Monday, October 28, 2019

No appetite fatigue.

I did 2 loads of laundry and hung them on the kitchen clothes line.

I turned off the furnace and opened the house to air out.

Found the dust mop head that has been missing since the rooms were painted in my snow boot.

Ran Afresh through the clothes washer.

Unloaded the dishwasher and put the dishes away, reloaded the dishwasher and set it on delay cycle to wash during the night.

Cleaned both toilets.

Cleaned both bathroom sinks.

Cleaned the kitchen sink.

Took 2 naps.

I was going to eat leftover mac and cheese but it didn't taste right to me so I didn't eat it. Ate cheese,pepperoni and crackers for lunch instead. Had nachos for dinner that helped me start breathing better but it was medium salsa instead of mild so it triggered my acid reflux and tummy got ticked at me over it even though I took my acid reflux med before eating. I'll check the label better on the salsa for sure next time.

Watched master class on the British bake off.

Took over 7000 steps during the day. (Fitbit tracker).

Hubby got in around 8 and didn't stop talking until close to 10...he isn't much of a talker to begin with. He really enjoyed the day.


Hubby off to deliver the food that was sent back with him yesterday and check on the newest arrival in the community. E's baby brother wife went in to labor so baby should be ready to start meeting everyone especially when he was dropping off food to them anyways.

I have the only load of laundry for the day out on the kitchen porch clothes line.

I turned off the furnace and opened the house to air out.

I need to think about how to change how I store my baking pans etc as I have picked up more and want to start baking more.

I need to get the summer stuff tubs finished packed so Hubby can take it to the barn to store when he gets back

Tummy seems to have forgiven me for yesterday's salsa but not sure what to eat today that won't trigger anything. I haven't ran a fever in 24 hrs... I might have jinxed myself on that.

Did another load of laundry of summer curtains from the bathroom and laundry room. Those winter curtains are now up along with the ones in the lofts.

Fixed quesadillas for dinner after eating toast for lunch. Tummy doing okay.

I straightened part of the bedroom. I still have the dresser to unbury from stuff from when rooms were painted.

Sent Hubby a picture of the east loft attic door that had blew open with the winds. He now has that moved up the to do list as he was looking at doing it late Nov.

THAT was Wednesday and now is MONDAY...

Tomorrow is my last day of antibiotics, I will be back on my biologic YEAH. Never thought I would look forward to getting a shot.

We have been working at getting things done as the weather is turning quickly. Below average temps starting this Friday... after a day of soaking rain and 40 mph gusting winds with the temp dropping to low 30's or high 20s. I feel for the ones out Trick or Treating that night.

We have been eating from the pantry. Not as balanced as I would like but at least we are eating. But neither of us feels up to cooking much.

We got fuel at Krogers using points.

 I inventoried the pantry (not freezers). Variety is abundant. So we shouldn't get appetite fatigue. Ten varieties of dried beans, 2 more of canned.Eight different rices and 12 different grains not including corn meal or wheat flours. I have enough fruit and veggies for a couple meals each day  NOT counting what has been frozen as I have 3 large deep freezers, 1 small deep freezer (think 6 turkeys and 6 hams size) and 3 refrigerator freezers... all bottom drawer freezers... and yes Hubby decided to keep the old frig that is NOT reliable... it holds things that can handle getting warm and not going bad like mustard and ketchup, etcThe next time it goes down He can be the one to deal with it and that will change his mind LOL.

Best thing is the small deep freezer is almost empty and ready for the turkeys and hams and the one frig freezer only has the peach juice I need to make into syrup and jelly and it will be empty.  Didn't think I would ever feel good seeing empty space in my freezers but at this time of year that means I have room for turkeys, hams and desserts.

ANYWAYS.... I have 39 different pastas... and figures when he saw the list he asked why I didn't have the ditalini.... hum...because I haven't found it on sale for the price I am willing to pay for it. We can have a different pasta every week for 39 weeks and he points at 1 that isn't there. SIGH.

We had to go to the store and restock perishables. Decided to stop over to E and M's and ask if they needed anything. E has been trying to get the last cut of hay in, his corn shocked (tee pee the corn stalks to store in the field and pick the corn later off the stalks)  with 2 soaking rains in the next couple days and freezing temps along also and M is pregnant with the 4 little ones at home as the older 4 are in school. I didn't see her loading the little ones up to drive the buggy into town and get groceries and back on her own. We got  3 gal of homemade noodles and a warm loaf of fresh bread for going for her.

We get in the store and Hubby checks out the meat sales... I pass the grocery list to him and I go for the meat sales and dairy.

I got the buy one get one sales of beef  and had coupons for smoked sausage and bulk sausage so got 10 of each ( total 30 as I got 10 mild bulk and 10 hot bulk and 10 smoked). I got 2 bacon that I had coupons for that was marked down also.
I got 2 bags of frozen chicken that was on sale and I have coupons for both of them. Hubby loaded up his cart with produce that was on sale that we could put in the freezer such as berries and pineapple. He also got coffee,canned mackerel  and coke as it was on sale and what I drink.  I picked up the dairy after the meat. No sales or coupons there except for the cheese I got 2 packages of thin Swiss cheese as we eat it on casseroles during the fall and winter.

I need to put the inventory on a spread sheet and mark off what I use.  I did find that I was low in a couple things that I thought was being kept some where else and it wasn't. I ordered it from Amazon along with another order that was sitting until things went on sale. I can't remember the last time I used my almond extract but I was completely out. I'd spend more in gas that I did by ordering it and I know of 4 recipes Hubby has asked me to make calls for it.

We still have not ordered propane. It's paid for in full so that's not what is holding us up. When I called the other day about ordering it, we aren't down to the OH WE NEED PROPANE mark LOL...she asked if I could call back end of month to order it to be delivered the first week of Nov as they knew the price was going down a bit. Even though I have paid in full we get the lower price but never charged more if it goes above what I paid.

Hubby took down the garden to start pulling up weed barrier so he could mow the whole area.... he found poblano peppers around the cabbage. He told me the cabbage was not good that the worms had gotten it but when he started pulling it up he realized that within a couple layers of leaves the head were good. I have 16 cups of freezer slaw and 11 cabbages tightly wrapped with press and seal wrap in the frig produce drawers of the old frig. I want to finish the last of the cabbage with cabbage lasagna and unrolled cabbage rolls. I want to make for supper Lidia's torte di polenta which is polenta "cake" sliced and filled with a filling of cabbage and potatoes cooked and mashed together with cheese. Old Italian recipe that my Nonna used to make but I forgot about until Hubby had was Lidia cook show on PBS.

Errands are tomorrow as we have chiro. I want to stop at Aldi's that is close to the appt to see if I can fill in the holes...

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

update on deck and Staying frugal when you are the one sick

Railing needs to be done, bottom enclosed and a small ramp to go over the door jam but it's usable for now. I love the red reflection of the barn on the French doors.

The 4 feet wide ramp goes to the sidewalk that runs from the front of the house to the barn. The sidewalk 36 inches wide so a wheelchair will fit nicely after I finish moving some of the flowers that are in the flower garden beside that over whelm the sidewalk during the summer.

I was going to work on the railing this month BUT

I am sick. Even my antibiotic is making me nauseated. Exhaustion haunts me. Sleep cycle is out of whack. I love my Fitbit for tracking this for me. Part is I can't go get my back injection while sick and the other is just from being sick. I called the doctor yesterday to whine about the antibiotic making me nauseated.My doctor and his head nurse whom is his wife are friends so they know me very well. I was told to suck it up (in more polite terms) and eat before and after taking the meds and to quit trying to get things done and go lay down and rest so I don't relapse like I did last year. Suggested I start my anxiety med and my Vit D for my SAD. IF I still get nauseated to take the nausea meds I have.He will call in a refill if I need it. TO GO LAY DOWN. I took 2 naps and slept better during the nap then I did during the night.


I don't know if it's good that your medical doctor knows you that well...LOL

Still if I lay that much my back hurts worse and I don't sleep if I don't get enough movement during the day...

I have done 2 loads of laundry a day, both were able to be hung on the kitchen porch clothes line. It's been nice even when the rain came in so I opened up the house and let it air out.

I stripped my bed, washed everything but only tossed a blanket over the top of it to sleep on as I am now washing it every day until I get well.   IF I wake up cold I know the dogs aren't sleeping with me. I usually have the snuggler.
I don't know which one of them took the pillowcase off the other pillow but all the pillows got washed because of it. I really need to not use light colors on the bed.

