and do the ironing. Not sure what I will get done . I woke up buried in dogs and my back is complaining about it. I think I heard a rumble of thunder while I was sleeping. Charlotte and Rascal don't like thunder. Rascal hates wind I definitely heard it. Might have to take a nap instead LOL

How is your week going?

Monday, March 2, 2020

Preparing to buy list for buying clothes

Two years ago we bought this house. Now that we have been here we have noticed how we dress different and how clothes and shoes/boots are wearing out. Hubby wore uniforms when he worked factory. So he didn't wear out clothes much.

We set the budget at $1000... that sounds like a lot but actually we have more than that in the clothing budget. We both need winter coats. Hubby wears carhartt... not cheap but they will last him about 5 yrs... He usually only replaces one set (coat and bibs) for good and then moves the old good one down. He picked up about 4 inches on his waist and can't get the good set zipped. I told him to put that set back (as he is trying to lose the weight) and get 2 new sets.

First thing we did was go through Hubby's clothes. His clothes are ragged and stained so I pulled most of them. Daughter 4 is going to use them for rags and donate what ever she doesn't use. He has nice tee shirts (that were in a bottom drawer where there was 2 dozen from when he told the kids to buy him colored tees ), nice undies and socks. Jeans for work... he is down to 4 pairs and 2 of them should be replaced ASAP due to where they are worn thin in areas it would be an issue if it gave way. He has 3 pairs of dress pants *he very seldom wears* His work long sleeve jean shirts he always wears year around... toast.. all 8 of them are toast.  I ordered one from Amazon(wardrobe prime) and if he likes how it fits I will order more *$10 each*.  He like Rural King carpenter pants but they were out of his size for awhile. I just found them again on line so ordered him 3 pairs *$10 each*
He needs 2 carhartt bibs *1 work 1 other* and 2 carhartt coats *1 work 1 other*. But those he will have to suck it up and try on when we go to doctor's appt and run errands on Thursday.

I will need a new winter coat. SIGH... Mother used to buy a coat a little big on her and than give it to me. Daddy would give me which ever coat he decided he didn't want anymore as he was always shopping at the thrift shops for leather coats.I haven't bought a winter coat for a decades.

I need one pair of dress pants in brown and one in black.
I need one pair of white jeans(ordered with sale of half price).
I need no sleeve blouses  (ordered with sale of half price).
I need long sleeve white blouse (ordered with sale of half price).
I need 2 maxi skirts (ordered with sale of half price).

I do not know about skorts as those are still in storage of the barn but I have new shorts from last year,I hope they still fit as I have found most of what I had to be about 2 sizes to big even after I took things in last year.I am hoping that's not the case with the shorts I bought last year.

I need shoes for summer... slip on tennis shoes. I started looking last year, made due with 2 pairs my granddaughter passed down to me... Still looking.

I wear a chef croc in the gardens so I can spray the dirt off.A men's work boot when mowing. I have nice dress shoes and sandals. I have light weight coats and jackets and hoodies. I have shawls and scarfs.

I tried on my jeans. Passed 3 pairs to Daughter 4 as I have lost weight, rotated the pair I have been wearing with another pair.

Decided to do some clothing capsules to get more wear out the nice clothes but for right now tee shirts and sweat pants are my around the home clothes

How do you work your wardrobe and replacing things?