Friday, August 14, 2020

new to me and deep cleaning..for the coming week

 canning stove... propane Maytag 1949/1950 was used by Hubby's ex co worker 's mother as her canning stove in the basement. He is 65 and doesn't ever remember it being used for anything else than her canning.

If it had been electric it would have been like the one I grew up with. Mother LOVED her stove and I definitely through the years had one close to this also. I would have had it here but wouldn't have had room for the Hoosier and sheet pan roll cart (used to be Son 2's computer tower roll cart) and the trash can. 

This is going in the barn. Goal is to have the front bay cleared, cleaned and set up as a summer canning kitchen by May. The front bay is where the young Englisher man lived while building this home. Then he sold it to Amish and doubled his money. 

I have 18 cups (1 cup is a meal for us) of corn in the freezer, more coming in from the garden. And 6 quarts of plain red beets with more coming in from the M and A that are being over ran. I am sharing beets with Mother in law. I already know she will be asking in the middle of Jan if I have any canned that she can have as she never cans enough for Father in law. We get tomatoes for canning in 2-3 weeks including green tomatoes for the freezer for us and fresh eating for Daughter 3.

Drawers, shelves and cabinets has been this week's deep cleaning. It's hard to not stop and wipe down the outside of what ever but that goes with washing the walls week.

I have finished drawers, shelves and cabinets in  the bathroom, bedroom except 2 of Hubby's drawers by bed(I ain't touching that), laundry room, bathroom, kitchen * not bfast bar *, dining room *not enamel table or one cabinet* front room , *not file cabinets* wheel chair bathroom, mudroom, north loft, and south loft.

I will take another week to finish the cabinets, drawers and shelves in the following

Front room .. 2 file cabinets and a small table that is holding garden seeds and over flow from Hubby's desk.

Kitchen ...bfast bar is it

Dining room ...old spice cabinet that I was going to put baking pans in but that's not working so I will have to figure something else out and the enamel table. 

West loft, my office/sewing room. The small desk there is not working at all for me and I end up at the dining table or the bfast bar as I use my laptop for recipes also.

East loft ...was suppose to be my sewing room... it's a I don't know where to put it but it has to be in the house room. It's going to take a lot of work to figure that one out.


freezer room, I have 3 shelving units that I need to change, some is stuff we were using that we aren't now and have not for awhile so probably box up and take down to the kids when we are taking tomatoes and other stuff to them in 2-3 wks. I have one that has claimed extra dishes and another wanting pots and pans while the 3rd wants baking dishes. Two of the grandkids have just went out on their own.

bucket room (AKA washer room as Hubby always calls it due to the wringer washer sitting there)  The cabinet is done but there is a dresser and a pile of bags and boxes sitting at the buckets from where we moved in and it was brought in.Deadline for this area is also 2-3 wks as I know there will be stuff the kids can have.

Pantry... this is okay... but I have 3 shelves a mess with spices and herbs along with I need more room for things that I have still coming in other areas.  My dried fruit has over ran the dried fruit area. 

I already know if I don't keep things together, things get missed and then goes bad. Hubby also doesn't like to do the hunt and find.

How is your week coming along?