Thursday, November 23, 2023

Day 1 of week one.

 Charlotte insisted we start the day with our normal routine of sitting on the kitchen porch while I drink coffee. I was definitely wrapped in a blanket.

We decided to eat our main meal at noon with snacks later. 
I roasted the turkey, baked a large sweet potato to split between us. Baked Brussels sprouts in bacon grease so they were crispy on the edges. Bakes stuffed mushrooms.  I added a spinach salad with sliced strawberries, feta cheese and strawberry salad dressing one of the kids passed to me as they didn't like it. I heated a couple rolls. We did not have any of the pecan pie or pumpkin pie but the day is not over.

I set the table (used to bug the crap out of Hubby) with the dishes my Daddy bought Mother on their 5th anniversary to celebrate buying their first home. Plus I used the silverware that was Hubby's grandmother on his Dad's side. His parents said it made them feel good because none of the kids wanted it because it was silverplated instead of silver. Since they would have been farming for a living , I struggle to see them spending money for real silver. But that is just me I guess. 

I took the crystal punch bowl Son2 gave back and used it for the citrus fruit. There is oranges, lemons, limes and pomegranates. The oranges look yellow in this photo. 

While putting leftovers away I found a bag of mixed salad that has taco flavoring that needs used up. So moved enchilada casserole up to this week to go with the salad.  

I washed the outside of the  west side windows so we can start dealing with Christmas decorations. I ordered some things we needed replaced for Christmas decorations that was on sale at Amazon.

Tomorrow I will be bagging up the turkey by meals and starting broth from the bones. Probably cleaning, and decorating. 

Be safe

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be 

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it.

 Okay, we had 3 doctor appts, DONE until Monday and that is only Hubby.

I no longer need to take potassium (YEAH) , or go get more blood work and won't see primary until Feb. Am able to schedule my doctor appts I missed while sick. Able to schedule our vaccines also.

Primary is letting Hubby's cardiologist make the call over one med that Hubby takes for tremors, it might be the glitch in his heart beat, or it could be just how it beats since he has a deformity.

We sucked it up after chiro and my blood work and went shopping for the bulk.

Went to Menards, got bottled water, pretzels, Chi Chi chips (the only place that carries them) and candy for Christmas. We will get 11% back.

Went to Aldi's, got a small turkey for roasting later this spring, corned beef (now in freezer for St Patrick's day) some specialty cheeses, a pretzel bite tray, brown and serve buns and fresh cranberries. They did not have any ham which I usually buy there.

Went to Kroger's. Hubby pushed cart #1, I got cart #2. I got fresh veggies and a couple salads, oranges, limes, lemons, a pineapple, apples, pears  and pomegranates. I got dairy.  Hubby grabbed some different breads as at this point doc wants it on the table and we will work at lowering chemicals after the holidays. I have lost 30 lbs. I look like my mother when she was taking chemo. They were out of their 49 cents turkeys so I did not pick another turkey up. I usually have 2 in deep freezers.  I did get a log of ground beef (I had coupon) for making ground beef crumbles this week. I bag them in 1 cup sandwich bags and then in freezer bag. Helps make quick meals or to add to casserole or pasta. I use Bluapple in my frigs to help keep produce longer. It does seem to work pretty well.  I got junk food as I know if I didn't he would start picking worse crap up when he would go get milk and veggies.  He picked up a pie that was half pumpkin and half pecan. He would have gotten more but I pointed out I had the stuff to make cranberry custard pie, mini cheese cakes along with any fruit pies, cakes , cookies etc. I do not make pecan pie any more as Son2 can no longer eat it and it was being tossed. I think half a pie will get ate. Pumpkin never gets tossed LOL.

Went to the butcher shop, got 2 meals of cube steak, 2 meals of bone in pork chop, 2 meals of boneless pork chop and ribeye steaks to make in to Guy Fieri sliders for NY eve, Philly steak subs, and Philly steak pizza.  I will slice them on my meat slicer after they are frozen. Confirmed I had 2 prime ribs or 1 large one (depends on what he gets in) on order for Christmas eve. I will make several meals from that.