I said something to Hubby about meals and his answer was Arby's, Pfeiffer Station (Wed meatloaf, Thurs beef and noodles), Jump n Jim's (gas station with good pizza) Subway, Wendy's, Michael Angelo's pizza which we haven't tried yet. He did add he would heat veggies and chill canned fruit to go with it and pay for it out of his hobby money.

I just looked at him.

Right now he is running hard to help the neighbors with fall stuff to be ready for winter. He made a trip to Indiana today to take canning jars and an ice house for E's in laws. Since word went out he was going 3 other families added to that load that needed things dropped off in that area. E's in laws are making sure the rest gets  to where it's suppose to go. They covered his costs plus he gets 3 Amish cooked meals and got $ for as a tip for doing this at the last minute. The driver that was suppose to take it got sick and is in hospital.

Meals we have ate

Spicy chili I canned for Hubby, I ate tomato soup.
mac and cheese and smoked sausage with Brussels sprouts
cheese and meat tray with pickles and pickled beets
sausage gravy and biscuits with peas and carrots
Scrambled eggs with applesauce with biscuits
Philly steak subs with leftover beef from freezer and onions and mushrooms.

Since Hubby is getting fed today by Amish I am eating on my own. I had meat and cheese and crackers with juice for lunch. I'll eat eggs for dinner as we are being over ran with eggs at the moment since I am sick and Hubby doesn't fix eggs for himself let alone the 3 dogs. Wilbur and Rascal no longer have skin issues since we been giving them cooked eggs once a week.Charlotte loves her eggs also.

I think this week will be

bean and meat burritos with taco meat from freezer. Salsa and tortilla chips

Loaded omelets (with grits for Hubby)

123 pasta (1 onion, 2 cups protein and 3 cups veggies which is already cooked and in freezer) with garlic cheesy bread made from sub buns (in freezer)

Reuben casserole with rye spiral bread(in freezer)

French bread pizza using sub buns (in freezer)

IF he is home for lunch then I will add
Big eggs( aka frittata using left overs for filling)

For desserts this week WHEN I feel up to it....

Sunshine salad (orange jello with shredded carrot, Hubby puts Miracle whip on top of it, Mother always put mayo)

pumpkin pie and double layer pumpkin pie

Spice cake with apple butter filling

snicker doodle bread (new recipe)

I need.... okay want ... to make some noodles while I am baking so I can us the warmth of the oven to dry my noodles.

I'm tired so I guess it's time to lay down again.


Friday, October 18, 2019


The Pantry is stocked.

IF I find blueberry pie filling, peach pie filling, Italian green beans (our favorite for one pot ham, potatoes and green beans) and small black olives I will pick some up as we are low in these areas but if we run out, it's not a issue.

I canned pomegranate molasses and am working on balsmatic vinegar reduction today.

I have beets to finish. We decided to can them plain so I can make some different chutneys with them.Hubby has been recipe surfing and has over a dozen bookmarked.

I have  a few tomatoes to deal with

I have cabbage (hopefully the bugs haven't ate it completely) in the garden to come in this weekend.

I have red onions to pickle.

I have yellow onions to make in to marinade.

BUT the pantry is stocked. I need to straighten it up and finish inventorying it but no more looking for bargains.

 We would like a ham and a turkey. I don't think we need more than that as I have brisket still that needs ate first.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Annoying Hubby

During our 1 hr and 15 min drive to the doctor office (yes, I am sick again but nothing serious as we "caught" that I was sick fast. Allergies went into infection in my throat and ear.) Hubby mentioned there was things I was doing that annoyed him.

My first thought was not using the dryer and his clothes being stiff followed by me dancing at 2 pm to my alarm and getting Wilbur to "dance" with me.

Maybe keeping the curtains closed until the sun comes up, closing them when it goes down during the winter.

Weird things I make and can starting with trying to decided which beet marmalade/chutney to make (we decided to just can plain beets and make different chutney's from them when we couldn't decide between 6 different chutney's and I am not canning that many without tasting them first.

Eating part of something (apple, banana etc) and putting the rest of it in frig wrapped???


