Friday, August 24, 2018

moving this week

It might be a hard shove as Hubby is not home from fishing trip until Saturday night but he asked for the plan of attack to be written up so we can post it on the wall to stay focus to be moved by the 30th with cleaning on the 31st.

He is changing the barn around to reflect, woodworking/weld shop area, furniture restore area. 2 car garage area, tractor area, and dog kennel area.
THEN he is finishing the fence and gates .

I have to finish cleaning...I haven't touched the east and west lofts yet so that's on the list for today. AFTER they deliver the furniture.

Ins agent is coming in Monday (which is why the barn needs changed around 1st) and needs a some what set up to make sure we are covered correctly.I already got an estimate of what it would cost us to replace the barn as we are using it that he definitely under estimated.

SO here's what I have
I went out to the barn and got Mother's rocker that I was using to sit in out there.Cleaned her up , needs a repair but usable as is and put her in the corner when I will probably sit a table for us to do puzzles and games during the winter. Painters teased me about sitting watching them work since I was actually eating my lunch.

I did not plan to match the paint(which is the color of Hubby's truck) to this chair. This chair has floated through the family after I went and got it out of state. A friend was closing plants down (the heart breaking part of his job) and the company he works for told him to give the stuff away or to toss in dumpster. He gave everything away even when it meant he took it to the thrift shops to keep things out of the dumpster. This is a chair that came out of the 1st plant he closed where I took 2 loads and brought it back to OH for several families.Needs a couple little repairs but usable. My furniture repair area is going to over flow LOL.

Our head painter was waiting for drywall to dry so he could repaint a wall that he caught that was messed up, you could see it when the west sunlight hit the wall as you walked in ...not acceptable to this perfectionist in his job.  He went around and gave another coat to all the window sills as they are the ones that take the hardest hit of wear according to him especially if you have children or pets... which is the same thing to him also. He did touch up where they installed the counter also. Put a door back on after adjusting the hinges.

Our 2nd painter finished his section and was waiting on the head painter asked if he could fix both bathroom doors (he realized if you stood the the side you could see in especially coming out of the laundry room down the hall ) and installed the hook and eye locks on the doors and then since head painter was still waiting on drywall , he chose to hang ALL my curtain rods, sweep down all the walls and then the floor  and empty the trash cans in the barn, porches and house while I was cleaning the wheelchair bathroom and shoving pots and pans in the cabinets.

This company don't believe in sitting around and doing nothing, if they can't do what they are there for (like waiting for drywall or paint to dry) they find something to do that helps the owner with permission.

One of them will be back today to finish the wall as the drywall still was damp when we all left.

The negative side of this move...

These 3 don't understand. Wilbur (boxer) has moved several times so I think/feel we are triggering him as the last move he didn't go with my daughter or her kids, he came to us.This week was hardest with Hubby on the fishing trip and not coming home at all and I am working longer hours at 209 carrying both our loads. 

My first 2 hrs of my day is attention and play time with these 3. THEN I get ready for work and I take them for a ride around the block(4 miles). Charlotte goes in the cage (that goes away when we move as they will stay in kennel in barn so they can go outside when they want) and the doors to bathroom and bedroom get shut. If Charlotte can't lay on the bed then no one lays on the bed .

I try to be back in 9 hrs (basing it on if I was working for a company). I do have a couple friends  that will come let dogs out if I have to go longer than that. We do the same for them. Which is why we decided to build the kennel so the dogs could go in and out when we are gone and yet keep the house secure as we couldn't put a dog door in... we would have to take the bottom half completely.

My 1st hour home is focused on getting them outside, playing with them and giving tons of attention. Then we all sit on the couch and watch the news (that is usually Hubby) while I eat dinner. Then back outside to play and just be outside for another hour. Then I get things around for the next day. We take a ride again. Then get around for bed with one more time of being outside. When we come in , it's off to bed, a little later than usually but I want to get the outside time in as much as possible with being with them.

The positive of being outside with them and playing....I've lost another size in clothes and gained some muscle.

Off to work  I go.... no whistling... I can't whistle... breaks my heart a little because both parents and brother whistled. Daddy told me Grandma couldn't whistle either.