Went to Save A Lot and got a ham. If I don't use it for Christmas I will use it at Easter. I have a rack of ribs, a pork shoulder roast and 2 small pork tenderloins I can use for NY eve/NY day.

Figured out we still stayed in the $85/week range for the groceries . IF we go longer than 8 weeks and don't pick much up, it might be lower than that.

 Wrote out 154 meals without repeats from what is in house (included prime rib ordered).  That is 22 weeks and puts us to Easter. 

I would love it. We know we will have to get dairy and some fresh veggies. I should have enough winter squash, potatoes, and onions ( might be on light side there) . 

It took four hours of shopping, on top of 2 hrs. of driving AFTER blood work and chiro appt.  Lucky that the weather was on cool side so we could just leave the perishables in the coolers out on the porch and I put it away the next morning.

We talked about how it worked.. I had a full grocery list on clip board, in categories and in order to shop store (non perishables/middle of store first). 

We would set the carts at one spot, he stood with them and I walked the aisle to get what was needed, Limited us from trying to work around others. We went on Tuesday so the crowd was not bad as it was on Wednesday when our grandkid set me a pic of him trying to get some odds and ends. The check out line was to the back of the store.

BUT the negative, if is is colder than what it was (34 degrees out is like a frig) or hotter like in Summer, we would have to leave earlier, not have any other appts (especially blood work) to get it , get home and put it away immediately. It took me 1 hr. to put it all ways (yes it fit in 3 frigs) and the meat is wrapped and in freezers. I was hauling butt to get it done that fast.

I do have some things to do before Monday night (trash goes to road) like dealing with today's turkey carcass. Making the apple sausage stuffin muffins (Rachael Ray the only stuffing Hubby will eat), making apple sausage puffs (crescent dough), noodles (main dish and side) and taco seasoning. Off the top of my head.

We will be cleaning and decorating this weekend. It usually takes us a week to get the decorating done inside and out. I think it might take 2 wks. just because of him still going to cardio rehab 3 times a week and my energy is still in the toilet. 

We figured if we only go every 8 weeks. We will save 4 hrs. of our time, not counting cost of the gas to run the stores. We did not stop at the Mennonite or Amish store. They were packed.

This week on the menu is 
Today: Roasted turkey, roasted Brussel sprouts, baked sweet potato, baked stuffed mushrooms, salad optional ( easy meal) pie and pumpkin roll (from Amish)

Friday . Leftover steak from Applebee's that we celebrated at last night after no more blood work and back to 3 month appts. Probably will have bell peppers, onions and mushrooms sliced with it into tortilla wraps to give us enough for a meal. Pear salad or apple salad.

Saturday Leftover turkey in noodles (making noodles for pantry), Mashed potatoes, asparagus from freezer, cole slaw (canned) 

Sunday Apple sausage puffs (I am using a lot of recipes out of the cookbook The Cabin full of Food) . This works well as the ingredients is close to what the apple sausage stuffin muffins is. So less mess to clean up. 

Monday Nonna's pizza... think sheet cake pan, thick dough, good coating of pizza sauce, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham,2-3 different color of  bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, banana peppers, black olives and cheese. Chef salad .

Tuesday Spaghetti squash bowls (turkey alfredo most likely but could be taco meat and toppings) 

Wednesday Rheuben casserole on rye bread. It's a crock pot thing, layer of canned corned beef, thin layer of Swiss cheese and then topped with a layer of kraut (I have homemade kraut) I usually put a layer on Swiss on top when I serve it. We both use horseradish cream sauce on the sandwich if we eat it like that. Other wise we use the rye bread to sop up the juices. 

Thursday I will finish using the spaghetti squash as pasta.    

Stay safe

Prayer for peace

Blessed be