Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sorry , I got side tracked

I got side tracked wrapping up the food needing canned, froze etc. and then I felt I had to finish up inventorying the dry goods part of my pantry...so I forgot to post pics and recipe for corn cob syrup. I have now placed it on my to do list for the first of next week when I get back into OH.

so speaking of my pantry....I inventoried all of the drygoods...not refrig( never will as it changes way too often)and freezers are still on the to do list. BUT everything else is done. I put it on an excell( yes I broke down and figured out how to do it) and then broke down the categories to each "sheet" in the "workbook" NOW as long as I input what I buy and use daily ( or put what I use daily on a note to do on desk day) I won't ever have to wonder if I have something or need something and actually go look. I even did a need to buy sheet so I can stock up on what is missing with sales BUT NOT BUY what I already have.Each sheet says what the item is, wheither it is box,can good,jar or other container and where it is in the house or garage.

THe reason I spent a week of several hours doing this..to use up what we have instead of buying more and then pitching something down the line because it's too old to eat.So I can actually find where I put that spare bottle of ketchup at LOL. So I NOT buying what we already have and not getting what we actually need AND FINALLY not having to buy anything except basic so the grocery money can actually go to pay on some bills that have popped up that we don't have enough in the budget to cover.

LIKE...a bridge for my teeth because after 50 some yrs of having great teeth, I broke a molar into 4 pieces and had to have it pulled and now need a bridge that the ins will not cover completely.I am gratfeul they will cover part of it but really wonder if I didn't have ins if I could find a cheaper way to get the bridge.

We won't mention that Christmas is a little more than 17 wks away.

Have a great day.

Blessed be