It's washing plastic bags of all sorts followed by washing foil and putting it on the kitchen porch clothes line in front of the kitchen window.He doesn't want to wash any of it but is okay if I do, just doesn't want to see it when looking out the kitchen window. I can tell you the only time he looks out that window is when he is pouring a cup of coffee.

I don't make enough sausage gravy and biscuits and I don't cook bacon often enough and he wants mac and cheese with smoked sausage more often.

He wants 3 to 4 desserts, ice cream in the house and cookies every week. He still needs to lose 40 pounds to be down to where the doctor wants him and I am right where I should be.

Since he knows I am not going to change my lifetime habit of washing out plastic bags (I toss greasy or raw meat bags) and foil ... as my parents did this when I was a child... we agreed I would hang them on the other end of the kitchen porch when he wasn't seeing them when standing at the kitchen sink window when getting his coffee.

The man eats 2 lbs of bacon in a meal. THICK sliced bacon. He agreed to 1 lb. a meal so the 1 1/2 lbs packages I buy would be 1 meal for both of us with some left over for crumbles.  THEN we could have bacon twice a month instead of once a month.  The other 2 weeks of the month could be sausage gravy and biscuits. We both miss taking Daddy out for sausage gravy and biscuits every other Sunday. Daddy don't miss it because the nursing home serves it every Sunday morning.

 I could put mac and cheese and smoked sausage on the menu every other week.

Three to four desserts,ice cream and cookies when he needs to lose weight was the biggie for me.

He didn't want to but agreed that I could cut the desserts and he only took ONE serving and I had to check his serving of ice cream as he will take a pint (used to be a quart) as a serving.

I would bake cookies but only keep out 1 dozen for the week.
A 6 inch fruit pie or a 8 inch cream/custard pie
A 8 inch round or square cake or brownie single layer.
A jello dessert or jello salad
A pudding or custard if the pie was fruit.
Ice cream but he could not have it daily.

BUT he had to quit putting stuff in the one frig freezer where I will put this stuff as I will make 2 of the cakes and make cookie dough to freeze. He mentioned he thought that frig was full of other stuff... I definitely need to be checking that freezer.

HE asked for more casseroles, roasts with veggies and meat pies. Two years ago it was "I want my steak, pork chops and short ribs. "

My doctor did suggest I go back to drinking my "medicine" teas and eating from the rainbow. Asked if I needed it in writing to show Hubby. He texted him instead of writing it... good to have your doctor and Hubby be friends.

Since I pretty much have enough stocked of the different colors it isn't going to cost us much. I do wish my eggplant would have grown, not something Amish grow around here.

Blessed Be

Monday, October 14, 2019


Starting with Charlotte.  The 3 dogs and I were in the barn getting winter items. On the last load I told the dogs to go to the house. Watched all 3 go out the door and turned to pick up the last load to take to the house... LESSON LEARNED... STUPID will go back in behind your back and HIDE.  AND then when you go looking for her 15-20 min later you will see this
Wilbur and Rascal were sitting on the deck just looking at her. Guess they decided that since she didn't come out of the barn with them she could just stay in the barn. Usually they will bark if she is stuck some where like, the upstairs loft over the kitchen when the door gets shut. , the basement when the door is shut after she went down and Hubby thought she went outside something along that line. They went and did this when I let her out of the barn. Rascal being black makes him blend in some.

I have put in the pantry...
corn in the freezer
candy onions in the crates
green tomatoes in the freezer
tomatoes and apple butter in the pantry
more apple butter 
from all these apples

I cleaned out flower
pots and found Daikon radishes and onions

We went to Stites (damaged and past best buy date place) and spent $50 for this

I saw this there and think if I have time I might make some for us
A young Amish lady I bought beets from while she was in the hospital having a C section came over to tell me that I left too much and she could either pay me the difference in beets or cash... KNOWING they don't have insurance and money is really tight for everyone as gardens didn't do well and those that earn their money through the produce auction was barely making enough to cover their costs. I chose the beets. THEN she told me that she had asked her mother in law for some beets because N's wife is her sister and her sister told her I couldn't find beets. SO I bought those beets also. 

