Friday, October 13, 2023


 He was working on the trimmer. He did finally after 4 days get the property trimmed and mowed except around the pond. He will do that so E can mow at the edge with his hay mower which is to the side instead of straight with the horses. 

 I have 29 qrts. of tomatoes to wipe down and take down. Not sure where I am going to be putting the rest of it. But am going to cook it down to can sauce and not over do it.

Blessed be

Prayers for peace

Yep I am up


I have no clue to what she wants. I let her out, in , out and back in. She just sat there. Finally she went and laid on the couch. She's probably wondering when I am going to stop coughing. 

I fed the stove, good thing I was up as it would have been completely out by morning.

I am coughing still, it's a bad cough but not as often. Our Nurse called Tuesday to get Hubby's Medicare info as we have a phone appt on Wed and I coughed while he was giving her the info... she actually sighed. But it's better, it doesn't hurt to cough as much or every time. Morning and evening are the worse, it's not rattling and things are still breaking up. No fever, icky crap is clear so no infection. The meds will start messing with my Crohn's (never ending circle) in a couple days so I am backing off a little of that before that happens.  Doc called. One day of work, one day of rest. Hubby to take rest breaks and remember this cold winter will affect him differently. He definitely didn't get the same ickes I got

Electric bill is in at $126. There was AC on that bill so it's not bad. I am using the dryer for bedding and throw blankets. My co op figured if I do 3 hrs. a week in the dryer, my electric will raise about $25. SO I need to try to limit use of other electric to balance that out. 

Hubby got his surgery bill... He owes nothing of the $65,000 bill. BECAUSE he maxed out his out of pocket in Urgent care, ER and the ambulance  to transported him to the other hospital for surgery. Those bills are still out there.  One bill our health insurance flagged as a surprise billing and for us to NOT pay it until we called them as they were negotiating with the company over the bill. The ambulance was not provider under our insurance. It's not like we get to chose who transported him... DUH.

I bought a high yield 9 month CD from Ally. Added enough to both of our savings to be back up to what we want in regular bank. Paid 1 month extra to mortgage and added enough to Money market to cover most of 2024 out of pocket medical. 

I asked 4 different financial advisors about car loan. Every single one said to follow the 20/4/7 rule (couple kids said they saw the same with Rocket mortgage) 20% down, only for 4 yrs (48 months) and no more than 7% of gross yearly income. Which is almost what I felt we should only pay and Son 2 is looking at the same.

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace