Monday, July 2, 2018

209 update

Head contractor is still saying July 15th for it to be finished... carpenter and painter are saying when the paint and then floors dry. HVAC is done, electric is being finished today. Plumbing will be when the dishwasher, sinks and toilets are installed AFTER the paint dries . Floors are sanded and covered until painting is done and then they will be finished. The basement is suppose to be ready for us to clean and seal. We had 7 inches of rain last week at 209 and there is a little bit of water from the outside door so that has to be changed so it doesn't happen again.

Here is the pics.
First is "I blew a gasket" because I was told the cold air return duct would take about a drawer space out of my cabinet IF the kick plate wasn't enough. HVAC contractor took half the cabinet and then didn't want to box it off so I could keep the rest of the cabinet from being covered with dog hair etc. Like I paid $400 for his return ...and I knew he could have done it a lot differently. Head contractor and carpenter saved him from me ripping his head right off his shoulders and came up with a compromise. Funny how he only needed 8 inches and it could be boxed in.

I love my cabinets, were expensive but will hold up for decades .
The empty spot is where the dish washer goes. The white vent will be painted but that's the only color that size comes in.

Carpenter and Hubby hung my chandelier and then decided it was too low and raised it. Like someone is going to walk on my counter to hit their head? 

Hubby did say he had to lean almost to the middle of the cabinets to get his head in the picture.
Kitchen sink light is in . They are hanging the pot rack light that goes over the stove today.
bedroom ceiling fan done.

Laundry room light
bathroom ceiling light. Painter stood in tub and held up a drop cloth where the shower curtain would be so the electrician could put the light so it shown in the tub but not interfere with the shower curtain. They said their wives complain about a lack of light to shave their legs... Hubby just laughed because I do that also. Won't have that problem now.

Wheelchair bathroom light was done the same.

south loft lights done
north loft lights (and skylight) done
this is the wood we had the skylight boxed in with since there is about 3 ft from the skylight to the ceiling in that loft.
east loft lights
staircase light between east and west lofts. The north and south lofts don't have a light due to no place to install one. We will figure something out.
west loft light
front room is oak
the dining room and mud room is white(aka sugar )maple , the kitchen , hall and bedroom are red maple.

the east and west lofts have red maple.

Both bathrooms, laundry room, north and south lofts have to have floors replaced so we are using Sterling oak vinyl planks that are water resistant installed. Still looks like gray wood. Pictures to come when they get to that part.

Hubby is still working on moving fence posts to move the fence. Front porch floor needs repainted LOL.

Last time we updated the to do list, it was done from 600 plus to 350.
Our plans are to be moved by end of Sept if not sooner.


for no other reason than something to smile about.
It's for the laundry room at 209.

My 4 legged babies.

Rascal being afraid of the storms rolling through during the night. Wilbur standing guard over Charlotte, he thinks of her has his baby.
Charlotte looking back at off while she's on the front porch. I am standing in the house in the dining room looking out the window.
It just happened that was the last time she was allowed out by herself as she is now trailing bunnies and birds through the corn fields and not able to find her way back home. No way for us to find her while she's in the field either. SO Hubby and I take turns of who goes out with her. Side benefit is both of us are "slowing" down in the evenings to got out and sit and watch her . She's doing better after this last time but not trusting her. Be glad when we move as there will be a fence around the plus acre for her to run and not get lost in a field or on the road.

July groceries...please sit down ...

I'm not sure what type of grapes they are, this heat has been taking it's toll on them . Rain came in yesterday so that helps some.

I went to the myself and Hubby was shocked. I haven't been shopping for much, we aren't eating much. A neighbor of 209 gave us some tomatoes and green tomatoes on Friday. But there is a good size hole in 2 freezers and one frig was almost completely empty. They...meaning the head contractor is HOPING to be done with 209 by mid July which means we need to pick up the speed of getting the fence moved so we can haul dogs over with us and let them run around (instead of a 20 x 40 ft area fenced off with the barn open for them to go in out of the sun).

SO I need meals that can keep us healthy (lecture from Doc) and not weigh us down but not salads a lot to trigger my tummy issues.

Spent $456.96...saved $147.36  of almost 31% savings... got $1 off 35 gals of fuel for another savings of $35.

What is on the menu:

egg muffins (Kevin Jacob's blog, some frozen for later,  bfast/lunch/supper)
Chicken Kiev (not rolled just butterflied)
meatloaf in muffin tins(some frozen for later)
Country fried Steak (Hubby loves it for a weekend bfast , might make extra for freezer)
Roasted chicken followed  by chicken and rice casserole.
Chicken salad
Philly cheese steak meatloaf (half sliced and frozen )
Shredded beef , broccoli stir fry
cauliflower steaks
pork chops
ground turkey Asian lettuce cups
Hamburger patties
Mini (bfast) sausage patties on slider buns
Cucumber, cream cheese sandwiches

I have strawberries, rhubarb(in my patch here), watermelon, honeydew, pineapple and cantaloupe.

I have potatoes to make potato salad, potato presse (recipe from Son 2 Home chef) and mashed potatoes, and mashed potato patties.

I have sweet potatoes to make baked sweet potato and sweet potato wedges.

I bought different lettuces, kale, spinach etc for salads and cooked greens (boy do I miss my gardens)

Green tomatoes to fry, red tomatoes to go with cucumber and onions, and carrots to shred for sunshine salad(orange jello)


PASTA, I had coupons for $2 off of 3 or 4 and had several coupons. Kroger's had a pasta sale, buy 4 save .... I came home with 30 lbs of pasta for $11.70

GARLIC POWDER. Not something I use a lot of as I grow garlic but I didn't grow as much this year since I knew we would be moving. I will run out about December so I got what was on sale that I can use when making pasta sauce instead of my fresh garlic.10 for $10

COFFEE, Hubby drinks 3 times as much coffee as I do and we don't drink the same type (he drinks BOLD) I had coupons for 2 cans so picked them up as Kroger's had a sale. Ended up being half priced.

FROZEN CHICKEN BREAST, on sale and I had 2 coupons, usually $9.99 I got for $4.99

CHEESE on sale with coupons

ANCHOVY PASTE in tube...clearance

TOMATO PASTE in tube ...clearance

PUFF TISSUES .... on sale with coupons and I was completely out due to allergies for both of us. I would hate to think how bad they would be without our meds.

BACON...on sale with coupons

MUFFIN MIXES...on sale with coupons. I don't normally buy muffin mixes but at this point even thinking about making anything from scratch is pushing the limits of my energy which was already low before the antibiotics that causes sever fatigue.

SODA POP...on sale with coupons and I buy the drinks for the family reunion that is in Sept. I always get the drinks around July 4th when the prices are low and combine them with coupons. For the last 3 years I've been able to get all the drinks (including 3 cases of bottled water) for less than $25 for 50 -75 people.

FOR FREE...olive oil, balsmatic vinegar, 64 oz diet cranberry mix juice, energy drink, 2 pkgs of Always underwear, Hefty slider bags, Klondikes, flatbread,loaf of bread, bibb lettuce and 2 bags of frozen corn.

For the next 2 days I will be prepping everything as much as possible to take the"what's for dinner when we get home" and "it's too hot to cook"  out of our lives for a few weeks.

Blessed Be

90 plus degrees, heat index over 100 and humidity above 80

Swelting is the term Daddy uses. Said it was a combination of sweating and melting. If it was after July 22 I would say the dog days of summer which runs from July 22 to Aug 22. I really hope it's just early and not that it's going to get worst at the end of July.

We have taken to opening the doors before 7 am to get fresh air in the house and closing it back up by 9 am. Curtains are drawn across the tops and binder clipped to keep the sun out  with sheers shading the bottom so we get light and don't have to turn on lights. We took down the chandelier in the dining room (needed to take it to 209 anyways) and installed the old ceiling fan. We have to keep it on low or it triggers the gauge to the ac as it blows air there. Won't have that issue at 209 as our electrician made sure that issue wouldn't happen when he installed the thermostat.

The grill is at 209, I doubt if  either of us would go out to cook on it after being outside most the day in the heat anyways. I've been fixing quick foods that can be reheated in the microwave for a couple meals. We don't care much for sandwiches. Frankly neither of us care to eat at the end of the day between being hot and tired. Hubby will grab a salad but I can't always eat salad due to my Crohn's. Couple suppers have been ice cream with fruit.

I mended some shirts and a couple pair of work jeans for Hubby.

I change the dogs water 4 times a day.

I washed clothes with homemade laundry soap and vinegar for the softener. Still not using the clothes line as they are back to working on the road in front of us.  I do put the dryer on sensor and wash and dry the heaviest first so if it's not dry the first load it can be tossed in with the second load. What ever isn't dry in the last load goes on the drying rack.

Hubby has quit needing a light on in the kitchen during the night when I leave the dining room curtain open at night. I close them at night as people from a mile away can see in if there is lights on in the house and they are driving down the road.Its a window that faces the away from the road so unless they are coming down the lane they can't see in.

We have been going to bed by 9 (so no lights and the ac isn't as cool as during the day) and up by 4-5 am. Under doctor's orders I rest between 1 -3 in the afternoon.

I continue to sort and pack for 209. I am using used cardboard boxes and Rubbermaid totes bought on sale at Home Depot by Son 2 using his military discount. The totes are for things that will be stored in the barn loft like Christmas stuff and out of season items.

I've been searching for winter curtains for 209... I am not willing to pay $100 for 1 set of curtains so I will be finding material and making my own. The windows are not regular sized windows but not something we will be replacing this year.  I have curtains for the lofts as Son 2 gave me his old curtains that he didn't use any more. I am going to line them for winter.Only 12 more windows to figure something out.

Hubby is doing a lot of outside work moving fence, dealing with the gardens, the pond etc over at 209. Gas Buddy and Kroger fuel points has been a lot of help on saving on gas. We are still under budget for that area.

When we go to town we combine errands. I had a last minute doctor appt (thank you sinus infection heading in to strep) so pit stopped on the way home at the store to do a partial shopping. We did the rest of the shopping the next day as I had to go back in to get my meds for the infection.

I would admit our meals have been BLAH... and that is something that bugs me (I am a chef after all) so Son 2 that started Home Chef has taken to sending me a picture of his meal (he eats the 2nd serving as his lunch) every night and I share it with Daughter 4. Who is a great cook and at the BLAH stage as she is single again and the kids are with their dad.

He is plating them according the the directions... SO I am sharing them with you. He does add a side of fruit. Says he is eating healthier as he is getting more veggies in and actually is saving money of $5 a day from lunch and the $100 of food he was throwing out every 2 wks as it got bad before he got it ate.

They include the recipes so he can make it for others if he wants or if it's not on the menu that they change weekly.

Blessed be