 I am canning plain beets for my foster sister and mother as they don't can any more and are the only ones that like beets. Since I am canning them anyways. I will also make beet jam and beet and red onion marmalade. I have never done those before but it will be something different if I get it right.
THEN a friend called me asking if I knew where he could get 10-15 lbs of beets by Friday so he could dehydrate them. YEP I sure do. I will stop over and let her know.

I am still caulking and putting the house back together from being painted. There are a couple things I have being the hooks to the dining room curtains. Since mornings are in the 30s I definitely want curtains up and since I am not willing to go buy something I KNOW is here some where. I used clothes pins.
I pinned them so we could open and shut them with only moving 1 clothes pin.

Hubby walked over to the neighbors to help with a horse and he got a ride home
Not the usual to see an Englisher in the buggy.

Hubby spent some time working on the deck ramp. Not as far along as he had hoped to be due to rain coming in but at least the digging part is done
I took him to Lock 16 in Lima for his birthday. He got his steak but also go these scallops that were wrapped in bacon. He loves seafood but doesn't eat much of it here in Ohio since he was spoiled by fresh seafood while living in Alabama for work.
I think this will always be my favorite picture of him. 
The Harvest moon was this weekend... I am thankful for what I did get raised and thankful for those that were willing to provide me with more to make sure my pantry was full.

The sky was a violet color and it was wonderful to see.

Blessing on all of you

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Spent the day working together

On Friday and  Hubby figured out that he moves like a snail (his words) and I am a Belgian plow horse. Since he said it in front of E, he got ribbed over the comment. Yes, I take breaks but I don't side track or wonder off to check something that has nothing to do with what I am working on. I will send a memo to myself on my phone to check it later. NOR do I look at my phone every time a notification or text comes in.It took him 6 hrs to scrape and paint a trim on the house that should have only took him 2 hrs. Since E was going up and down the road he could see him and how he was doing where I was inside working , E came over to see why it was taking Hubby so long.

The items still on the to do list

finish stocking the pantry

finish inventorying the pantry

cut and sew the winter curtains for the bedroom

hang the rest of the winter curtains up (have 50% up)

finish 72 things off the energy audit list. I am fall cleaning while I do the audit stuff.

build, paint laundry room closet

install deck railing.


the trim has been painted that wasn't on his list but should have been.

He has 1 board STILL to cut to finish the deck and then start on the ramp

He looked at the list he made and realized he is going to working outside in the cooler weather when he really should have had that stuff done and be working in the attics before we start getting freezing temps. E talked to him about taking care of the home on the way over to get some lumber for E's calf barn.

I wrote up a routine...AGAIN... BUT this one includes me spending time doing National Novel Writers Month that starts Nov 1st.

It worked for over the weekend.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

disagreement and frustration.

Hubby and I have been doing a lot of talking about our lack of routines or what messes up the routines we have... lots of talking and lots of ideas. AND then I clued in after a frustrating difference of opinion.

First we have things needing done from the energy audit. Do this will savings us $$$ in the long run while it is costing us $ in the now. There is 120 items. I could do all of it myself if I had to.

Second we have the remaining 139 things on the punch list that we set a deadline of 2 yrs (now into year 2) to finish except for big projects aka basement ramp redone and the gravel in all places. Those items were set at 4 yrs. I average 8 items per month. Hubby averaged 1 item every 3 months. This is going to take both of us to work on to get it done in that time frame. And 1 every 3 months isn't going to get it done.

Third there is the daily living items...

Mine is meals,(planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up, cleaning frigs) home blessing (decluttering, dust, shine, swish, swipe, sweep, mop and vacuum along with burn trash and half the time take the other trash to the can or/and to the road) Laundry (sort, wash, dry (clothes line or drying rack) iron if needed mend if needed) Putting the food up, maintaining the pantry. Being the one to manage the finances for the home.

Hubby is in charge of keeping all vehicles maintained.We schedule health appts that we both need together to save fuel $. I try to schedule my others... so I can combine them with other errands.

We both do yard and garden jobs. We both do repairs on the home.We both take care of the dogs. We both drive Amish or elderly that don't drive any more or take messages to those without a phone or to the English neighbor who forgets to charge her house and cell phone and her kids are worried since she isn't answering. 

Hubby is doing more hauling this year than expected due to 3 other haulers down on medical or retired out. The one that retired out is back as semi retired and the medical ones are starting back slowly.

