Thursday, February 15, 2024

Update on kids

 Back to normal of bickering with each other  😉Mom and Dad are not ones to complain to when our first question is WHAT did you do to start this issue?

Daughter 4 has a new job, is still organizing her home (or organizing as she found somethings don't work well with where she put them). Financially it is beyond tight as she still isn't working. She did get her bank stuff replaced so can use her checking acct. Waiting on the fund raiser to release money to her (corperate takes a few weeks) and Daughter 2 is dealing with the go fund me acct. Mentally she has her moments but not as bad or as often. Grandson that pulled her out, is thinking of being a fireman or Emt like Hubby. He's still young so that will probably change.

Daughter 3 is doing okay, weather has her ankle that has metal pins in acting up and causing her to fall. She thought it was her CP (we both have it) but it's the pins.

Daughter 2 would like to hide from her 4 boys (all adults) that are bickering with each other and now understands why I have the rule no calling Mom to complain about sibling. It's one thing to say, they are doing bad things and need help, another to use me as the B...hing post. 

Daughter 1 is still upset that every single one of us has told her to quit calling in middle of night to complain. Her oldest finally told her step dad what she was doing and he took her into her doctor. She's been drinking (on meds that she shouldn't be drinking with ) after he goes to bed and then calling the rest of us. She's in rehab (THANK HEAVENS)

Son 2 is still dealing with his heart issues but has gotten his BP down after breaking up with his ex girlfriend that was cheating on him (he knew it but kept taking her back and being crabbed at by his sisters over it). An old friend of his is a nurse and she asked him when he was going to be HIS own white knight in shining armor and save himself. He told the ex, he was done, announced it to all their joint friends and blocked her phone number and on social media. 

Son 1 went to doctor, has weight problems and high BP. He is going on meds to deal with it.

Grandkids are okay, Driving their parents nuts with their bickiering. I can't wait for the great grandkids to get old enough to start theirs LOL

It's Thursday

 Still have the mortgage to pay but the bank was updating when I went to transfer to mortgage co. Everything else is paid and a little back into savings.

Ordered softener salt and they added a limescale remover for the toilets as after almost 8 yrs we are now having issues with it. 

Hubby replaced the broken over flow pipe in the pond and did it wrong so he has to go back out and fix it. He made it too high (pond is still way low) I showed him the photo of it since he didn't have one himself. At least he doesn't have to dig it back up since he laid it where the old pipe was. E paid for the pipe as he hit it with his mower when he mowed around the pond after his horses was there. 

Hubby split more wood and stacked it in wood shed. He then pull other wood and brought to the front porch and in the house.

I still need to clean the grow cart and figure out where I am going to put it (used to sit where the wood stove it) 

I need to sort what I want to plant this spring vs plant in the fall. I will plant a lot of radishes as I know that is one thing M likes but can't plant it until late April, early May as she does in ground only. 

I need to figure out if I am planting potatoes as they need to be planted Good Friday. Peas are planted in March also. I will also be planting the hanging baskets with peas also.  I need to cut row cover for 2 of the beds, maybe 3.Good to do on a warm Feb early March day before planting.

I told Hubby I was not doing any spring cleaning until the wood stove is not in use... so probably May before that starts.

Enjoy the weekend coming up.

Prayers for peace

Stay safe

Blessed be