Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Feb. goals

To do the panty challenge  (

Do mini spring cleaning of entire house before surgery.

Turn West loft into guest bedroom with twin bed from son 2 

Put several meals (at least 30) in freezer to help during recovery and beginning of spring planting. 

Go through the 12 boxes, 2 file cabinets, seeds, and 5 clothes baskets AND shell the dried beans I harvested in Nov. 

Get through pretesting (Feb 5th)

Take recycling to township hall (Feb 6th)

Finish filing for SS (Feb 8th)

Celebrate Chinese New Year (Feb 12th)

Surgery (Feb 16th at 11:30)... spend night at hospital. Go through 2 Phys therapies there . One the night of surgery the other the next morning)

Celebrate our 26th anniversary Feb 18th

Out patient physical Therapy Feb 19th... they said having PT on the 3rd day after helps get past the Mac truck that runs you over when your immunity system kicks in full force. 

They mentioned maybe 1 PT a week at out patient but we will have to wait and see.