I clued in to that he was trying to pay back the money he spent on all 3 trailers in this year. Unrealistic goal. I did business management in college. He also wanted to have his truck paid off 2 yrs early... that might be possible if he wasn't trying to pay back the trailers even with just a paying hobby which is what he is doing.Which is why he started booking so much that he wasn't home for 12-14 hrs 5 to 6 days a week.

I also clued in when he wanted me to do something that he offered to do for someone else even though doing so meant I lost 2 days of doing my own work right in the middle of me canning and trying to caulk 3000 plus square feet of this home and he had a poor attitude with my response.

I refused and told him to call the person and tell them he couldn't do it or change what he was doing to get it done. I went to bed upset, angry and woke in the middle of the night with a mild Crohn's flare up.

The next day we were on the road for several hours. Nothing like being in a car where you can't just walk away. I did tell him it was a conversation not a dialog
so he needed to at least acknowledge he was listening. He was really upset that it flared my Crohn's but he understood it wasn't the disagreement it was the fact he disrespected me by not acknowledging the amount of work I already do. Funny thing is he has constantly told others I save him more money than I could earn (after taxes especially ) when he was working in the factory. Wonder how he thought I did that ?

We realized that he doesn't really understand the time it takes to care for a home even though he was a single parent with custody of his 2 kids. He did a pick up and maybe a dust and run the vacuum a couple times a month. His daughter cleaned the bathroom and kitchen as she said she couldn't' stand it otherwise...she was 10. He never saw his mom clean the home , his mom said he was either in the fields or one of his grandmothers did it while he was in school since she worked outside the home. Never saw his ex clean their home. It threw him I knew that average amount of time it took me to keep this much space cleaned on a regular bases and how long it took to fall/spring clean. How much time it takes me to do the finances, do the meals etc. Processing food changes all the time. When it comes in, everything else is put on hold.

But he realize I actually work over 40 hrs a week in maintaining the home. Add to that the energy audit, the punch list, and filling the pantry I am doing closer to 70 hrs plus and when I have to do the mowing because he hasn't done it add about 20 hrs to my work.

I bit my tongue to keep from saying most single parents do that. It used to be most women and a lot of women still do when they work outside the home but I know a lot of men that are doing that now especially when they have kids.

I did convince him that paying back one trailer a year with his paying hobby is really good and then after that is all back he can focus on paying off the truck. I told him to wait another year before he decided to make it a business , it will cost more to do but  he could do more hauling also... or stay with a hobby. He also knows he is going to have to focus on blocking time to do his work at home and if he does it as a business he will need to block time also.Amish have no issue when you say I can't do that due to work at home as they do it themselves.

Since tomorrow is his birthday and I am taking him to Lock 16 over in Lima (where he orders steak always) he is going to pick up his hubcap he ordered for his truck last month since we will be right down the street so no extra $ spent on fuel to get it.

 He asked if I could write down what part of our routine is working and some thoughts on what to change to get things done and taken care of without the stress to talk about while driving over, during the meal and driving home.  I wanted to bang my head on the wall.. or better bang his head as I have done this several times and the monkey wrench has been him adding to MY work load.  AND I POINTED THAT OUT...

I said I might as well be single and do everything myself.

Can I do all the work on the lists and not put myself in the hospital doing so... YES if I plan it out and refuse to do anything he has promised to another without asking me if I can fill in if he can't do it.It will take longer to do.

BUT that means I have to change MY routine to add that load to be done without his help.

Is this a solution ... not to my way of thinking but I am so over stressing because it's not getting done, I see $$$ floating away that doesn't need to be and I am definitely tired of the constant "I can't get to it because I told so and so I would do this" even though it's on his work calendar he has other work to do and then I have to either ignore it needs done and is costing us money or go into crisis mode and deal with it.

Frugal steps in past week.

We are still trying to work on getting routines beyond getting up at 4-5 am and going to bed at 8 pm.


