Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Frugal week

I have dehydrated apple mint,spearmint, choc mint, peppermint, lemon balm,strawberries,peaches and basil.

I have made over 30 jars of peach jelly/jam/butter.

 I lost count of the strawberry jam. But probably not enough to go a year if I don't make sure Hubby doesn't just eat it.

I canned peaches.

I canned different syrups, mind just went blank ...I might have canned my mind LOL

I made strawberry popsicles .

The garden is doing fair considering I am battling tomato horn worms, potato worms and squash bugs (yes I got some zucchini, but the bugs are doing a better job of eating them then we are). Using homemade sprays to deal with it but with the way we are seeing moths (groups) I swear they think my gardens are the maternity ward.

Garden pickings: tomatoes, cherry tomatoes. zucchini. cucumber,green onions,lettuce(now going to seed to replant next yr) and a couple strawberries (starting to rebloom but this heat wave coming in will stop that).

I fixed 3 afghans with yarn I already have.

I sat down and made a list of that "get this done and off this list" stuff and then did a time mgt list of it... I doubled the time I thought it would take and a couple things I tripled the time. Reflection of my age and health.

I used the grill and microwave on the hot days. Used the all in one pressure cooker for potatoes to make home fries and mashed potatoes.

I keep the curtains pulled across the top of the windows (use binder clip that was given to me) to keep the sun out and only have the part where the window is open without curtain. Our curtains are too heavy for a breeze to move much. We run the AC during the hottest part of the day and the fans in the rooms we are in (or the older dog is in) the rest of the time with windows open.

I transplanted some popcorn (Hubby said it couldn't be done) that was pulled. Most of it actually is growing. We'll see how that goes.

Made pepper spray and some other homemade sprays to fight the infestation of bugs in my garden and regretfully they aren't the good bugs.

Used my swagbucks to pay for household item needed from Amazon

Had to use the laundromat (had things that wouldn't go through the wringer washer) and hung everything up on the line instead of using the dryers.

I wrote a letter to my ins requesting still another appeal, hoping I don't have to do more to get them to approve the shots they have been paying for during the last 2 yrs. I dislike policy changes that don't acknowledge BIRTH DEFECTS.

I inventoried my pantry (not freezers) and made a list of what needed to be brought up in supplies .BIG thank you to Brandi (www,theprudenthomemaker.com) for her pantry list, makes it easy for me to double check with.

Our landlord had the AC unit fixed, since I warned him before the season it would be time for maintenance this summer, he scheduled it

Because I caulked more windows, used plastic and heavier curtains our heat(propane) bill has come down. We actually didn't use the last tank , warm winter helped there. SO I had a credit, enough to pay for the summer fill and still some. Landlord thinks I might owe him around $50 and that makes the heat bill for this coming winter paid in full unless it's a bad winter and we go over the amt we ordered.

Saved 80¢ a gal on fuel with our points card.

We did a major shopping once and have been just picking up as we need at the local small grocery store. I think we might end up under budget because of it.

Blessed Be...