Wednesday, July 15, 2020

our winter forecaster and repairing storm damage

The winter here in this area of Ohio is considered to be 13 weeks.... that goes along with the 13 sections of the wooly bear aka wooly worm. Supposedly if the head is black that means the start of winter will be sever. The longer the brown section the length of normal winter and the end is black that means winter will end cold. NOW after saying that I do know the colors on the "forecaster" is actually due to where it was born, how old it is etc. This little guy is about 1-1 1/2 months early since I don't usually see them until late Aug early Sept.... I really hope that doesn't mean an early winter but I will be prepared just in case.

the white blur at the end of the deck ramp (black blur is Rascal) is the outhouse on it's side. It took the fence out that was behind it. We were going to get rid of it (still was in good condition) but decided after a friend and our son talked about not being able to get fuel to run generators when they were hit with tornadoes.... we decide to put it back up at least I won't be hunting for water for toilets.. Hubby  got set up yesterday. Fixed the fence also. He decided to go get some round posts and added stabilize outhouse to put a gate in at the end of the ramp. That is going to be done this month as his mother had to go clear out to the barn to come in and up the ramp and she let him know that should have already been done (thank you MIL as I've been asking for over a year).

what was left of the glass patio table is only the frame. It wasn't hurt. When we went to Menards to get the last of the stuff for the deck railing, we looked at patio tables... What I would like, Hubby could not lift with one hand and knew I wouldn't be able to move it at all.  I went back to paint while he got lumber and was talking to the young man there as he asked what projects we were doing... when I mentioned not finding something for a patio table and didn't really want wood I had to maintain and we had got PVC boards for the fence, he showed me a picture of what he had just made from PVC boards for his patio table. THANK YOU.  That is now on the project list. We had over $800 in rebates and figured we would have to use some of the cash... nope came in under $650... cool, that means barring any more storm damage this year we can put what is left back towards the front porch that is the project for next year.

Tomorrow is Daddy's graveside service... possible storms are in the forecast of course. So what is new?It's at 2 pm in the heat of a summer day.I am praying it's just my brother and me and our kids (and my grandkids). The kids and grandkids have volunteered to be pallbearers.... funeral home asked for 8-10, I stopped counting at 10 and just told them to squeeze together to carry him. Funeral home said they actually had two groups one time, one to carry the casket to the hearse and the other to carry the casket to the grave. Knowing where Daddy's grave is, the hearse would be the farther walk. I mean really we could back the hearse up and roll him out into the grave , it's that freaking close to the drive.

I have more onions curing, more greens in the dehydrator, and more black berries in the freezer. I have 10 quart of blackberry pie filling, 14 pints of blackberries in syrup and 8-12 oz jars of blackberry jelly... I know I have some in the freezer but oh well. I still have more that haven't turned yet.

I appealed a claim that was denied for reimbursement. I won so that money is in to pay that bill. 

Yack at you Friday. 
Blessed be