Breaded chicken tenders and steak fries. Pickles and pickled beets (Thursday)

Spaghetti with meat balls and green beans (Friday)

Leftover Spaghetti with meat balls with mushrooms, bell pepper and onion added and applesauce (Saturday)

Spicy (not hot) cinnamon pork chops served in bed of apple butter with Brussels Sprouts roasted with apple and served with a basmatic vinegar, honey and dried cranberries dressing. (Sunday)

Cube steak with gravy,mashed potatoes and breaded mushrooms (last in freezer, good thing as we really don't like the breading on them) (Monday_

Pork cubes with pineapple and bell pepper served over rice and pot stickers (Tuesday)

Six meals cooked and out of pantry. That's a big deal as we have "snacked" our way through most of the summer. ROUTINE NEEDED !!!!

Hubby called our internet home phone provider and saved us $23.45 and kept the same services.

Last night Hubby asked why the house was up to 75 and then dropped 20 min later to 72... my answer... you propped the door open for the dogs so you wouldn't have to get up and let them in . He got up and shut the door.

Canning has been helping keep the house warm. I now have another 30 pints of applesauce and another batch of apple butter to make.

Winter bedding being washed and dried on clothes line off and on this coming week.

Hubby used leftover weed barrier from gardens to put under the stone under the steps to the deck. He has enough to put under the ramp when he starts working on it. We will have to widen the driveway as when he turns in with the trailer he ends up in the grass. That's next year's to do.

The oil lamp is lit every morning and every evening.

The furnace is turned on at 8 pm to 72 and then turned off at 6 am. The house drops to 62 but warms back up with the sun shining. Dark days it stays on the cool side.We still have not had to have the 1st propane fill of the heating season. Last year we were about half way through the tank.

We figure I have 10 days to finish fall cleaning and caulking. Our frost is usually around the 15th, last year it was a freeze.

I found another pair of tennis shoes in the winter shoe Rubbermaid. Since it still had tags on it I thought one of the granddaughters passed them to me. Not a style I have seen them wear but I don't care about the style of my tennis shoe that I wear around the house. But daughter 4 thinks it came from her younger son's grandma in his dad side as she wears the same size as me and she had gave Daughter 4 several pair of crocs and she thought a pair of tennis shoes. Daughter 4 kept the crocs as that size is too big for me in those shoes. I wear a 4 in children's crocs, and they were 6's in the crocs.

Our HVAC guy came down to do a repair on insulation on a heater vent that his guys forgot to tape closed. While here he installed the whole house surge protector. BECAUSE he was coming down for a repair he did not charge us the $53 trip fee and took 10 % off of the installation fee since we gave him the information and where we bought it from as he has had 2 more customers ask for it.

I canned 36 jelly jars of apple butter, froze 9 cups of corn and shelled 1 pint of popcorn.

I told Hubby that the next 10 days is getting stuff done off the energy audit and fall cleaning. That he is on his own for bfast and lunch but I would try to have dinner on the table at 5. IF he isn't going to be home at that time he needs to let me know so I can eat and just make him a plate. Instead of me waiting until he gets home to fix something.

I did more laundry and line dried. Told Hubby we are about to the time of using the drying rack over night.I hope to find another drying rack within my price point soon.

I started the fall cleaning in the front room as I am also caulking baseboard and windows there also. I got half of the room done, was feeling a bit bad about not finishing until Hubby reminded me that most rooms at 12 ft by 12 ft and our front room is 24 ft by 24 ft. So it's the size of 2 rooms. I also replaced the window insulation seal that had went bad on 2 of the windows. Figure that the other 2 will need theirs replaced.

There has been 2 fires, 1 a sawmill and another a calf barn in the past week. Last month a barn burnt down and a couple months before that a house did while the family was at Church. Amish community have already rebuilt the house and the barn. Yesterday Hubby said he stopped by the calf barn to see if they needed help and they were sending people down to the sawmill which was just 1/2 mile down the road because they had plenty of help. Today Hubby is hauling lumber in to the sawmill. No one has been hurt but the lectures of fire safety is going strong.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Monday Watching the fog roll in

after it's rained off and on during the night. Will be having a slow drying day for sure. Since the laundry room has been torn apart since last Saturday , I definitely need to do the laundry today and there is a lot of it.Since there is a small pond at the yard clothesline I will use the kitchen line and the drying rack for any thing that there is no room for. It took me 4 hrs to fall clean the laundry room and then do all the caulking in that room on Saturday. Only 12 more rooms to do.

