Friday, March 16, 2018

stop spinning circles and

staying on task... can't remember if I am remembering everything LOL
I usually use scrap paper or regular notebook paper. I might even put it on my calendar on my phone. I have found that my calendar on the phone sometimes does not remind me or I don't hear it even though it's up all the way because I don't carey the phone on me or I forget it just went off and didn't look to see what the notification was.

So this spiral notebook goes with me. I list what the priorities of the day are, cross off what got done and transfer what did not get done to the next day. On the back of the page I put the notes of things needed to bring the next day or take care of when we get back home.

I was making a breakfast we can eat as we drive the hour to 209, that is still staying in the routine . BUT since we can stand at the lp propane buddy heater and still see our breath INSIDE the house , we are eating our lunches out instead of packing. It's actually so we can get WARM. We found a good but cheap Chinese buffet that does a lower price for lunch. For $14 that included 20% tip (food servers and most bartenders only earn $4.08/ hr, tips is what they live on) and our drinks AND got warm before going back to work on 209.

On this list was going to see my Daddy. He is not doing well at all. My brother and sister in law are now living with him until they have jumped hoops to get help in.We always take Daddy to Bob Evans for his sausage gravy and biscuits. SIL warned us he wouldn't want to go but probably would be okay if we went and got it for him as they hadn't been able to get him to go anywhere with them for over a week. I asked him if he wanted to go and got a "no". Hubby asked him if he was ready to go get his sausage gravy and biscuits and the man almost fell out of his chair trying to get up to go...somethings remain the same.LOL.  Get in restaurant and SIL was "he'll need the menu read to him as he didn't bring his glasses, he'll want coffee...NOPE he takes water in a coffee cup no ice , large bowl of the gravy with 2 biscuits either apple butter or honey(that floats) and it will take him an hour to eat it...YEP. She was amazed

Got him home and she's just standing back watching and I ask Daddy if he needs the bathroom and he says yep and goes (he forgets as he has dementa) and then I told her both him and Hubby will take naps ,not always at the same time but they will take a nap)...YEP. 

We got him 2 slices of 2 different pies like always and told her he would eat 1 slice mid morning the next day and 1 slice at lunch. He doesn't eat sweets after 2 pm . She already texted me and told my Brother got chewed out for eating one of his slices of pie and had to get another slice for him to calm Daddy down.. GOOD for Daddy as Brother is a diabetic and isn't suppose to be eating that anyways.

We keep finding quarks in 209. Couldn't figure out why there was a patch in the middle of the kitchen/dining area wood floor, thought breeze way before the garage was converted...NO the seller tore out a wall there (Ibeamed the attic) and that was the only wood he had. The area had been the kitchen not the breeze way.When the garage was converted they move the kitchen to back side of that area and left the old kitchen as a dining room. Said trying to heat that area was horrible so he took it out. I thanked him because if it had still been there...we would have taken it out ourselves because it definitely would have cut up the house to small rooms.

Today I am packing the last of Daughter2's stuff that she left here with plans to come back the very next day.. bad weather nixed that and then she found she needed Hubby to go down to her place and fix a couple things that her and a couple others have tried to fix and she just knows HER DADDY can fix it, so to save her gas money and time he is taking her stuff down to her tomorrow when he goes down to fix it.

Blessed Be