Saturday, December 26, 2020

Choices for Frugal 2021

 We are doing Uber Frugal Month in January with Frugalwoods.

We have made a menu of 49 (no day specified) meals we know we have in the house that does not need much to be added. I even noted how much milk something takes as that is all that I hope to buy during the month of January. 

We are focused on a NO buy month except necessities. 

We are using the oil lamp for our light in the morning and at supper. Even though all the lights in the house are LED. Hubby gets the lamp oil for free because he hauls the barrels for the Amish. It's a bonus or the tip depending on how you look at it.

We moved dinner up so I don't have to turn on the light over the stove to cook.

Hubby has a digital thermometer in the pump house so he does not have to worry about having the gas heater too high out there (or too low) when keeping the pump and pipes at the well from freezing. He tries to keep it between 34 and 40 degrees.

I turn burners off (we use propane to cook and heat) and the oven off before the food is done. Food continues to cook but I am saving a few pennies on the propane.

We have been staying home. Hubby is in the slow period of his work so he's mostly at home. 

We have started recycling. We are using an old trash can for the plastic and glass. We burn paper for ashes for the gardens. We compost, not very well but enough that we spread it on the area we don't plant as the soil is very poor.

I use my unlimited Kindle nightly. We check to make sure we save enough on shipping to continue the prime at Amazon. Hubby watches the shows as we don't have cable or satellite (over $100 a month around here).

Our goal is to pay off the mortgage in 5 yrs but will settle for 8 yrs if needed. Our mortgage original payoff date is April 1st 2048. Right now if we paid no more extra we would be paid off in April 1st 2038. 

How are you looking at the new year?

Blessed be