Monday, January 28, 2019

Polar Vortex and a smile from the neighborhood kids

Our Amish neighbor asked us last year before Christmas if they could use our pond to skate on, he specified there would be an adult or an older teenage with the kids at all times. They didn't want to buy their kids skates for Christmas if they couldn't use our pond, the other nearest pond is over 3 miles away.

We were glad we agreed because we got such a kick out of watching them and us staying warm. Amish dad checked condition of ice. He actually does this weekly anyways to help us monitor the pond.

Then Amish dad cleared the snow off the ice using pathways. That way he said the kids have to learn to turn not just go straight.They brought a sled also to sit on to change into skates but also to pull the youngest 2 that was there as they didn't have skates.
Amish Dad showing the younger one just starting to skate how to do it. I really missed it as he also showed them how to fall...which he didn't do on purpose.

Then the word went out and we had more Amish neighbor kids show up to skate also. The oldest teen took over when Amish Dad went to start chores.It was good to see a teenage pick up a 6 yr old and skate with him in his arms especially when they aren't siblings. The oldest teen made sure everyone got home on time and made a point of thanking us for the use of the pond.
There are 8 in this picture, they blend into the tree line with their dark clothes. At one time we had over a dozen plus a dog that did his little walk across the ice and then got scoped up by several to be skated around the pond in arms.

The polar vortex is suppose to hit us Wed morning. We are planning on it coming in Tuesday night. Since the dryer and the stove help warm the house I plan on doing laundry Wed and Thurs. along with baking the last of the winter squash to freeze in serving meal sizes. I can shut the bedroom off and hang blankets in 5 doorway if needed. Going to depend on the wind coming through. I know at 22 below the house is warm as it normally is. We will check gas levels in car, trucks and generator tonight as Hubby got gas for our cans when he got gas for the neighbors. On the menu, chili and taco soup for Hubby's lunches and turkey and noodles and mashed potatoes for one meal, turkey noodle soup from the leftovers of noodles. Custard as I have 1/2 gal of half and half. Might be a good time to make fresh mushroom soup LOL.