Monday, January 7, 2013

day 7 of Pantry challengeT

Today was easy, navy bean and ham soup from the deep freezer and white corn bread from the other deep freezer. Sliced up some potatoes to fry to go along with it and it was a done deal. Have a little bit of soup left but I have plans for that in a couple days. Had plenty of corn bread left, plans for that also in a couple days. In the past 9 days we have eaten our meals from the pantry (we started on the 30th)for 8 days. We have done fine.Went to the store and got perishables and part of what was on the list I didn't buy because I thought of other things in the pantry that could be used instead. AND for the first time ever that I can remember....there was nothing...not one either frig to throw away in the trash tonight( which goes to the road tonight). That is better yet. Check over to goodcheapeats for more information. Blessed be Juls