I ordered the King Arthur Flour items, used a discount, got free shipping and now have 4 more discounts. SO that is off the Oct goal list

I ordered the Amazon order, using a couple credits I had and they had coupons. SO that is off the Oct goal list.I have one thing that was damaged that I will have to return.

We have put the Christmas money aside and paid 4 bills. So far on budget...good thing to say on the 1st day of the new budget.

Hubby put the steps on the south side of the deck so I can use the deck to go to the yard clothes line or the pump house. We decided to move it to the end of the deck towards the barn or it would have been right at the bathroom window. Hubby forgot to put the window in the drawing of of the house. 😏

We shifted the deck 2 ft to the north as I didn't want to have to "dodge" the grill when I opened the one French door.Something else he didn't think of. It should work out nicer since that's the side of the ramp and now we can take it straight to the sidewalk that goes to the front of the house without putting any concrete at the sidewalk.

We looked at ideas of the railing, decided on using the extra feed panels we have from the garden, 4x4 treated posts.... some 8 ft tall to come up from the ground so I can hang baskets and the hummingbird feeder from them.Maybe a shelf for eating at or sitting potted plants on. I told Hubby I would wait on the railing until he is done with the ramp and see what is left for me to use so we weren't buying something that we don't need.

I canned 14 pints of applesauce on Saturday after doing the laundry room. M sent over 12 ears of corn late Saturday night. I think she was done canning for the weekend.That's added to the tomatoes I am working on this morning, the apple butter I have simmering right now and the rest of the apples.

I have 1/3rd of the pantry inventoried. Would have been more but Hubby and I were talking about the condiments like mustard (not pickles or relish as I count them as veggies)and he felt I should inventory that also. I didn't because I will go without condiments.BUT since he asked if I would, I will.

My youngest granddaughter gave me a pair of tennis shoes she wore for 1 month and then out grew them. She thinks she wore them twice. Daughter 4  told me to look in Nov as tennis shoes usually go on sale then.Since I have wore the same 2 pairs for over 8 yrs before wearing them out. I doubt if I will go buy another pair unless they are cheap but good quality ..SO off the Oct goal list

I haven't been to the store. I think if I do go this week it will be for milk and depending on price, unsalted butter. I don't need anything else.

Hubby mowed, he didn't get all the trimming done but hopes that is the last time he needs to mow. Said if he mows again it will be late Oct.

The vehicle insurance dropped by 20 cents.


We have been running the AC during the night (90 and muggy) so Hubby feels rested when he is driving. I never feel rested any more. I turned it off at 6:30 this morning and opened the widows and doors as it was a bit cooler than the house. No sense running it during the day even with 90 degrees as I put the canning outside to sit when it comes out of the canner. Counter space is lost to stuff I use daily since the furniture isn't back in the dining room to hold it... so far behind. 

HVAC guy is coming back next Monday to fix the stink pipe to the wheelchair bath shower as it showed on the energy audit it wasn't done correctly. We keep a cover over the drain so the dogs won't drop anything in it or catch a toenail like Wilbur did when he checked out the shower. He is also fixing the insulation on a pipe that was supposed to be taped and wasn't and installing the whole house  surge protector. Was glad we sent him what we bought and the installation manual as he had 2 other customers wanting one and he had them get what we got. 

My health ins is requesting proof I needed a test ran that was ordered by my GI. They did say since I went directly to the lab I cut 50 % off what the bill would have been. Still I would think when a stool test is ordered by a GI I shouldn't have to justify it. BUT it is a $700 bill after the 50% so I will spend today getting that dealt with.

I shelled some popcorn. Now have almost 2 pints. Still have some ears in the garden to pick. Hubby looking at dealing with the garden this afternoon. He went to help an elderly Amish whose kids went to Michigan to live and he wanted to clean out his barn and storage shed. I will get canning supplies and Hubby will get some tools in exchange for the help. 

I canned 14 qrts of tomato juice yesterday and probably have about the same for today. Dishwasher is running from last night's dishes and a few of that I used canning. It ran last night but wasn't enough room to add more and I have the counter already full with the rest of the canning stuff. Was just too tired to dry the dishes LOL.

We decided to wait on seeing the parents until mother in law's beets she wanted came in this week. One trip to do all of it.

Back to work for me...

Blessed Be