Monday, September 16, 2019

Busy week...

Monday morning

Hubby has been working an hour or two on the deck off and on all week. Yesterday he started laying the actual decking.He laid some across at the French doors so if I had to go out that way, the dogs have something to walk on until they get to the edge. Which I would have to lift Wilbur and Rascal down as it's 3 ft off the ground and they can't jump that.

Contractors start painting next Monday so this week is take things off walls, move furniture, wipe down walls so they are painting a clean wall. If I have time I will sand 220 grit as that was part of the problem is the paint used needs to be lightly sanded between coats and they didn't do that. I don't think the staff that sold them the paint really knew what they should have.

Hubby lit the oil lamp this morning for the dining table for our morning coffee.

Leftovers for dinner tonight.

I down loaded statements from our ins. My primary keeps telling me that I have a deductible and my deductible and out of pocket is paid in full. Hubby's isn't.

Hubby is on his way to an auction. There was some things he wanted to look at and a couple of the Amish wanted to go also they are splitting the cost between them  of him driving even though he was going anyways. Nice as that cost isn't coming out of our pocket.

Rascal was acting sickly this morning so I checked him out... he has a lump...sigh ... probably cancer, we have lost a few to cancer, lump in same area. Will take him to vet later this week as they charge more for appts than walk ins.. He is only 7 but is acting like his is closer to 10.

I might get a pup when we lose him.Charlotte is only 2 and Wilbur is 8 and he can't play so much with her as he has hip and leg injuries. She gets in trouble when she doesn't have anyone to play with. Son 2 got promoted to E6 military side and will be changing drill units (he is in reserves) but will stay in state and go over to Whitehall in Columbus instead of Chicago like they first told him. Means I won't have to go cat sit when he has drill weekend.

Laundry is rolling and will be hung on the line.

zucchini ready to be shredded for freezer.

Cucumbers next to be turned into relish and canned today.

Beets to be cooked, pickled and canned will be today. Might have to finish them tomorrow as there is 40 lbs.

I will start clearing the dining room and part of the kitchen since it's an open area.

I will check garden to see if there is anything besides the cabbage which for what ever reason is growing decent.

Hubby will haul produce to auction for S .. S is paying us with pie pumpkins and butternut squash.

I scheduled chiro appt before primary doc appt so we are only making 1 trip. Will also slide a stop at the store as I am almost out of milk.

I will finish beets if I don't get them done today along with clearing the dining room and wipe down walls if not finished also.


Hubby has to take his truck to get serviced.

He will remove boards off basement ramp  so we can pull old frig out

He will make a block for staircase that goes from hall to basement so dogs and be in basement but not get upstairs while painters are here.

I have apples to make applesauce and apple butter

I have peach juice in freezer for syrup and jelly

I have pie pumpkins  and butternut squash to deal with.

I have onions for onion marmalade and pickled onions to can.

I will clear the mudroom, wipe down walls for painting.


Take Rascal to vet.

finish any canning

clear area in basement for grow light cart and for frig that was in kitchen that has been sitting in front room (kind of nice to not go to basement for produce that needs canned) that will also go to basement.

I will start clearing front room.

I will start prepping meals for next week. I am thinking calzones, pot pies and lasagna, maybe a roast. The lasagna and roast would make 2 meals so that's 6 meals to get us through the week. I think I have everything in the freezers to make it except the cheese for the lasagna. That would save the $68 Hubby was going to spend on meals.


Hubby produce auction

finish clearing front room and wiping down walls

finish prepping next weeks' meals


do laundry

Clear laundry room


Move washer and dryer and wipe down walls of laundry room.

prep bfast and lunch for tomorrow, thaw tomorrow's dinner


move dog food and water to basement. They have water bucket out side

I will be cleaning the basement and working outside the whole week while the painters are here except for the overnight stay at Son 2's to cat sit while he is out of town. He has a class pop up since he was promoted. I will take my fabric for my winter curtains for my bedroom that I didn't do while at his house the last time. He said he now calls his dining room "Mom's sewing room"

What are you doing this week?