Thursday, August 27, 2020

Thankful for bloggers: dealing with fraud and totaled car (not mine)

 That speak up and tell you a company is fraud. 

I had ordered canning lids. Even after googling the site it kept coming up a "real"... it wasn't. I am thankful my bank had not paid it yet so I could cancel it (easier than fighting a fraud claim).  

Amazon also caught a fraud company stopped a withdraw and let me know about it.

I questioned my car and home ins agent about a bill I got in my email (we get all those bills in paper mail) and it was fraud.

Hubby got a bill for the business... when he checked it out, found it was fraud.

Daughter 4's daughter totaled her car about 2 wks ago... her boyfriend when to pick her up at doctor appt beginning of this week and his wheel bearing went out and the axle broke. Yesterday Daughter 4 who was the one driving everyone to work (they work same place and same hours) had a hit and run driver hit her car while parked in front of her home while she slept. NO one in the neighborhood heard anything and it looks like it was intentional as it's square hit from behind to shove her trunk up into her back seat and moved her car 8 ft. Paint chip from the car that hit her was left behind so the cops are now checking repair shops but doubt if that does any good. She didn't have full coverage and doesn't have enough for another car or even a down payment as she just got back to work from the pandemic. SIGH. We took our jeep down to her and specified only she could drive the car.

Charlotte broke out in hives. We took all 3 to vet ,boys got nails clipped and she got nails clipped and shot and meds that she has already figured out how to eat the treat and spit the pills back out. SO it's pin her and shove them down her throat. Wilbur is the best for taking meds. We also corrected Wilbur's birth date. Daughter 2 told us he was born in 2010 then grandson said, no because they lived in the old homestead when he was born...that's 2008 so Wilbur is 12 . SO I had the vet pull Rascal's original records when I noticed they had him as 9 ...he is 8 not 9 which is what I thought , they don't know who changed it on the record.  SO they are 12, 8 and 3 ... While at the vet, I ended up with Rascal and Charlotte and got pulled down by Charlotte who tried to run to the truck and Rascal stepped sideways in front of me... Lucky he wasn't hurt. I have a banged up knee and sore wrist. Hubby gets her for now on if on regular leash. I wrap a leash around Wilbur like a harness and can control him . I told Hubby we need to do the same for Charlotte as she has a lot of pulling strength and with a harness I could pull her up to her back feet to stop that. I do think I only fell because of Rascal stepping in front of me. 

Back to work ...